Where Can I Write My Essay: 10 Tips to Organize Your Study Space

As a college student, it can be very hard and challenging to write long essays as many students find it difficult to remain focused while writing. Limiting your distraction and finding a quiet place where you can fully concentrate on writing is the key to writing great essays that stand out. However, frequent interruptions and brain distractions can significantly increase the time required to complete your essay assignments.

Spending hours thinking about writing essays and then not even writing a single paragraph after 3-4 paragraphs can frustrate you. In this article, we will share pro tips from expert academic writers on how you can remain focused while writing and how to effectively minimize your distractions. 

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10 Pro Tips To Organize Yourself While Writing Essays

It is normal to get distracted as a student but always being distracted can not only affect the quality of your writing but also increase the time required to complete your essay assignment. Many students ask questions like “where can I write my essay”, or “how to remain focused while writing essays”. Well, there is no two-line simple answer to this question. To learn how to remain focused while writing carefully read the following ten pro tips from expert writers from start to finish.

1) Find a Quiet Place

If you are a student who is attending an online class or want to complete essay assignments after school then it’s best to find a quiet place that is free from all distractions. Eat your lunch before you go to that place, take a glass of water with you and keep your gadget charger with you so that you. Keeping everything close along with having a full tummy will keep you away from most distractions. 

If you have younger siblings then make sure they won’t know where you are. Younger siblings are a major source of distraction that keeps you from completing your essay work in time.

2) Put Your Phone Away

One of the hardest things students experience is letting go of their phones while working on assignments and coursework. The best way not to get distracted by your phone is to leave your phone outside your room or to put it out of your reach. Many studies have proved that mobile phones are the main distraction for students and teenagers that destroys their focus. 

We recommend that you turn on aeroplane mode while you put your phone away. If you don’t do this then a call from a friend or a message notification will distract you from what you were working on. Once you turn on the wifi and start using your phone you will at least waste 15-20 minutes. Not only that, a study has proved that teenagers need at least 23 minutes to refocus on something after getting distracted. Not putting your phone in aeroplane mode will waste around 40 minutes that are enough to write two paragraphs of your essay. 

3) Make a Schedule

Remember that wise people are those who play when it’s time to play and work when it’s time to work. Making a proper schedule will help you concentrate on what’s important at that time. It will limit your distraction as you will know that it’s time to work and not to play games or use your mobile phone. Strictly follow your schedule to remain focused while writing your essay.

4) Stay Organized Online

The need of these modern times is to not only remain organized physically but also virtually. Being organized online means having all your online software and websites that are easily accessible to you. Using bookmarks, syncing your browser to autofill passwords and reaching out to websites that easily present authentic information online will help you remain organized and focused. This will also help you to find supporting information for your essay so that you support your essay’s main idea in a better way.

5) Add Colour Codes

Colour code your notebooks, binders, and coursework books to quickly access them while writing essays. Do everything that will help you avoid all kinds of distractions as much as you can. For instance, if you colour code your psychology course with blue then it will be easy for you to find your notebook and binder while adding psychological arguments to your essay.

6) Keep Extra Pens and Notebooks

If you don’t want to get distracted while writing your essay then you should keep extra pens and rough registers right by your side. Doing this will not only help you complete your essay in time but will also help you remain focused while writing to ensure great essay quality. 

7) Tidy Up Your Study Space

The first thing that you should want to do before sitting down and starting writing your essay is to clean the place. Cleaning the place doesn’t mean that you take a broomstick and start cleaning the floor but it means that you should put everything in the right place before you start writing. Students are easily distracted if they see something that interests them more than writing. Seeing a cricket bat right beside you or constantly looking at your PlayStation won’t get you anywhere. Spending the time to tidy up your place is the key to remaining focused and writing great essays in desired time.

8) Establish a Routine

What’s more important than making a schedule? Making a routine and strictly following it will help you remain focused while working on your academic tasks. Unlike a schedule that keeps on changing or developing, a routine is something permanent and it helps you define a specific time for playing and working. 

Make a proper homework routine and only focus on writing essays if you have pending essay assignments when it’s the routine time to focus on your studies.

9) Make a List of People Who Can Assist You

Nothing destroys a student’s focus as much as getting stuck with something. Getting stuck and something not only creates a problem while focusing but also frustrates you. Make a list of people and mentors that include your teachers, friends, and family members who can assist you with your work if you get stuck. Cooperate with them and find a way to get out of what’s bugging you as quickly as possible. Once you have the solution to your problem start focusing on what’s remaining and complete your course work before doing anything else.

10) Organize Everything

All your course materials and the things that provide writing aid should be easily accessible to you while writing. If you prefer working with hard copies then make sure you keep them close to you to avoid getting up and finding things after a few minutes of work. Colour code all physical writing aids and make a separate folder for computer-based writing aids if that’s what is required to help you focus.

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