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While some students find college enjoyable and fun, others struggle, especially with assignments that involve essay writing. Teachers often test their students in essay writing and while the goal of the test could be different, students need to understand and learn how best to present their ideas. Depending on the requirements, students need to be detailed and make their perspectives and sentiments clear.

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Purposes of Essay Writing

Teachers often ask students to avoid the beginning of their writing process without first outlining their purpose. While some students take the above seriously, others ignore their teachers and therefore end up writing essays that either drift far from the instructions or that miss to communicate their main message. Things like the structure of an essay, format, as well as the number and arrangement of paragraphs should also be carefully considered. Essays are divided into several types and each of these aims at having different impacts on the audience. Examples of the types of essays include informative, persuasive, explanatory, entertaining, and descriptive. It is, therefore, essential to first establish the type of essay you have been asked to write before embarking on the writing process.

What Qualities Essay Writing Develops in Students?

The essays make up for a significant percentage of a student's grade and they are always urged to put up maximum effort whenever they are writing. Currently, a significant percentage of students buy good college essays instead of putting their skills to the test. To such students, grades take precedence over their growth and development in writing and language. Teachers, therefore, encourage their students to handle their essay writing assignments individually and avoid the custom essays. The above is mainly because students position themselves to develop the following qualities:

  • Critical thinking skills - a lot of thinking is involved in essay writing, especially when a student is formulating arguments and also supporting them. In some instances, teachers give their students assignments for purposes of testing their critical thinking skills. This skill can only be developed through action.
  • Research skills - essay writing requires extensive research, and it is only through active involvement that this particular skill develops. When writing an essay, research needs to be focused or specific to the topic under review, and students can be experts of research only through active participation.
  • Writing skills - to write perfect essays, students need to have attained a certain level of skill and experience in writing. When students engage themselves in essay writing, they grow their language as well as well as vocabulary. These two are prerequisites for being a perfect essay writer.
  • Use of reliable and credible sources - when asked to write an essay, it is important to refer to different sources. These help when establishing an argument as well as when supporting their perception of a particular topic or phenomenon. Depending on the type and purpose of an essay, students are expected to provide reliable information and make use of several sources.
  • Analytical aptness or prowess - as a skill, analyzing is important, especially when presenting facts. Therefore, students advance their analytical aptness whenever they are asked to write informative or persuasive essays.

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During the mid-semester period, students find it hard to cope with all the assignments and therefore, a significant percentage of them opt to buy custom essays. However, many of them do not know the genuine websites or service companies where they can buy college essays. Currently, fake service companies that only pretend to offer students with custom essays exist and with their genuinely looking websites, they have managed to dupe a number of students. A majority of these service companies asks students to pay first. However, students should, first of all, identify several websites and conduct a mini-investigation before settling on a single service company.

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