Analysis Essay On An Advertisement (Writing Guide)

How to write good analysis essay on an advertisement

Analysis Essay On An Advertisement, Writing Guide,

Advertising plays a major role in our society today; everywhere you go you will find products being advertised on television, online pages, billboards. Advertisement analysis is a common assignment students are required to undertake. Writing an analysis of an advertisement is more about writing a review of the advertisement using a specific format. There are several strategies to go about this type of assignment. So, below is a step-by-step approach to writing an analysis of an advertisement.

Outline example


  1. What is the advertisement for
  2. Summary of the context of the advertisement
  3. Background information about the company
  4. The thesis statement
  5. The effect of the advertisement and the target audience

Body Paragraphs:

  1. Present evidence of the effectiveness of the ad on the target audience
  2. Give examples
  3. Show various components of the advertisement
  4. Explain some of the outstanding strategies used to persuade the target audience
  5. Describe the values and emotion the ad provokes in the readers
  6. Describe the visual strategies
  7. Describe the ethos, pathos, and logos
  8. Describe the textual strategies, including the diction and the tone.


  1. Present the most important points justify why the advertisement is successful
  2. The present technique used that makes the product outstanding
  3. Review the intention of the advertisement
  4. Provide your opinion.

How to start

In the introduction, it is important to state what the analysis will focus on. The ideas to get to the point as early as possible. The essay writer should not assume that the readers are familiar with the product. That is why the first step is to analyze if the advertisement presents a brief history and a detailed description of what the product is about. A good advertisement needs to show how the product is superior to other products in the market.

For example, when a company produces a commercial the aim is to increase sales.


    • Here are also points you should consider when writing your essay:


      • Some people prefer to write the introduction after they have written the essay itself – you should try both ways to see which one works better for you.
      • The introduction must always contain the thesis statement.
      • Any information which is needed for the essay, but doesn’t necessarily fit into any of the body paragraphs, should go into the introduction.
      • Don’t make any arguments in the introduction itself; save it for the body paragraphs.
      • The introduction should summarise the main arguments you intend to make.

Analysis Essay On An Advertisement,

Introduction example

Now, you know the main rules of writing an introduction. Next, please find an example of the introduction.

Old Spice’s advertisement “How Your Man Could Smell Like” is an attractive phrase used to lure the audience to purchase the product. The advertisement meant to capture men’s attention through women. It presents an ideal image of how a man should smell. The advertisement used sexually themed strategy to grab the reader’s attention.

How to write a thesis statement

To write a thesis statement, make sure that you have done all the research you want to do, and that you know everything you want to when it comes to your essay. Try and boil down the ultimate point of the essay into a small amount of space – at the most two sentences. It should be clear enough that every part of your essay will be able to relate to it without much trouble.

Thesis example

The advertisement conveys a strong message about a strong personality where a man needs not only to be attractive but also to be confident by smelling like a real man. The advertisement uses emotional appeal to influence young women who value strong qualities in a man.

How to write body paragraphs

Any advertisement is meant for a specific audience, therefore, a good analysis should present the target audience. The body paragraphs should clearly present, which groups of people are being targeted, discusses how the intention presented work together to create a good impression. When writing an advertisement analysis essay, it is important to explain how popular and effective the advertisement is. Describe the rhetorical appeals, including pathos, ethos, and logo, these are concepts that provoke emotion among the target audience in an attempt to convince them to like the product.

Tips on body paragraph writing:

      1. Each paragraph should only deal with one argument, to keep from being cluttered.
      2. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence to introduce it, and a summary sentence at the end of both wind things up, and lead into the next sentence.
      3. Each paragraph should reference the thesis statement in some way.
      4. Each paragraph should fit into the essay in a way which makes it flow properly, leading readers through the essay to a similar conclusion.
      5. Each paragraph should contain just the right amount of research – not so much as to confuse the issue, but not so little that it seems like there is nothing to say.


Example of body paragraphs

Below is an example of the body paragraphs for advertising analysis.

1st paragraph

The commercial appeals to women more than men. This is important because it does not rely on the attractiveness of the model and the setting, but on sensational, emotional responses presenting how perfect men should translate into the reality the ideal image of who a man should be and what he should smell like to attract a wider audience.

2nd paragraph

The advertisement uses an attractive man who seems to be physically fit, giving the product an image that men are appealing to women’s tastes. The advertisement also presents the notion that a man’s’ emotional needs to smell like a real man to attract a woman. The advertisement uses a reliable strategy of sexuality. Sexually themed advertisements appeal to not only men and women but to a wider audience. Using such themes is the surest way to attract more people to use the product.

3rd paragraph

Normally, these advertisements focus on men who are physically attractive to try and sell their products, with the implication that the product will give an entire lifestyle, not simply a way to smell good. This is one way in which the advertisements appeal to people – making it seem as though they too can aspire to be as ‘cool’ as the man presents, simply by purchasing the aforementioned product.

How to write a conclusion

After review, the advertisement giving appropriate evidence to support the claim the next step of the analysis is to wrap up by reviewing the key points of the analysis. The conclusion of the analysis should be a brief summary justifying if the advertisement has achieved its objectives.

Tips to remember when writing your conclusion

      1. Remember to restate the thesis statement.
      2. Round up the arguments made in the essay – do not make any original arguments in the conclusion.
      3. The conclusion is your last chance to bring people round to your point of view, so make it count.
      4. Remember that you can bring in the history or additional information which is used in the introduction, to remind people of anything that might be useful.
      5. Your conclusion should mention every argument made in the essay.

Conclusion example

Example of a conclusion is shown below.

The Old Spice ad is successful because it makes a good impression on people and makes the audience believe that smelling good can be attractive. The advertisement carefully uses sex appeal, making it attractive for both men and women. Mixing the right amount of humor makes it stand out because of its no offensive. Old Spice’s appeal to women makes men want to look and smells like a real man. The advertisement presents an ideal man as good looking, masculine and romantic. Any advertisement that arouses people’s emotions and people want to watch and remember their products can be termed as a successful advertisement.

Research paper revision

Revision is important since it gives you the opportunity to create the best essay you are capable of. Revision lets you check whether or not your essay flows correctly, whether it makes sense, as well as the smaller things like grammar and punctuation.

      1. Do two revisions – one for spelling and grammar, and one for structure.
      2. Check to make sure that the argument through the paper flows correctly.
      3. Try and come to revision with fresh eyes, since this will help you see problems more easily.
      4. If you can, ask someone else to read your essay, to point out any errors.
      5. Make sure to specifically check things like thesis statements, topic sentences, etc.

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1.How to write an analysis essay on an advertisement?
To analyze an advertisement, one needs first to figure out the objectives behind the Ad film. Then, the analysis will deal with weighting the theme of the Ad and how well it conveyed the message. However, several other aspects are also mentioned in an ad analysis. Discuss the brand’s values and beliefs? Elaborate on the Ad appeal, emotional or rational? Discuss the storyline, the big idea, overall execution of the Ad film.

2.Who can write an analysis essay on an advertisement?
Advertisement analysis is best written by field experts available on The platform provides wiring help to students who face difficulty in completing their college assignments. The writing company is good with deadlines, free revisions, professional proofreading, and guaranteed high-quality paper delivered on time written by native English speakers.

3.How to conclude an analysis essay on an advertisement?
The conclusion simply summarizes the objectives the ad aimed at and how well it conveyed the message to the audience. Mention both the wins and losses. Also, give a sneak preview of how well the persuasion appeal worked for the brand in the ad.

4.What should an analysis essay on an advertisement include?
Ad Analysis should identify the rhetorical appeals—logos, pathos, and ethos in the ad. Analyze the ad’s target demography. Moreover, several points to be included in an advertisement analysis are:
· The big idea
· Type of advertisement campaign – thematic or tactical
· Persuasion appeal – emotional or rational
· Core brand values
· Subliminal message
· Testimonial
· Production value
· budgets
· Cast
· Locations

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