The Purpose Of Education (Essay Sample)

The Purpose Of Education

I remember the days I used to wake up very early in the morning just to get ready for school. It was tiring I must admit, especially on Mondays after a fun filled weekend. By the school felt like prison and parental advice did not mean much. Well, I guess I was still too young to feel and see how tough life could be. As years went by, I slowly got to realize that me getting an education would not benefit anyone more than it would me. That was the time I decided to pull up my socks and usurp as much knowledge as I possibly could. In as much as we go to school to get indispensable knowledge and skills, values, beliefs, habits and culture learnt from our parents, religions, even school form an integral part in fulfilling the purpose of education.

Learning is a process that has existed since time immemorial. We live in a revolutionized era, the 21st century, filled with ancient beauty and splendor as well as wonders of technology. Civilization is the new order of the day. All of these changes are as a result of intensive training and research by hard working people who shunned mediocrity.  Education is meant to enlighten, broaden minds and the perspective at which people view things. It kills ignorance and creates an urge to do more so as to make the world a better place. We can only know what is right or wrong, good or bad, true or false if we are knowledgeable. The primary purpose of education is to make us better people for a much better world.
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We are all born with different strengths and abilities. I could be a good singer but a poor dancer. Someone else could have dancing as his or her forte. With good training and guidance, our skills could be enhanced. Moreover, we could even be at the same level. Education enhances talents, skills and knowledge. It is a magic tool that offers everyone equal opportunities to be successful in life. How well you use it is all that matters. All in all, our skills and training can be the source of our financial freedom and security.

Education brings honor, dignity and respect. Good traits like self-control, humility, confidence and emotional intelligence do not just come from nowhere. They are instilled in a child as he or she grows up. Courtesy, using words like; sorry, please, excuse me, thank you, even introducing oneself are only nurtured with constant training and practice. The same applies to fastening of seat belts once in a car. Children nurtured in the right way, with morals and good principles always turn out to be respectable and civilized adults who are worth being emulated.

For many decades, the issue on gender equality has been affecting the whole world. Male chauvinism has been a great set back in the fight for women’s rights. But there is one thing that makes the weakest of them all strong: education. Education empowers women. It has put them at a position where they can fairly compete with men. Women are nowadays very independent, brave and can be relied on to make very critical decisions. They can get employed and even lead unlike the past years. Education plays a huge role in making people realize that everyone is equal, no one is more special than the other. At the end of the day, we are all human. We no longer live in a world of ignorance and primitivism where people were judged by color, gender, wealth or power. Even those with disabilities have a say today because of education.

Imagine a world with everyone educated, school education (college minimum), good social behavior and defined religious principles. All the problems we frequently deal with like corruption and other forms of lawlessness would probably not be there. Knowledge empowers, it satisfies our inner person and gives us a purpose in life. Education gives us freedom and helps us know our rights and how to fight for them. With it, we can move mountains, change the whole universe into paradise. However, life will be easy and smooth only if we use what we learn positively.

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