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Being a student comes with a great number of responsibilities and expenses. Some are lucky to have tuition fees covered by their parents; however, they still need to pay for books, dorm, and occasional coffee with friends. Most students have to find part-time jobs to be able to afford basic things. With classes and a job, it is difficult to find time to balance out all the tasks.

Considering that, we realize how important it is to offer pocket-friendly services.

Welcome Discount

New customers will get a welcome discount of 15% on their first order. We find promo-codes and coupons cumbersome. We value human cooperation and if you are first-timer on the website, just contact Support to add the discount to your first order.

Our returning clients get more discounts from us.

Life-time discounts

  • -5% lifetime discount is applied after 3 completed orders. This is the first level of our discount program, allowing you to try out our services.
  • -10% lifetime discount. After 7 completed orders Support will offer you a 10% discount. This will help you reduce the calculated costs of your essays by a considerable amount.
  • -15% lifetime discount.10 completed orders will bring you a 15% discount for all your future orders. By this time you might want to use this huge discount to do your Thesis or major coursework that would not be that affordable without our bonus program for regular customers.

Coupon Codes

Our research shows that most customers find coupon codes unclear and are not able to use them due to expiration dates. We want to offer you a discount when you need it and we want you to use it! This is why all discounts are monitored by Support and we are ready to offer you the best price for your paper when you need it the most!