How to Write a Research Essay – A Complete Guide

A research paper is basically a detailed essay with proper references and evidence about any information that you add. A research paper is used to evaluate what you have learned after studying a specific essay topic in-depth. In a research paper, you can take information from books, articles, interviews, and trusted internet websites and list them as relevant resources to prove your point of view. Research essay assignments are usually given to college and university students as writing research essays requires a good level of understanding to deliver the intended message.

Students who are given research essay assignments often get stuck and feel helpless as they don’t have a clue on where to behind and how to finish a research essay. Well, you don’t have to feel this way any longer as our team of academic writing experts with decades of experience has created this complete research essay writing guide for you. If you want to know how to write perfect research essays that stand out then carefully read this article from start to end.

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How to Start a Research Essay?

How to Start a Research Essay?

Starting a research essay is probably the most difficult task. Students often start to feel overburdened by thinking how much time it will take to actually complete the whole thing. Our professional writers recommend that you take one step at a time and don’t look at the bigger picture.

Here are some pro tips on how to start your research essay

  • Create a title page; write the name of your instructor and add a logo of your institution. This will motivate you to start the writing process.
  • Choose an essay topic that interests and challenges you the most
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of information about the topic, if the topic is interesting start exploring it.
  • Narrow down your topic and try to put it in the form of a question. After that start to answer the question. For example, if you are thinking about writing on religion then choose only one religion and start writing about it.
  • Just start writing after making an initial draft. Do not stop writing until the whole thing is complete. Your first draft will never be perfect and you should never stop and edit your content until you are done creating the first draft.
  • When writing a research essay only choose a topic that you can easily find references for. A topic that is too narrow may take a lot of time because the supporting evidence is hard to find.

Here Are The Steps On How To Write A Perfect Research Essay

The Steps On How To Write A Perfect Research Essay

After knowing how to start your research paper, it’s now time to learn how to actually complete the whole thing.

Conduct Detailed Research

Many students confuse research essays and normal essays. Unlike primary or high school essays the research essays or research papers require extensive research because you need to add evidence and primary sources of all the information that you use in your essay. Many students make a major mistake and start the writing process without conducting research.

Before you write a research paper you must go through research paper examples after you have chosen your research paper topic. The quality of your finished research paper directly depends upon how you conduct research and your writing skills. A good research paper or a winning research paper always has a logical flow along with great references, a great central idea.

A good approach to research your topic is to look for sources that contradict or go against your point of view. Never look for only those sources that verify your ideas, that way you will not be able to correctly explain your research with proper context. While searching look for materials such as:

  • Is there a heated debate going on about that topic
  • Is there any important information that people overlook while writing about that research topic? Or is there an innovation that concerns the topic that has never been covered?
  • Is your topic unique? Are you covering things or adding more information to a topic that has been covered previously? Highlight and elaborate on the new information.

Create An Outline

List all the key points and arguments that you are going to cover in your research essay after you are done with your initial research. You can then roughly estimate what your research paper will look like when finished.

Many students underestimate the importance and benefits of creating an outline before they start the writing process. Structure outlines can speed up your writing papers by many folds. A good outline is also necessary for writing a research essay that scores an A+ grade.

Begin the Writing Process Create First Draft

Students need to understand that first drafts in academic writing don’t need to be perfect. No matter if you are writing a research essay, a doctoral dissertation, making a research paper outline, naming a research proposal, or doing academic papers. You must understand how to create your complete your first draft without editing it or worrying about the quality of content.

Here are some pro tips on how to create the first draft of your research essay:

  • Keep writing even if you don’t completely agree. Remember to complete now and edit later.
  • Try to create a natural flow between paragraphs. If you are a newbie then you should stick with the basic outline of a research paper and try to create a logical ordering of paragraphs.
  • Be as clear as possible while discussing and explaining your ideas. Don’t try to use difficult words for the sake of using them or for creating an impression. Try to make it as easy as you can for the reader to understand.

Thesis Statement

Write the Introduction & Identify Thesis Statement

A good introduction to a research essay should answer the three basic questions of what, how, and why. An introduction should include some background information about the topic, what you are going to discuss, and how you are going to prove your point. After reading a good introduction a reader should be able to understand what your essay is about, why is it worth reading, and what they can expect from the body paragraphs.

Remember to clearly state your thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. After that try to make a very smooth transition from the introduction to the body paragraphs.

Literature Review and Statistical data

Write the literature review and highlight major work that people have done about your topic in the past in the literature review. When it comes to academic writing always remember that numbers speak louder than words. Therefore you must add statistical data to support your main idea. Don’t hesitate to conduct further research if that is needed to add statistics in form of graphs, pie charts, or any other statistical data type.

Creating The Body of Research Essay

The body paragraphs of a good research paper contain relevant information that elaborates the key points regarding your research question. We recommend that you only discuss one major supporting argument in one paragraph. Start with the most important supporting argument that is most relevant to your topic so that your reader won’t get bored with your content. Create a natural flow and never try to write a research essay like informal essays.

It is important that you do a critical evaluation of your topic and then creates a logical sequence between your paragraph. You should also quote references from credible sources from primary and secondary sources.

Write the conclusion

Writing the conclusion of a research essay is not too difficult. Just remember that you should never introduce any new information in the conclusion paragraph. Just sum up how your body arguments support your thesis statement that you listed in your introductory paraph and end the essay with a positive note.

Cite All Relevant Sources

APA, Chicago, and Harvard referencing styles are the most commonly used referencing styles. You must use the referencing style specified by your instructor, however, if no specific style is specified then you should use the Chicago referencing style as it is more flexible and easiest to use for beginners.

You must use the proper evidence to support all your arguments in a research paper. Google Scholar can help you find out more credible information about your topic.

The Revision Process

After creating your first draft and citing all the references it is now time to create the second or the final draft of your research essay. The goal of this revision process is to ensure that you have delivered your message correctly without any grammatical errors or mistakes.

Here is what you should look for while revising your document:

  • Make sure you did not miss any relevant important information.
  • Make sure your paper completes all the tasks that you specified in the introduction.
  • Check if you have created a logical flow that is easy to read and understand
  • Ask a friend or a relative to read your research essay and give feedback if it fulfills the thesis statement. If it doesn’t, then edit it and try to make it better.
  • Read the completed paper with the reader’s mindset and look for flaws and make them correct.

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FAQs About How To Write a Research Essay

How do you research for an excellent essay?

While writing research papers you must consult credible sources like the gov and Edu websites while searching for online articles. Other than that you can use Google Scholar to look for credible research papers that support your arguments.

How do you write a full research paper?

To write a full research paper you must move one step at a time. Don’t overthink about the whole thing and just start writing by creating a title page.


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