How To Write A Cyber Bullying Essay

Essay on cyber bullying

Essays contain different kinds of information structured in specific parts, a good paper starts with an introduction to present the main point which includes a thesis. The thesis is supported by the body paragraphs including sub-topics, the essay ends with a conclusion.

Topic actuality

Before developing an essay outline, the author should research to gather relevant information to present why cyberbullying is different from the normal bullying. The research should gather facts to present how cyberbullying is a huge problem among children. The author needs to highlight the impact of the problem and describe individuals most affected by the problem. A good article writing needs to present facts and statistics to show the trends of cyber bullying and highlight risk factors associated with cyberbullying.

Introduction on cyber-bullying

The introduction presents the problem by using descriptive words to capture the reader’s’ interest, the following sentence should present brief background information on cyber bullying to help readers be aware of the main ideas of the essay as highlighted in the thesis statement.

Below is an example of an introduction on cyber bullying:

“Bullying is an inherent issue in learning institutions, workplaces, and other areas. Bullying tactics have evolved, teenagers are bullied over the internet. Even though teenagers use technology every day because of its availability and affordability, with no adult supervision, children and teenagers are exposed to several risks including. Parents are worried about their children being bullied over the internet because they cannot easily detect. Cyber-bullying is sophisticated because the perpetrators are anonymous.”

The body paragraph for an essay on cyber-bullying

The body paragraphs support the thesis with evidence and example generated from research studies or experiences from the affected individuals. The body section builds on the thesis statement with each paragraph elaborating on the claim presented in the thesis using relevant facts. The body paragraphs contain supportive evidence of the main ideas that has been developed by the thesis.

For example:

“Cyber bullying occurs when an individual deliberately uses online platforms to harm, humiliate and threaten others. The perpetrators use various strategies like posting humiliating messages or pictures of the victim online to humiliate them. The perpetrator can also spread rumors to shame the victim. The consequences of cyberbullying are profound, children and teenagers bullied over the internet feel depressed and lack enthusiasm. In some cases, the victims can be humiliated to a point where they commit suicide to avoid humiliation. According to the Juvenile Justice Department, 5 percent of teenagers bullied via the internet are likely to commit suicide. Cyber bullying can be eliminated if the victims come out to report such cases. Teenagers need to be educated on the importance using internet platforms appropriately to avoid provoking other users. Adult supervision should be encouraged to monitor children`s activities, especially on social media. Government should take concrete steps that would promote safe use of the internet.”

How to conclude an essay on cyber-bullying

The last section sums up the ideas stated in the body using new words reviewing the thesis. A conclusion presents the final comment on the theme. Good language is important for a conclusion because the final sentences need to leave resounding ideas in the reader’s mind and give them something to think about.

“Cyber bullying is a criminal offense that jeopardizes the safety of Internet users, cyber bullying needs to be prevented by every means. Cyber bullying is a growing concern among parents that needs to be eliminated before it gets out of hand. Online crimes should not be ignored, as the world is becoming globalized, internet and other harmful technology need to be regulated to hold good morals. Internet bullying affects children and teenagers causing several unnecessary deaths. Preventing cyber bullying would minimize unnecessary death among teenagers.”

Tips on final revision

After completing the first draft of an essay, the writer should dedicate his time to review the draft and make corrections where necessary. Revision entails re-reading the paper to analyze the sentence structure and the logical presentation of the ideas. The author should review the essay to determine if the arguments are supported with evidence to persuade the reader.

During revision, the author needs to analyze if the information is relevant and can move the audience to take action. The final part of revision is to check for grammatical errors by correcting incomplete sentences and making additions to ensure that all the sentence make sense.

Outline example


  • Overview of bullying;
  • Thesis statement on cyber bullying.

Essay Body

Paragraph 1

  1. What is сyberbullying?
  2. Methods of Cyber bullying;
  3. Statistics and reported cases of cyberbullying.

Paragraph 2

  1. Who is likely to be the target?
  2. Prevalence rates of cyberbullying.

Paragraph 3

  1. Negative effects and consequences of сyberbullying;
  2. Prevention strategies


  1. Reviewing the thesis statement;
  2. Summarizing the argument on cyber bullying.
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