How To Write An Intro For An Essay

April 5, 2017 support
An Intro For An Essay

How to Write an Introduction for an Essay

Writing an introduction is often the most challenging part of writing an essay. Once students have been given a task, the initial response is often to come up with points that will be included within an essay’s body. While these points are at times easier to find, it is essential for students also have an interesting introduction. An introduction simply acts as a bridge to the main points a writer plans to include within their essay. Therefore, it is essential for students to learn and understand how to write good introductions for their essays.

An Intro For An Essay

Role of an Introduction

An introduction serves several roles or purposes.

They include:

  • Capturing or grabbing the attention of the audience – this is an important role because it guarantees a writer an audience. By capturing the audience’s attention, writers ensure their articles have an audience.
  • Introducing the topic under review – an introduction also provides the audience with a brief overview of the topic under review. It is important, first of all, to introduce a topic before getting into the specific points of an essay.
  • Explaining the topic’s relevance to the audience or readership – an audience will always get bored or drift elsewhere whenever the topic in question is not relevant to them. The introduction should, therefore, provide a reason why the audience should be interested in the essay.
  • Stating the purpose or thesis of an essay – the purpose of an essay should be stated within the introduction. All essays are written for a precise purpose or objective, and this must always be included in the introduction.
  • Providing an outline of an essay’s main points – aside from stating the purpose of an essay, an introduction also includes a brief overview of the main points which will be included in an essay.

When writing an introduction for a custom essay or essay written by the student itself, it is important to adhere to the above. Writers should, therefore, assess whether their introductions meet or serve the following roles adequately.

How to Write a Good Introduction

An Intro For An Essay

To capture and maintain the attention of an audience, it is crucial to have a good introduction. Introduction writing is challenging. However, research is indeed crucial and helps writers find an appropriate preamble. The flow and quality of an essay are determined in the introduction, and it is easy for an audience to know whether they will enjoy an essay or get bored before it ends or before it even starts. Therefore, it is crucial for writers to make a good initial impression when writing an essay for them to either score high marks or maintain their audience.

Here are a few tips on how to write a good essay introduction:

  • Start with an attention-grabbing sentence – for example, you can begin with an interesting example, a provocative question, an anecdote, or a baffling scenario. This mainly serves to hook the readers onto your essay.
  • Briefly, describe or provide readers with relevant background information on the topic – it is essential for readers to understand why the writer chose a particular topic.
  • It is also important to decide and mention the essay’s scope – readers should be made aware of how exhaustive or how specific the essay will be.
  • Include a thesis statement – a thesis statement seeks to inform the audience of the exact point the writer is trying to make in the essay. It should be clear, and unambiguous, and avoid being narrow in scope.
  • On some occasions, writers are also advised to include some of the main arguments they will use to support their thesis statement.
  • An introduction should not always be the first thing a writer focuses on when write his essay. It is advisable to write an introduction last because if the main point changed, then it would be easy to capture the change.

How Not to Write an Introduction

While the above will help you as a writer to write a good introduction, there are things writers should avoid when writing an introduction for their essay.

Here are some tips on how not to write an introduction:

  • Writing a final introduction and then the essay – introductions should not always be the first sections to be written. However, if it has been written before the other sections, it is essential that the writer re-reads it and changes it to fit the flow of an essay.
  • Avoid including or using fluffs – using fluffs mainly include the inclusion of ambiguous or general information or information which fails to shed light on the topic. Writers should always provide their readers with a specific and narrow thesis statement.
  • Avoid writing a long introduction – an introduction should be brief and familiarize the audience with the topic. Long introductions that seem to be explaining or covering some parts that should be included in the body should be avoided.
  • Writers should also avoid making their thesis statements obvious or announcing them directly. A thesis statement should not be flat or obvious. However, writers should be innovative and make their thesis statements intriguing.

Possible questions:

How do i start my introduction?

Start with something tentative. If possible start with quotation or use anecdote where suitable. Try to make introduction as interesting as possible.

What is a good starter for the first body paragraph?

Mini thesis will be ok to introduce body.

My task is to summarize the already written essay. Is it suitable to repeat the same introduction?

Bad idea, don`t repeat the same introduction, rewrite it in your own words. Unique and interesting introduction = success.

English is not my native language, how to write a good introduction?

Find an English native speaking student and ask him to help with yours introduction.