How To Write “Nature vs Nurture” Essay

Nature versus Nurture

How to Write a Nature vs Nurture Essay,

How to start

When writing an essay, a writer first needs to organize their thoughts and ideas in a manner they can make sense. It is common for one to be overwhelmed by the ideas they have about a given topic, especially where an essay is concerned. Organizing the thoughts and ideas is a crucial part as it helps with reducing the clutter in the thought process. This means by the time one is writing down their ideas, they need to have a solid topic. Choosing a topic requires the writer to have some insight on the question at hand. This is relative to the ease associated with writing about something one is conversant with. Writing down will give an order to the content and improve the element of delivery.
In this essay, the topic of choice is, nature versus nurture. This has a comparative approach and further argumentative. To set the pace in the argument to be presented in the paper, the writer needs a thesis statement. This is an argumentative statement that guides the thought process of the writer and further sets the direction of the ideas for the readers to follow. Thesis statements come at the end of the introduction of the essay.

How to write an outline

To write an outline, choose how you are going to use it. An outline can be used for any number of things – you simply need to know how to use it. You can use it to gather all your research and decide what your essay will look like, or you can use it to hold information which you find useful.

Outline example (Nature vs Nurture)


  • Background information
  • Arguments you will explain within the body
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraph 1

  • Nature
  • Genetic makeup
  • Predisposition is not destiny
  • Just because someone has a talent, doesn’t mean that they will be good right away

Body Paragraph 2

  • Nurture
  • The role of environment
  • Parents give their children the best environment

Body Paragraph 3

  • Nature versus nurture? Which one is better
  • Nurture – environment is king
  • The environment you grow up affects you


  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Restate your arguments
  • Give one final argument

How to write an introduction

To properly write an introduction, you need to know what you are going to say. This means that you need all of your research done before you attempt it. Write out your thesis statement, and make sure that you have your arguments sorted out.

  • Always include the thesis statement.
  • Remember to state all the arguments.
  • Don’t make any original arguments in the introduction.
  • Put some necessary background information here.
  • The introduction should have a hook.

How to write a thesis statement

To write a thesis statement, you need to be absolutely sure of the research you are doing. Go through the research thoroughly, so that you can think of it on command, and then create a one or two sentence argument which sums everything up.

Example of a thesis for a ‘Nature vs Nurture’ essay

Nature has some profound impact on the development of a child; however, it is the element of nurture which determines their level of growth and most important development.

Example of an introduction for a ‘Nature vs Nurture’ essay

The nature versus nurture is a debate that is common to the elements of bringing up and the capabilities passed to the children and what they end up becoming in the future. Talents and precepts that people may have when growing up are largely attributed to either nature or having come from the way the children were brought up. For some, nature is a genetic makeup of a person; thus, they are the way they are at an older age. For the other faction of the debate, it is the way that one brings up their children as this determines the success they have in their adulthood. It is important to note the impact environments have on the growth of a child. Much like a seed, a child is open to the platform they are introduced to. As such, a large part of the development is attributable to the environment their parents introduce them to.

How to write body paragraphs

According to essay writing service, when writing the body of your essay, it is crucial to note that this is the part where the argument is delivered. As such, all the ideas in this section are directly associated with the argument the writer wants readers to interact with. It is in this section, the writer presents both sides of the argument and then presents the winning side, with support from various ideas they have, drawn from statistics or their personal opinion and observation. Each of the paragraphs has to be designed in such a way to represent one set of ideas. By packaging the ideas into paragraphs, a writer is able to direct the readers in a manner which is orderly. However, it is crucial for the writer to note the need to create a transition between the paragraphs. Remember, this is an argument and all the part of the body are directed towards the argument the writer is trying to bring out. In this case, there are three paragraphs, where one is on nurture, another on nature and the argument. The number of paragraphs in this is kept to the minimum as the essay is short and hence precision is key.

Tips on body writing

  • One argument per paragraph is sufficient.
  • Don’t get distracted from your main point.
  • Remember to include a topic sentence at the beginning, and a concluding sentence at the end.
  • Each paragraph should refer to the thesis statement.
  • The body paragraphs should be arranged to lead viewers through a logical argument.

Nature vs Nurture Essay,

Example of body paragraphs for a nature vs nurture essay

Example of the 1st body paragraph for a Nature vs Nurture essay

Nature is associated with the genetic makeup of the parents and hence those of the child. When a child is born of a high pedigree, this means their parents are of a higher standard when it comes to a certain attribute. This could be, the child is born in a family that is musically adept. As such, they also have the elements of quality vocals and a great appreciation for sound whether instrumental or from vocals. Families where most of the parents are into athletics or generally sports, the children also tend to be into the same. There are genetic elements that impacts the paths the children take from an early age and this is also reflected in the choices they make when they are old enough. Other than that there is the fact that they also have the genes for sports or quality vocals. This is something they get from birth rather acquire as they go along. However, there is an element to be considered with the reference to the same, the environment.

Example of the 2nd body paragraph

Nurture, on the other hand, is associated with the environment children are brought up in. Where a child grows up in the environment where most of the adults are in the financial industry or even sports, they are likely to take that path as they are brought up in an environment nurturing them towards such. As a child grows, parents ensure they give their children the very best. This is partly creating the environment to enhance the chances of their children developing the qualities they want. As such, it is important to consider the environment the children.

Example of the 3rd body paragraph

Nature is mostly associated with the way one is born; thus, all the advantages or disadvantages one may have been largely defined by their genetics. Who were your parents? However, in reality, it is the environment the child grows in which has the most impact on how the child turns out. Growing up in a family of singers has more to do with the environment than it has to do with the genetics. It is the exposure to the musical world that forms the foundation for the child to follow. As such, based on the experiences they have been through in the environment they have been brought up in. Ideally, while one may have been born into a family of athletes which translates into having the genetic makeup for sports, it is the environment which determines the growth and life choices they make along the way. This explains why most children will tend to take the path their parents took in their career. There are families that have been in politics for the long time through several generations. However, it may not be that they are great orators, rather it is the environment they have been brought up in. This is the exposure they have had throughout their lives. If the environment is not right, a great orator may not even discover their talents and develop them. They are likely to live through life trying something different other than being a public speaker.

How to conclude

Conclusions are the close of the argument developed in the paper. This is the part where the writer summarizes all the main points they have states in the body paragraph. It is a section that should give a reader all the viewpoints given in a certain essay, without the need for them to read through the paper.

  • Restate the arguments made throughout the essay
  • Make sure that you sum up the entire paper with one single argument
  • Have any background information from the introduction back in the conclusion
  • Don’t make any new arguments
  • Have some similarities between the conclusion and the introduction

Example of a conclusion for a Nature vs Nurture essay

The debate about nature versus nurture is one that has been around for a while. For the faction of nature, they feel much of the development is associated with the genetics one inherits from their parents. The nurture faction on the other hand associate growth with the environment one is brought up in. is important to note, genetics are a crucial part of development, however, it is the environment which the growth and development of a person. As such, nurture has a more profound impact on the growth and development process that nature.

Paper revision

Revision is very important, as it helps you to improve your writing and bring essays to a new level. Revision can be very intensive, depending on what you do, but you should always do something.

  • Revise your spelling and grammar.
  • Revise your formatting and structure.
  • Make sure that the thesis is in twice.
  • Make sure that every paragraph has a concluding and topic sentence.
  • Make sure that the argument flows properly.

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