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Essays are written for different purposes, and all students are expected to encounter this writing at least once during their school life. While some students find essays easy and largely rewarding, others find them challenging. Typing an essay demands prior preparation as well as practice to perfect which a majority of the former group of students ascribes to. Research is also one of the most downplayed variations in essay writing. To deliver a good quality essay, research must be involved and at a higher degree. Before beginning the writing process, a writer needs first to have a pre-determined goal. Writing must serve a purpose which must be clearly outlined before you begin the process. Other factors, such as the audience as well as the subject matter of the essay, also play important roles in how the final article should be.

Some of the reasons why people write essays include:

  • To inform - when you write an essay to inform, the main goal is to provide the audience with facts and information that they do not have. Here, the writer should avoid giving their opinion on the subject matter and provide readers with new material or evidence that enhances their topic.
  • To explain - the aim or goal here is to help the audience understand or comprehend the specifics of a particular topic. Some of the preferred topics here mainly include those that elucidate on a particular process, for example, how to ride a bicycle.
  • To persuade - when asked to write an essay that seeks to persuade, the writer's goal is to convince their readership or motivate their readership to take action. Here, you normally seek to lure your audience with facts and correctly argued out points towards a particular stance or viewpoint.
  • To entertain - when you write to entertain, your goal is to gift your audience with a piece that appeals to their emotions. Most writers often use their personal experiences as reference points when asked to write to entertain.
  • To provide a description - the main aim or goal here is to provide or create a vivid picture of a place, a person, or an object. The writer needs to have interacted with the object or person or use reliable sources to conduct their research on the place in a review.

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  • We also offer several guarantees such as 100% originality, as well as delivery within the stipulated time. We take plagiarism claims seriously, and our writers are either demoted to lower levels or are dropped from the company if they consistently deliver five plagiarized essays.
  • Our writers also equipped and can handle all styles of essays. It is often disappointing when a client discovers that their trusted custom writing service cannot deliver on certain essay types. We factored in this variable and thus found a crop of writers who can deliver on all types of essays.
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Criteria for Custom Writing Service Choice

Currently, the number of students using custom writing services is huge, and it is still soaring. Students seek the "type my essay" or "write my essay" services for different reasons, and while some students are simply too lazy to do their homework, others are genuinely under intense pressure and thus desperately in need. For example, some students pursue more than one degree or certificate at the same time while others have to find time from their busy work schedules to do their assignments. To these students, custom writing services are the only option, but it is important to know that not all of them guarantee their customers quality articles or essays. It is, therefore, necessary to assess them before placing an order and below are some criterions to help you choose the right custom writing service:

  • Is it possible to find your matching writing style? When looking for a write my essay service, it is essential to inquire about the writing styles available. People have different writing styles and having submitted several papers already, it is important to continue with the same style or risk getting penalized. Therefore, the custom writing service must guarantee you that it can match your writing style.
  • An open line of communication. Lack of direct communication often leads to confusion and in many occasions, the customer ends up with something that they did not want. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the custom writing service allows direct communication between the writer and the customer.
  • 24/7 customer service. Like in other companies, the customer care service should be accessible at any time of day. It is, therefore, essential for the writing service to have a 24/7 customer service to make it easier for customers to know how the writer is progressing at any time of day.
  • Free revisions policy. A majority of the type my essay service companies offer free revisions. The above is indeed reasonable simply because they take responsibility for the paper and whenever the customer is not satisfied with the final product, it is only fair that it is fixed without any extra charges.
  • Ensure that the order comes with a plagiarism report. In colleges around the world, plagiarism is discouraged, and students found plagiarizing other people's work are often severely punished. It is thus necessary to ensure that your order comes with a plagiarism report from a globally recognized checker such as

Advantages of Custom Essay

The benefits of using custom writing services are as discussed below:
  • Saves you time. If, for example, a student is employed or is pursuing more than one course, custom writing services will provide them with additional time.
  • Customers will have their essays done by professionals and hence should expect good quality orders and essays. Some of the custom writing services are managed by professionals who guarantee the customers high quality articles. For example, if the client is pursuing their Master degree, it is only logical and right to find them a writer of the same caliber.
  • Better grades for the clients. Professionally handled articles guarantee better and higher grades for the students.
  • Clients have the right of approval. In case the essay is not done to the standards requested, the customer can ask for a revision and thus get a quality order.
  • The client will also be provided with several guarantees. For example, the essay's originality as well as to have the work delivered within the specified deadline. Plagiarism and lateness are both severely punished. However, students are guaranteed original documents and within the stipulated time.

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