Who Are You (Essay Sample)

Who Are You

To ask me to describe who I am would be like asking me to construct a whole new character of a person I know so well. It is hard. It is demanding, and anyone who tries to picture or describe themselves hardly mentions the negative aspects he or she so well known form part of him or her. In this case, I will describe myself from three perspectives: physical description, emotional characters, and my general behavioral mannerisms, including what I like and abhor.

I am a 32 year old, white, medium-size man measuring approximately five feet four inches tall. I weigh 160 pounds and have a body that most people like to describe as ‘six-pack’ because I am physically fit. The gym is one of the places I pay a visit to every two days. As I mentioned previously, it is easy to exaggerate some of my aspects as is the nature of humans. It is easy to identify me from other members of my species as I have a warm, affectionate smile that most of my friends say is a permanent mark on me. When the moment is right, I never cease to smile with friends and even strangers. To me, every second is a moment of joy and appreciation. I like being smart and dressing decently but I’m not always putting on in a professional manner. On Fridays and weekends, I am always in casual wear.

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I am an emotionally stable individual, with what psychologists describe as ’emotional intelligence.’ I confront situations as they are, and ‘m never afraid of speaking my mind out when I have to. However, when the situation is volatile, the mood is somber, or disappointment has engulfed an individual or a group, I always take it upon myself to calm the situation, give a word of encouragement and share experiences. Similarly, when there is jubilance and excitement in the air, I dance along and share the good moods. I have lots of ‘friends’ although I appreciate the fact that among the pack, just a few are genuine.

In a way, I possess the emotional intelligence and always express and display appropriate emotions as situations demand. What’s more, I take things positively. I understand that hatred and ingratitude are some of the factors that result in early death for majority of the people. I am a social person ready to communicate and work with anyone, whether an acquaintance or a stranger. Where commendation is due, I always give and when someone crosses me, I do think twice before reacting. With the understanding that holding grudges against anyone denies me peace and happiness, in my heart I basically forgive all individuals who offend me or circumvent me. I have positive attitude towards life, and I live one day at a time, ensuring that I enjoy to the maximum, and with the faith that tomorrow will ever be better than today.

We are a family of five: my parents, a brother, a sister, and I. Being the first born, we live together as a happy, cozy family. I am a Christian by faith, and I believe in forgiveness. I have faith in people and do not hold onto what I know is unnecessary to me but beneficial to other humans. I am an honest person and an independent thinker. However, I am not a very patient individual. I find myself leaving a meeting if the other person fails to turn up in time as agreed.

Among my likes is rugby and jazz music. These give me a chance to rest and enjoy particularly after busy schedules. I also like socializing and traveling as these often enable me to gain new experiences and sights into what I do not know regarding people and nature. I do not like liars and arrogant people. It is easy to understand why I also detest a section of politicians who make it a habit to promise what they do not intend to deliver. I am just a simple, independent, and straightforward individual. That is me.

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