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Need Research Paper Writing Help? Follow These Tips!

If you have been googling “I need help with my research paper,” you’ve come to the right place. It’s okay if you can’t seem to craft a paper. We have put together some excellent tips that are sure to help you write compelling pieces of writing.

Writing research papers is a common assignment for research courses. Because of this, research paper writing has become an important skill in college and university students’ lives. There are many research paper topics that can be selected from; however, it is important to select the topic carefully. When deciding on a research paper topic, students should choose something that will both interest them and challenge their research skills. The topic must be both educational and research-based, so students should not pick something that they already know about or are simply interested in. This research paper provides a few sample research topics that students can consider.

Sample research paper topics (including 100 research paper ideas):

  • Health: “What are the effect of obesity in children?”
  • Technology: “What is the best way to market technology products?”
  • Education: “How can students make research papers more interesting to write?”
  • Business: “What are five business research topics for my research paper?”
  • History: “What are some research paper topics about World War 2?”
  • Literature: “What research topics about the book, ‘Pride and Prejudice’?”
  • Government: “Where is research paper writing going in five years?”
  • Economics: “What research paper topics are there for business students?”

These research paper ideas provide an interesting selection of research paper topics that can be used in almost any research course. However, students should note that they are research paper ideas and not research paper topics. This means that the ideas do not have enough research yet; therefore, students must use their own research to answer their research paper questions.

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6 Crucial Tips for Students Looking for Research Paper Writing Help

Many students require help with research paper writing. And, that is because not all of them have the right skills to pull off a paper that leaves an impression. So, here are some practical tips you can follow to craft an exceptional assignment.

Constructing a Thesis Statement for Research Paper

A thesis is a statement that is normally written at the end of the introduction of a paper. This statement offers a precise summary of the claim of the research paper or essay. It may be restarted elsewhere in the paper, most likely in conclusion. Unfortunately, many students do not realize the importance of this statement. As a result, they are seen to craft a thesis that doesn’t make sense or skip it altogether.

A thesis statement is to a paper, while a beat is to a heart – absolutely needed. It is what brings your paper to life. So, craft it in a way that your reader can tell what your paper is about just by reading it. Simply put, the thesis statement of your paper is like a roadmap. It should clearly explain what you are arguing against or for. Therefore, you may start your statement like:

  • The purpose of this paper/essay is to;
  • This paper/essay will argue/discuss that;

It will provide a clear thesis indicator to the readers. Here are examples of a complete thesis statement:

For an essay on “Robots Can’t Replace Humans,” your thesis may look like this:

“This paper will argue no matter how much the technology advances, robots can never fully replace humans in certain areas of life, such as connecting on an emotional level when caring for someone, replacing someone as a life partner, providing comfort to someone grieving.”

This statement is clear enough to tell the reviewer what your position is. And what three arguments you will be using in the paper to support your position. So, the reader is now fully aware of what to expect in the paper.

Now that you know how to write a clear thesis, make sure it incorporates well in your introduction. Your introductory paragraph is not all about a thesis. It should be interesting enough to hook your reader. You can hire a company that help writing a research paper to further dig into how to create an attention-grabbing hook. To ensure that, here are a few tips to follow:

Do not use dramatic or overly generalized statements

Statements like “With the development of technology, more and more robots are replacing humans in various fields.” Teachers normally refer to this sort of statement as “fluff.” Sentences like these serve no real purpose. Remember, your professor had countless papers to grade. And, numerous students will use that statement to open their essays as it is pretty general. To make your paper stand out, start your introduction with a less common statement and sounds interesting. Here are a few examples:

  • With robots now singing, smiling, talking, and acting like real humans, it is normal to expect they will replace real people one day.
  • Humans need work insurance, medical benefits, and day-offs, whereas robots don’t. So does that mean they can replace us? Some people argue they certainly can, while others assert there is no way they can fully replace humans.

Now that you know how to start your essay? Make sure your position is clear in the introduction. For instance, you can say: “I agree with the fact that they can’t replace humans in all fields of work and life.”

Or, if you do not agree with the title of an essay, you can say: “I do not agree with the statement that robots cannot replace humans. Hence, this paper would argue that robots can replace humans. They are more efficient, emotionless, and have a large capacity to store data.”

Your position here is followed by a thesis that shows on what ground you are taking this position. This thesis statement also shows that you will argue based on three main ideas: efficiency, emotions, and data or memorizing capacity. So, do you need research paper help? Make sure your paper has a clear thesis and position.

Arguing for Your Position in Research Paper Writing

Have you been looking for research paper writing help? If yes, this is a crucial tip to know. When you’re writing a paper that requires you to take a clear position, state your opinion with confidence. Remember your aim to prove that your position is the right one. And, how do you do that? Develop strong arguments. For instance, in the sample thesis mentioned above, there are three ideas to argue the writer’s position. If your arguments are strong, it would automatically make your position strong. Here are a few tips for developing strong arguments:

  • Conduct an initial research

Many students google: “help me write a research paper” because they don’t know where to start. So, before you decide on a stance, it is important to know if there is enough evidence available to support it. Look for some credible websites, scholarly articles, books, research papers, etc. to evidence such as:

  • Statistics;
  • Research findings;
  • Real-life examples;
  • Facts, etc.

If you cannot find any of these to support your argument, choose another argument to back up your stance. During this preliminary research, you would come across several strong points to argue your position. Use any of those instead.

Challenge your view

When taking a position, it is crucial to know the opposite view as well. Identify all the potential challenges that may arise as you support your position. It is a good idea to mention the opposing view and uses counter-evidence to chip away at it. When you find arguments for the opposing side, it allows you to address them in a good way. Then, tell why they are not strong enough.

You may also list down all your points as well as the opposing points on a paper. Then decide which position is better? If you reckon the opposite side may outnumber your side with valid points, reconsider your stance. If you’re still not sure how to do that, you may take research paper help online.

Continue to gather shreds of evidence

Once you have decided that your stance is strong enough, you’re ready to continue your research. Going to a library for more supporting evidence is a great idea as the librarian to help you find more sources. Try to gather a range of credible sources. These sources may include both a personal experience and an expert’s opinion. Real-life experiences or personal accounts are good ways to add an emotional appeal to the paper. The main reason for adding this kind of evidence is to provide anecdotal support or depth to your position. You may add possible objections to your arguments, but make sure you don’t discredit your points.

In short, arguing your position is like arguing a case in court. To support your claims, you must have evidence. This evidence should be credible, positive, and quantified. Following these tips is sure to help writing a research paper that compels and gets you good grades.

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Criticizing an Argument in Research Paper

It’s time to put on the critical glassware. Be critical to analyze the argument—the better the critique, the better the evaluation. Discuss the weakness in the argument. Try to be fair and balanced when criticizing the argument. Prove the argument incorrect by questioning the premises of the argument. Identify a hole in the argument. Prove the argument as false and misleading by questioning the assumptions that have been made. Try to take away the support of the conclusion from the argument. The simplest form of critique focuses exclusively on assumptions and premises, claiming that one or both are false. The first step of the evaluation is to provide a central idea of your opponent’s argument. Next, focus on the weaknesses in the argument. Suppose counter-argument factors in supporting the argument, building a counter-argument is of equal importance. Remember your objection must be backed with appropriate reasoning with a higher degree of authority.

The three basic strategies for criticizing the argument are.

  • Take away their premises and/or assumption. Destroy the support base straight away.
  • Mention a hole in the argument. For example, not enough evidence, or the evidence is not scholarly or reliable.
  • Prove that the conclusion is not believable, which is also a direct assault on the conclusion.

Let’s look at these strategies in detail:

  • Deprive them of their premises/assumptions. Give good regard to it as false. Show that it directly refutes something true. Moreover, does the question arose genuine reasons to believe it to be accurate. Does the question arise how to call it a false assumption? Tell a personal encounter that you have experienced that shows it to be false. Come up with a more trustworthy and reliable source of information.
  • Show that there’s a hole in the argument. It might happen that you can’t find a reasonable objection to the assumption or premises, but you can still showcase a loophole in the argument. For example, you may prove Ithacans is weak t the evidence might be strong. The more you can prove the argument to be false, the better the chances to win the counter.
  • The conclusion itself is not believable. This is the most difficult strategy to critique the argument. Here you have to assault directly on the counter-thesis write off the conclusion you need a powerful counter-thesis. To deny the conclusion, the reason should be a good one; else, there is no point in being rigid.

If you are still unsure how to criticize an argument to perfection, hire a reliable research paper writing help service to bail you out of it.

Writing your Research Paper Clearly and Precisely

Writing a research paper requires you to understand the importance of the 2Cs (clear and concise). Firstly, your paper must have arguments that elaborate your points and reasoning on the thesis. Secondly, every detail should be concisely discussed. Keep it short yet meaningful. Make it a crisper. You don’t want the reader to get bored with you. Don’t drag a point just to fill in the word count. Moreover, you don’t want the reader to keep guessing about a certain meaning or metaphor. Make it simple for the examiner too. Follow the 2C formula and make the marker grasp every information of the research paper smoothly. The 2C formula helps in writing a research paper efficiently that is sure to get you high grades.

A clearly and concisely written research paper with a simple yet powerful language will get more grades than an ordinary one. Here are a few tips that will help write a research paper that is clear and concise.

Hooking the reader

To all who google help me write my research paper, this is for you. Your line of reasoning must have clarity and focus. You just cannot be all over the place. Make sure to hook the reader with your clear perspective, solid examples explained with nice yet simple connotations. Check whether the information can be understood easily or not. In short, keep it clear.

Terminologies and jargons

It’s all about the reader. First, think about the possibility of having your paper published. Then, think about the reader before introducing any concept or terminology. Is the reader familiar with this new concept? Will the reader find it hard to interpret the message? The intellectual barrier needs to be sorted out. Explain the jargon. Elaborate concepts and ideas you think might be indigestible to the audience. Particularly the terminologies of a specific study and discipline. Furthermore, even if your professor is the only potential reader, you must demonstrate that you comprehend these terminologies well.

Abbreviations are not universal

It is a must to provide the reader with the full form of the abbreviations. Don’t take it for granted. You don’t want to lose the substance of the essay. When doing formal writing, you are not required to use abbreviations. For example:

Titles. Dr (Doctor);

Latin Words like AD and BC ( before Christ and after Christ);

World Organizations like UN and WHO (United Nations, World Health Organization);

Units of measurement km or Oz (kilometers, ounces).

Easy vocabulary

Make sure you are doing it right when it comes to vocabulary words usage. Don’t sound pompous. Don’t be a Socrates. Difficult vocabulary or phrases won’t make your essay text weighted; rather, it will make it difficult for the reader to decode. On the other hand, don’t get overly formal with words.

Don’t be ambiguous

Your research paper needs to have ideas defined unambiguously. The reader should keep reading the paper without the hindrance of what was that? Did I miss the link? Let me reread it etc.

Active voice is the way to go

Use as much as active voice where and when possible. It makes the text look smoothly executed and simple to digest at once. So, avoid using too much passive voice. Excess usage of the passive voice makes your message hard to grasp. This is one important tip for those who need help with research papers.

How to be concise

At the university level of paper writing, being concise is a must. Fewer words with more meaning and information should be the purpose. Make your paper sound exciting with only the necessary words. It will surely impact your writing—Master the art to convey your message while using fewer words. However, your first draft may not look perfect in terms of conciseness, but surely a lot of attentive revisions will make you achieve the desired outlook of an impactful text.

Stick to the topic

Don’t get carried away with a lot of cliché sentences, prolonged stories, and long explanations. Keep it short and to the point. Keep the message targeted. Package your message in a way that it speaks for itself. Maintain the relevancy required to justify your point. Remove unnecessary information or detail about the topic if it isn’t serving the purpose. Hit the bullseye right from the word go. A crispy concise introduction followed by idea concentrated paragraphs with only substantial information is what you should look for.

Avoid redundancy

We usually use two words or phrases with the same meaning or tend to repeat unnecessary information and remove all such text when editing. Instead, make sure the result is to the point and precise. This is also a crucial tip for all those who need help writing a research paper.

Don’t overdo explanations

They say evil lies in the details. Try to avoid lengthy explanations if not necessary. Keep your examples simple so that the description is short and understandable. Also, avoid long sentence structures, excessive use of phrases or idioms. Make your paper refined in terms of ideas and flow. The flow of ideas and arguments can be done with minimal words. This is the key to hook your examiner for good grades. Examiners read a lot of coursework and research papers over the years of their experience; they look at the paper for such minute loopholes to deduct marks. You can alternatively look for help with a research paper from a credible online research writing service to steer clear of any trouble.

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Quoting in Research Paper Writing

This is an important part of any research-related assignment. There are places where you are urged to use direct quotes. And that is acceptable. However, when using direct quotes, you need to ascertain you’re doing it right. Many students searching “I need help writing a research paper” are not aware of using quotes correctly. Here are some examples:

  • Use quotation marks when using a direct quote or an already published text. According to Nogrady (2016), “The leading approach of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning.”
  • If your quote is longer than 40 words, start it on a new line and indent it half an inch from the left. And place it in a free-standing block.

This formatting is used in APA style. So, make sure which reference style you are ought to follow before you do the formatting.

Since quoting is a great technique to use direct information, use it correctly. Unfortunately, some students face confusion as to when to use this technique. Here are some situations when it is appropriate to use quotes:

  • The language of the quote is powerful.
  • You want to increase the credibility of your position.
  • You want to use the author’s unique voice and perspective to support your argument.
  • The quote is worthy of further analysis.

Using the quotes correctly is sure to help write a research paper that compels.

All in all, writing a paper requires a lot of effort. From the research phase to editing it, you need to correct if you’re doing it correctly. The tips mentioned above are sure to help you craft a piece that stands out from the rest.

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