Topics For An Essay On Disease

Topics for an Essay on Disease

Since time immemorial, mankind has been affected by various diseases. Diseases are known to weaken the immune system and put the human body into a state of reduced or impaired functionality. These diseases are transmitted in various manners and through different channels. The manner and channel through which they are transmitted forms the basis for classification of diseases. For instance, there are waterborne diseases which are transmitted via water. Airborne diseases are transmitted via air. Vector borne diseases are in most cases transmitted through an animal or insect, such diseases include malaria and elephantiasis. The study of diseases is known as pathology. When studying diseases, there are various topics that are covered. In most cases, these topics form themes for various essays that should be written.

Outlined below are twenty unique topics that are unique to the study of diseases:

  1. Diseases are caused in various ways. Explain conclusively some of the causative agents of diseases. Give examples of diseases caused by a particular agent.
  2. Preventive measures for diseases are better than treatment. Outline various preventive measures that can be taken to avoid infections.
  3. Write an essay on HIV/AIDS and its effects on the infected persons.
  4. The American population is increasingly becoming obese. Outline various reasons why obesity is becoming an issue of concern.
  5. What measures can be taken by the government to control the spread of diseases?
  6. What causes anorexia? How can it be prevented? Why are more young people becoming anorexic? How can you help an anorexic friend?
  7. Antibiotics are important in treatment of diseases. How antibiotics were discovered, what led to their usage in treatment of diseases. Which are the most commonly used antibiotics today?
  8. There are diseases that are usually referred to as modern-day diseases, due to current trends in habits and human activities. Choose one of these diseases and concisely explain it.
  9. There has been an increasing trend in the usage of processed food stuff. These foods are believed to be a major causative agent for diseases. Explore on this topic and outline some of the diseases caused by processed and canned food stuff.
  10. Diabetes is a growing issue of concern in our societies.  Explain the causes and treatments of the disease.
  11. Many people are discriminated due to AIDS. Explain how AIDS is transmitted and the measures that can be taken to curb discrimination of infected persons.
  12. What are cardiovascular diseases? Give examples of common cardiovascular diseases. Choose one of the diseases and conclusively explain on how it is caused and its effects to the victims suffering from it.
  13. Cancer is an emerging diseases in the modern world and is believed to be associated with lifestyle. Justify this belief and explain some of the changes man can make on their lifestyle in order to avoid cancer.
  14. Smoking is an issue of concern in different parts of the world. Smoking causes various respiratory diseases. Justify this.
  15. Explain the functionality of vaccines in the prevention and control of diseases.
  16. Malaria is caused by a female anopheles mosquito. Explain the process of infection by the mosquito.
  17. Waterborne diseases are a growing issue of concern especially in third world countries. Give examples of the common waterborne diseases and explain how they are caused and their signs and symptoms.
  18. What are airborne diseases? Give examples of common airborne diseases and explain their signs and symptoms.
  19. What are vector borne diseases? Give examples of vector borne diseases and explain their signs and symptoms.
  20. There are various genetic diseases that are transmitted from parents to children. Give examples and explain some of these diseases.
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