How To Write A Thesis For An Essay

March 29, 2017 support
Tentative Thesis Statement

How to Write a Tentative Thesis Statement

When writing the introduction of your essay, it is important to always come up with a superb thesis statement that acts as an indication to your reader, that you are going to talk about a given topic. Prior to coming up with a thesis statement, you should first understand the topic you are writing on in order to stick within the scope of the content required, failure to which you will mix up your ideas and end up messing up your essay. The writer should, therefore, brainstorm facts and figures that are relevant to the topic at hand. Your thesis statement normally, should not take more than two sentences. It should be brief and concise as possible and should be a reflection of the goal of your essay.

Tentative Thesis Statement

A thesis statement serves various purposes:

  1. It serves as an indication of how you will interpret the subject under discussion.
  2. Secondly, it serves as a map with which your essay will use to get to the main point. The reader uses it in order to understand what the whole paper is all about.
  3. In addition to this, your thesis statement should serve as an answer to the question you are asked.
  4. Not forgetting, it serves as an acknowledgment that there may be conflicting ideas from other people, therefore your point of view must not necessarily be the same as another person.

The process of developing your thesis statement comes prior to tackling your essay. Be sure to have understood the question at hand in order not to veer off the channel of ideas expected of you by a potential reader. When formulating a thesis statement, there are various questions that the writer should ask themselves in order to accomplish the purpose of the essay. These questions formulate tips for writing a tentative thesis statement. When you put these questions into consideration, you should be sure to have developed a tentative thesis.

Where will your thesis statement be located?

Normally, it is located within the introduction paragraph. In longer essays, however, it may appear in the second paragraph. To come up with a superb thesis statement, avoid placing it too late in the paragraph or in the middle. Instead, strive to be as clear as possible throughout the introduction paragraph. Be sure to avoid cliché statements such as “The main point of my essay is…” or “The main point of my paper is…” Such statements are lackluster and a good essay writer should strive to refrain from using them at all costs. Use simple and clear statements that are not basic. At the same, do not use complex statements that may confuse your reader.

Tentative Thesis Statement

How specific is your thesis statement?

Strive to be specific as much as possible, and at the same time use concise and understandable language throughout. Unless you are writing a technical paper, avoid using jargon words that will give the reader a difficult time comprehending what you are talking about. Comprehension of the essay being written by the reader is key to maintaining their interest. A complex and vague statement will leave the reader with no option but to cease reading your essay at that point. In addition to this, avoid contradictory statements that would mix up your ideas.

Is your thesis include your stand or position on an issue that you are tackling?

A perfect custom essay has a thesis statement that not only states the topic but also conclusively explains the writer’s stand on the issue at hand. The reader needs to be fully informed on what stand you will have throughout the essay. This is equally important in order to successfully formulate a specific and not general approach that you will take as you write your essay. Below is a sample of a poorly written thesis statement with a revised version that is recommended. The revised thesis entails the reader’s stand, whereas the poorly written one leaves the reader with unanswered questions.

  • Poorly written – “Arnold Peterson’s administration was rocked by controversy”
  • Revised version – “The many scandals that faced Arnold Peterson’s administration revealed serious problems with the Republican Party’s nominating procedure”.

It is clear that the revised statement includes the writer’s stand that the controversy facing Peterson’s presidency is due to the Republican Party’s inappropriate nominating process.

How original is your thesis statement?

Be sure to come up with a thesis statement that is 100% original and does not tend to copy any other person’s ideas. You can use another person’s idea as a template with which you will use to develop a better thesis statement. Your ideas should match your understanding of the topic and not any other people’s. Upon completing your entire paper, go through it to ascertain that indeed what you are talking about reflects your thesis statement. If your content seems not to match your statement, you should modify it in order to be in line with your essay.