The Importance of My Family (Essay Sample)

The Importance of My Family

In the present times of chaos and turmoil, the biggest important thing to do is to make our families a top priority in our lives. The family is what shapes and hones during the earlier years of our lives. Even if families are not perfect, they are still the ones who will be there no matter what path a person decides to take and become distant for a while. Nowadays, there are a lot of things going on in this world that can hurt someone and cause scars in their heart. These are caused by experiences that make people tougher, but it will never cause them to totally forget their family.

Normally, the first education a person receives is from their family because it is the parents who teach them values, manners, and sometimes even the mentality. For instance, if the child is used to getting his or her way, there is a tendency that the person is going to grow up to be self-centered and selfish. They will not consider the welfare of other people even if they are on the wrong side of things. Although, it does not mean that the person will be like this for good because even close peers can be an influence in one’s life. If the parents did not warn him or her about bad company and dangerous people, then there is a tendency for the person to always agree on everything even if it can harm them. However, there are some cases when parents teach their children to be responsible at a very young age by allowing them to do what they want and be given freedom. This way, the child will not feel rebellious towards his or her parents because they do not restrict the person too much. Some parents think that keeping their mind open to whatever their child may encounter is a better way than to make their child feel that they cannot talk to their parents. Sometimes, a child might feel rejected or unloved if their parents are not open to any issues that are going on in their life. Parents become the core of a family and if this breaks or becomes undependable, there is a tendency for the family to fall.

In other cases, the older siblings become the pillars of the family when a parent decides to leave home because of certain problems. Normally, it is the eldest child who takes responsibility and is expected to become the breadwinner if neither of the parents can do that role. If there is only one child in the family, then he or she takes on that role.

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This is why the importance of my family is something I treasure even if it is not perfect. I do believe that all families have issues and there is no such thing as a perfect family. It is not something that should condemn society because everyone is different and conflicts happen even in families. A person may come home to a large house, but those who live in it cannot actually stand each other. This is a sad situation, but it is a reality that I am lucky enough not to go through. A dysfunctional family affects even the strongest people, they just know how to handle the situation without showing it to other people.

Basically, if the idea of a family does not exist, then people will not know where to get their guidance. Women will not plan to become mothers someday and be a part of a family, men will not be called fathers or husbands if there is no such thing as a family. Sometimes, even a family that cannot stay together will never forget their parents and siblings because that is where they came from.

It does not matter if a person has a ton of friends who contributed more to their success than their family, because their family will always be there no matter what. In a family, there will be pain, sacrifices and suffering, but it does not cut the blood ties they have with each other. No matter how upset a person is towards his or her family, they will always come home to them. If they go far and do not come home for years, it does not mean that he or she will never return to where they came from. Families become the foundation of one’s being, personality, and upbringing. There are orphans who find a family in their adoptive parents and they are given the same kind of love. This is a circumstance where a person’s family does not have their blood, but who took them in when they were abandoned.

A family will always be there for a person no matter what, there may be anger and fights that happen in families, but the essence and importance of it will never change. No one else is going to accept a lost child expect for his or her family.

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