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How to Write a Chicago Style Essay Perfectly

There is a variety of referencing styles to organize a research paper. One of them is Chicago which is popular in humanities, sciences, and social sciences, especially in historical research. The reason why it is widely used for historical research is that this reference style requires footnotes. Using footnotes when writing historical literature from various sources enables the reader to focus on the evidence. In addition, these footnotes keep them from getting distracted by the publication information of the evidence that is typically mentioned when following other referencing styles. So, if you're required to craft a Chicago format essay and not sure how to do it, you're at the right place. The following guide will help you understand the basics of the Chicago essay format.

What is the Chicago Essay Format?

So, has your examiner assigned you a paper, and you're required to use a Chicago essay format? Not sure how to use it? If you have used different kinds of referencing in the past, such as APA or Harvard, writing a Chicago-style essay can be challenging for you. But, to make the entire process easier, we've put together the basic information on how you can use it correctly yet easily.

So, first thing first: what is an essay Chicago style? The Chicago Manual Style (CMS) was first published in 1906, and currently, the style has two different systems;

1) Author-Date System.

2) Notes-Bibliography System.

The former is used in physical, natural, social sciences, whereas the latter is used in arts and humanities.

To make it easier for the reader to comprehend the sources used, the CMS recommends using either of the citation systems. Following is an example of how the author-date system's in-text citation looks like:

(Grisham 2018, 19)

The complete reference may look like this:

Grisham, J., 2018. The Impact of Excessive Screentime on Pre-schoolers. New York. Big Publishing House.

The Notes-bibliography requires footnotes to keep the readers from getting distracted by the in-text citation.

You may also have a look at Chicago style essay examples available online to have a better understanding of how footnotes are incorporated. But before you do that, you must comprehend the key requirements. You can find several Chicago style essay samples on the internet. However, looking at them won't help you unless you don't grab the basic understanding. So, let's understand the guidelines first.

Why Write the Chicago Manual of Style Essay?

As mentioned earlier, this particular format allows you to add footnotes. And, Chicago style papers on history and related fields entail citing sources using footnotes or endnotes. These footnotes and endnotes often supplement information using a bibliography. This is what makes Chicago essay format the best for Chicago style paper in such fields. In addition to simplifying the editing process, it helps the readers to understand the ideas by using a simple structure that the readers can resonate with.

Besides, this particular referencing also:

  • Provides the readers with different cues. These cues help them comprehend the presented ideas more efficiently. Moreover, they also help them locate evidence that sounds interesting to them.
  • Allows the readers to focus more on the arguments or ideas by eliminating alien formatting.
  • Helps writers to establish ethos or credibility.

Additionally, if you're using footnotes in your Chicago style essay, you don't have to repeat the citation from the same sources. As a result, the writer will only include evidence that will relate to the previous source. Or, if different evidence is used from the same source back to back, the following footnote is cited using the word "Ibid."

Chicago Essay Format?

When writing your Chicago format essay, you must be aware of the formatting style. Here is a list of key elements in the formatting you should never skip:

  • Font type and size: The font size should be 12, and the type should be Times New Roman.
  • Margins: The pages of your papers should have a one-inch margin on the top and bottom. Besides, always use the left alignment unless it is advised otherwise.
  • Indent: The first sentence of each paragraph should have a 0.5-inch indention.
  • Spacing: The entire document should be double spaced (2.0).
  • Numbering: Include numbers on your Chicago format essay in the top right corner.

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Chicago Style Essay Examples: Cover page

Let's take a look at how our seasoned writers craft cover pages for your Chicago style format essay. In line with standard guidelines, they make sure that:

  • It includes your name under the title.
  • The title of the paper is in the middle of the page.
  • It includes your professor's name, institutional affiliation, and completion date.
  • It does not contain creative fonts or underlining, etc., to decorate your cover page and Chicago style citation. 
  • It is not numbered and does not count towards a total number of pages.

Chicago Manual Style Essay Headings

When it comes to Chicago style essay heading, there are no specific design requirements or guidelines for creating various heading levels. However, when writing a research paper, our experts make sure to use more than three levels of subheadings. Additionally, they know that each subheading level should be supported with enough content. But, remember when writing papers shorter than five pages, it is not recommended to follow the Chicago style heading essays. And, we know that very well! Therefore, we check your total word count first, then create an outline. Also, it is well understood that subheadings are not inserted to categorized different ideas. They are used to separate sections of the paper instead. With well-built writing muscles, writers at CustomEssayOrder remember to start each paragraph with a topic sentence and wrap it up with transitions. For your Chicago style essay another key point to remember is: avoid using numbers, alphabets, or roman numerals with your headings.

So, if you ever feel stuck, it is better to rely on us than to stress out. Also, feel free to order Chicago style essay templates with us.

Arrangement of Chicago Style Essay Format

Our writers arrange your paper in the following arrangement:

  • Title page
  • Your complete paper
  • Appendix
  • Reference list

Chicago Style Essay Example for Using Names and Numbers

Now let's take a look at how we approach names and numbers while strictly adhering to Chicago guidelines and Chicago style reference page:

  • Full names of institutions
  • Full names of people the first time you use them
  • Full names of agencies

Once you have used the full forms and names, you may refer to them using acronyms or last names for the rest of the paper. So let's get it right for you!

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Using Chicago Style Format in Research Papers

Using Essay Writing Services Chicago is an option that is always available to you. You may trawl through the internet or take a deep look at instructions, again and again, to get your head around it, but the mist doesn't go away. If this is the case, why not taking the back seat and let our expert writers steer you to success. What follows is to unveil our writer's know-how with the Chicago formatting manual:

Footnotes and endnote

Remember, endnotes are placed on a different section right before the bibliography, where the text ends. On the contrary, footnotes appear at the bottom of each page. To have a clear understanding of what these two elements look like on Chicago style footnotes, check some university of Chicago essay examples. And, our writers are highly well versed in all that thanks to their years of experience.

Citing multiple authors reference

Does your source have more than three authors? In such a case, our writers list their names in the full reference as they appear on the original source material. Additionally, they state the first author's surname for citations, then write "et al." (it stands for the other authors). We know that we are not supposed to mention the surnames of all the authors in your citations. We would recommend you seeing the Chicago style essay example first before starting to write your paper. Doing so will have a clear picture in your mind how these citations look like. Alternatively, you can confidently rely on our bench of expert writers.

Missing information on the bibliographies

When writing full references for your bibliography page, it is important to use the page number of your evidence. And, our writers know how to do it to perfection. However, it is not necessary. If the source materials do not have blank line and page numbers, you may omit the page number in the reference. Also, when referring to a general text in the source material, it is totally normal to omit the page number. However, you may then refer to the chapters or paragraphs from where you have retrieved your evidence. For instance, if an online research article does not have page numbers, refer to a paragraph instead. On the other hand, if your source does not have a publication date Chicago style bibliography, you can write "n.d." instead of the year. Check some bibliographies of a Chicago style essay example to write correctly formatted bibliographies.

Where to find Chicago style essay examples?

Are you wondering where to find a Chicago style essay example? Go no farther than Custom Essay Order. By reviewing a Chicago style essay sample, you will better comprehend how you can use these guidelines in a better way. This is why we can't emphasize enough how important it is to go through some samples before you start to write. However, if you still feel stuck after going through the samples available, you can always buy essay Chicago from usBuying your Chicago style paper would help you submit your assignment on time without dealing with so much stress and anxiety. But, many students have second thoughts when reaching out for assignment help. They don't know if the service is reliable and if it is legal to do so. If you're in the same boat, it's time to clear all your doubts. We are here only to give you additional assistance in your stressful academic years. So, if you think you can't do an assignment on your own, it is okay to take help from our Essay Writing Services Chicago.  Our company is committed to offering many services that help the students submit their work on time. For instance, if you only need proofreading or editing services, we also provide them. Or, if you need to see a Chicago essay example written by our professional writer, we provide that, too. So, never be hesitant to ask for help. A little help from us can help you go places and achieve your academic goals.

University of Chicago essay prompts

Are you looking for some great University of Chicago essay prompts? If so, we've put together some interesting prompts that you can use with Chicago formatting first page:

  • What's so easy about pie? (This prompt can be interpreted in hundred ways which makes it virtually limitless)
  • What if the moon were made of chocolate? Reimagine its composition and ponder over the implications in any realm – from physics to fantasy to philosophy.
  • "There is no such thing as a new idea" – Mark Twain. Pick any piece of technology, art, history, or philosophy and explain if it is truly original or a mixture of old ideas.

These interesting and creative University of Chicago essay prompts are what the university is famous for. Are you unable to flex your imaginative muscles? Buy essay Chicago on a topic of your choice, and relax!

Want to give it a shot by yourself? Keep the following template in mind:

Title or cover page of your assignment with the first letter in caps (1/4 page down from the top).

  • Your name
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Date

Make sure the text is double space. And, insert a page break after writing the things mentioned above on your title page with same font size. If you're finding it hard to comprehend this template, have a look at the Chicago style essay examples.

All in all, you need to be familiar with CMS to make it easier for you to use it. CMS can be used in writing dissertations, theses, and research papers in humanities, sciences, and social sciences. So, comprehend the basic guidelines well and see only difference a Chicago essay example, and get started with the writing process!