How To Make Your Favorite Food Essay

Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

How To Make Your Favorite Food Essay,

Outline sample

Descriptive Essay on my Favorite Food

  • Introduction: This will include your favorite meal, and why you love it.
  • 1st Body Paragraph: This paragraph should introduce your first reason for settling on the food as your favorite.

“Pizza is the best delicacy in the entire world. The sensation one feels when the sauce flows off it into the mouth is the best feeling and it cannot compare to any other type of food.”

  • 2nd Body Paragraph: This section shall introduce your second reason.

“I have amazing memories of the moments we spent with my friend Joe. He owned a pizzeria where we used to share fun eating pizza occasionally having pizza fights.”

  • 3rd Body Paragraph: This paragraph has a third and final reason.

“Pizza was one food I used to cook with my parents growing up – it really brought us closer together.”

  • Conclusion: This is where you summarize your paper by paraphrasing your thesis statement and restating why you love the food.

How to start

The structure of an essay is categorized into an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The thesis statement may be the first or the final statement in the introduction that summarizes the main arguments to be discussed in the task. The paragraphs in the body are introduced using topic sentences that are discussed in detail using supporting sentences. In conclusion, the piece is summarized by restating the main highlights brought forward in the body paragraphs.
Food is a fascinating topic to discuss owing to some reasons. The most elemental one being it is a basic need that people can naturally feel for and relate. This is because basic instincts such as hunger and emotions, including love and anger can be freely expressed and one can produce high standard papers about them in a short span. This is because the author has much of the information in their brains and as such minimal research is required on the topic.
For example, thus far in the essay, it is highly likely that the thought of your favorite food has crossed your mind. You can comfortably describe how your favorite food feels, narrate its benefits and smell, recall how it’s prepared and you might have a craving for the meal at the moment. This is the same for students at all levels. In case you do not have adequate evidence on the matter of the type of paper you are required to write, you can collect information on the same from relevant materials.

How to write the introduction

An essay on any topic should be started using a brief introduction on the subject to be discussed with the audience. Similarly, a piece of food should be commenced by introducing the different type of food that will be discussed. The areas to be addressed in the section include a brief introduction into how you have developed the eating habits, the types of foods that have featured in our diets for a couple of centuries as well as the new ones. You are not only required to provide the writer with an introduction on the food that you intend to discuss but also clearly state a thesis statement of your discussion. The piece should be based on a solid idea. Having the thesis statement as the first sentence is a brilliant approach to capturing the reader’s attention as well as giving the essay a more academic and professional edge. In the first section, the student can present their opinion on the topic in a summary and maybe include a small anecdote. These are interesting approaches to ensure the reader is engrossed in your piece and follow the ideas being presented. In the body paragraphs, the essay writer should introduce the facts, logic, and ideas gathered from references. In the beginning is where the student can maintain a light and easy reading tone.
In a nutshell, to write an introduction, make sure you are clear on what you are being asked, and what you want to say. Gather the information you want to convey, get your thesis statement prepared, and remember that you can’t make an original argument in the introduction itself.

How to write the thesis statement

Writing a thesis statement is as simple as choosing what the ultimate point of your research is, and putting it into words.

Example of the thesis statement

Pizza is such a wonderful food to eat because there are endless ways to have it; that is why it is my favorite food.

Writing an Essay on Favorite Food,

Example of the introduction

Pizza is such a wonderful food to eat because there are endless ways to have it; that is why it is my favorite food. Whether you are making it with someone, or know someone who can provide you with good pizza, it is never far away, and it is always good. Pizza, much like food, brings people together.

How to write body paragraphs

Tips on body writing
This should commence with recognizing the type of assignment. This is because the tone in an argumentative paper is different from that in an informative one. Once you are clear on the kind of job, you can select the data and topic appropriately. The next step is to settle on the kind of food that you intend to discuss and why the issue is so important to you. It is followed by the development of an outline and lastly commences writing on your topic.

  1. One paragraph for each argument, otherwise it gets too complicated
  2. Have a topic sentence and a concluding sentence
  3. Reference the thesis statement
  4. Do your research
  5. Write clearly and coherently

Example of body paragraphs

1st body paragraph

I love pizza so much purely for the tactile sensations, it gives me. Being able to enjoy vegetables, stringy melted cheese, and the liquid nature of the tomato sauce is truly divine. Pizza is one of the few dishes which combines textures and flavours in this way, which is why I enjoy it so much.

2nd body paragraph

I love pizza because it connects me so strongly to my memories of Joe, my friend. We used to share pizza and have pizza fights all the time when I was growing up – some of my best memories are of him, and it is a huge part of why pizza is one of my favorite things to eat.

3rd body paragraph

Pizza is a dish which is very easy to cook communally. It makes for a great family bonding experience, and I remember many nights spent with my family deciding what should go on the pizza, and how it should be placed. Pizza is a very communal dish, and I have a lot of happy memories from that.

How to conclude

In conclusion, you should discuss why it is your favorite food and how it is prepared. It is prudent to ensure you have enough reasons to consider concerning the food. Discuss the information you can recall in your mind and research on the areas that may be lacking to ensure that you find your favorite food comprehensively.

  1. Restate the thesis statement
  2. Make sure to reference every argument
  3. Sum everything up
  4. Don’t make any original arguments
  5. Remember that this is your last chance to impress people.

Conclusion example

Pizza is a wonderful food for me because of how it is prepared, and the memories I have associated with it. Pizza is such a wonderful food to eat because there are endless ways to have it; that is why it is my favorite food. My family and my friends are both involved in this section of my memories, and all together it combines to make some of my happiest memories.

Essay revision

Revisions is just as important a step as everything else. It should take in the whole essay, because this is your last chance to make sure that the essay will pass muster.

  1. Pay attention to the bibliography
  2. Revise once for grammar, once for formatting
  3. Remember to check that you are using the correct citation style
  4. Ask someone else to look over your essay for you
  5. Remember to check that the thesis statement makes sense.

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