5 Ways To Make ChatGPT Essay Looks Like It Is Written By Human

ChatGPT is a flagship product of OpenAI that allows users to ask questions and queries from the tool and get natural, human-like answers. It has passed the million mark for users in a couple of days and professionals are using it for different purposes to save time and other resources.

School and college students also found a way to take advantage of the immense power and intelligence of the tool to write their essays. It is true that ChatGPT can write full-length essays, especially when the person prompting it can insert instructions periodically. Still, there is a question of detection that can make the whole exercise futile.

In this blog, let us explore some ways to make ChatGPT essays look like human-written content.

Detecting AI in ChatGPT Essays

The moment ChatGPT became popular among students, teachers set out to make the premise a far-fetched idea. This is evident from the fact that many online tools and software started popping out to help teachers and instructors in detecting and assess assignments written by AI tools.

Teachers can employ many ways to detect AI in ChatGPT or any other AI-written essay. Let us take a look at some of them in this section.

Using AI Tools

The first step in detecting AI writing is to get help from AI. There are online tools that you can feed your text into and they can detect the probability of the text being written by AI with a score. The higher the score, the higher probability it has to be composed by a smart tool, like ChatGPT.

Even many tools were developed by students and there is one that is made by the same company that designed ChatGPT. These include AI Text Classifier by OpenAI, GptZero by a Princeton student, and more.

Through Authorship Assessment

Again, there is a use of AI but the methodology is different. Instead of detecting for clues in the writing, the tools like Turnitin and more sniff for authorship style and models. For instance, if a student has submitted an assignment written by AI, it will be compared sentence structure and style with the previous ones to know whether it was written by a human or an AI tool. This is even more effective as it can even raise red flags if the essay was written by another human.


Watermarking is not a practice in AI writing models, but it should be adopted, as often iterated by teachers and scholars. Many still believe that there are workarounds for watermarks and other proprietary things, but it will be a clear and foolproof method to detect AI in writing.

This method is not in practice today but it can be picked up by the developers and managers of the tools in the near future.

How To Make ChatGPT Writing Undetectable

As a student, you are bombarded with assignments and essays and looking for a respite. This comes in the form of a smart, AI-powered tool that can take advantage of its prowess to write custom essays for you. But the only problem is that the writing is detectable and teachers can know in a matter of seconds. So, what to do about it?


This section is dedicated to helping students with improving and fine-tune essays for the last run.

Treating AI Content As an Initial Draft

Instead of simply getting a complete essay and then submitting it for evaluation, treat the essay written by ChatGPT as the initial draft. That way, you can always add value to the writing and fine-tune it to meet the requirements and make it reader-friendly.

Tweak For Tone & Voice

If you are writing for some time, you will have a voice and tone of your own. Readers with keen eyes can detect passages written by their beloved authors in a matter of seconds. This is what teachers can do if they have some idea of how you write.

So, get the essay from ChatGPT and edit it extensively to add your tone and voice to the text.

Add Rich Context

In many cases, ChatGPT fails to get rich context in the writing. This is clear when you read the essay with full attention and see the monotony in the text. That’s why many students get their essays detected without teachers putting and running them through AI detection tools.

Clear Up Fluff

To make the text more accessible, ChatGPT often uses unnecessary details in the writing. This is counter-productive for the students and even affects the overall quality of the essay. To ensure that you can get maximum scores on your essay, it is best to go through it and polish it around the corners.

Revise & Polish It For The Readers

Readers are the real target for writers. In the case of online writing tools such as ChatGPT, they write for readers too but the limited information from the user can only allow them to keep that person in mind.

There are cultural and intellectual barriers that can only be done by a human writer.

Ways That Can Make AI Writing Seem Natural

So, is there a way around all the red flags of using AI tools? There is! In this section, we will take a look at some of the ways that can help students with better grades on assignments.

  • Quillbot 

There are AI-based tools that can help students with writing and rewriting essays developed by ChatGPT. Quillbot is one of those tools that can take the text and then paraphrase it to sound different without losing its essence.

It is a great tool to make all the difference in writing for students.

  • Getting Professional Essay Writing Services On Board

If you are not comfortable with treating like with the like, you can hire a dedicated professional essay writing service to do the job. CustomEssayOrder.com is a leading brand that offers exceptional essay writing, editing, and proofreading services to students across the globe. With its competitive pricing and quick delivery slots, you can be sure that all bases are covered for you.

Key Takeaways

Essay writing and assignment completion are some of the important tasks that students have to cover in their academic lives. They are important and must be of the highest quality to ensure maximum scores. We have covered many bases for the students including getting the text sound natural and human-written as well as using tools or services to eliminate the machine element from writing.

No matter which avenue you pursue, you must cover all the bases, including checking the text multiple times for AI detection and more.

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