How To Write A Great Conclusion For An Essay

April 5, 2017 support
A Great Conclusion For An Essay

How to write a conclusion for an essay

A Great Conclusion For An Essay

In essay writing, a well-crafted conclusion provides the final statement to justify why the topic is significant. When concluding an essay, the author reminds his audience of the thesis to draw out the significance of the subject. Conclusions vary depending on the topic being discussed, the target audience, and the essay objective. At the end of the essay, the author persuades the readers to take action, change policy, make an observation or understand a topic from a new perspective. The author wants to convince his audience using logical arguments from the beginning up to the end of the paper.

An essay conclusion restates the main ideas to inform the readers of the strengths of the argument. The author is given the opportunity to persuade his readers after presenting all the relevant evidence on the topic. Depending on the type of essay, a good conclusion reflects upon the evidence presented in the essay and makes suggestions based on the evidence.

Concluding Paragraph

A concluding paragraph shows the audience the value of developing or answering the question highlighted in the thesis statement. In the need for the paper, the audience would want to know how they can benefit from the work the author has presented. In other words, the author is given the last chance to present his new ideas by reviewing evidence to give readers new insights on the topic. The concluding paragraphs also act as an opportunity to make the final call for action from the target audience.

The conclusions do not only review what has been presented in the paper but also link the final argument to other contexts similar to the argument. The conclusion makes a new connection which is a strategy the author needs to use to elaborate the significance of his findings. Ending an essay using logical arguments makes readers feel glad to have read the essay that is why a good ending should give the reader something to think about or simply provoke the audience to take action.

How to write a good conclusion

A Great Conclusion For An Essay

Writing a conclusion is not just about summarizing what was presented in the body paragraphs, a good conclusion analyzes what had been stated in the body section to present a new perspective in an attempt to convince the audience. A compelling conclusion demonstrates appreciation for the essay’s argument and its significance. The author needs to show how the ideas in the article connect to what other scholars have written.

Good Conclusion

A good conclusion also presents a proposed course of action or question for further investigation. When concluding well customied essay, a good conclusion answered the question that was submitted at the beginning of the essay.  A good conclusion uses a short significant quotation or an anecdote to summarize the main essay ideas. An essay conclusion needs to widen the perspective of what has been discussed in relation to the thesis by bringing together all the different sections of the essay, including the assertion made in the introduction. A good conclusion brings together all the strands of the arguments to complete doing essay on a convincing note.

How not to write a conclusion

Writing a conclusion is not merely summarizing the main ideas, the author should avoid general statements when writing a conclusion instead he should review the main ideas to come up with new perspectives on the topic. The concluding paragraphs should not contain any new material that was not discussed in the body but instead focus on telling the reader the significance of the research findings or the implication of the research. The author needs to avoid duplication by stating the same subject and using the same words used in the body paragraphs. The author also needs to avoid repeating the thesis statement word for word in the conclusion. A good conclusion should use key concepts using slightly different sentence arguments and structures.

When the author simply cuts and past the previous essay ideas from the body to conclude his essay, this shows a lack of creativity. The audience will notice that the author did not make much effort to convince them. A good conclusion synthesizes key words from the introduction and body paragraphs to rephrase and reframe these ideas in an attempt to convince the audience.

The conclusion is the last attempt the author has to leave a lasting impression. Therefore, he should make attempts to present his ideas for the readers to appreciate his work. The author should avoid just ending an essay, but instead conclude by making an emotional appeal. The last paragraph should not include evidence like quotations or statistics. An essay should not just end by rephrasing the thesis statement the author needs to make substantive changes to show creativity.

When writing a conclusion, the author needs to focus on the topic’s main ideas and avoid going off presenting unrelated information. A good conclusion should not use phrases like “in conclusion”, or “I have proved”, such phrases make the paper look unprofessional.