Should Marijuana Be Used For Medicinal Purposes? (Essay Sample)

Should marijuana be used for medicinal purposes?

The negative perceptions concerning the use of Marijuana have drastically changed. Senior medical experts and researchers have adopted an amazing stance about the medicinal aspect of marijuana. They have been established copious medicinal benefits from the plant than ever before. However, the recreational utilization of the marijuana among the teenagers still remain an undisputed challenge. The constitutional approval of cannabis Sativa in the hospital will ensure sanity and regulate reported issues of drug and substance abuse. Through legalization the use of marijuana for medicinal relevancy, doctors and experts will have re-energized efforts to conduct more investigation on the impacts of the plants in the body. Most importantly, many discoveries with relevant application to our health concern will be established for better healthcare services.

Based on the previous studies, some diseases are better managed by the use of marijuana plant. For instance, individual suffering from eye disease glaucoma, associated with gradual loss of vision can resume their sight after using marijuana. In other studies, marijuana has been found significant for the cancer patients as it prevents the affected tissues from spreading to other organs. Moreover, the illegal marijuana smokers have linked the use of marijuana and anxiety. Following their remarks, the plants can suppress pain and it is a potential analgesic drug. However, the use of marijuana to decrease anxiety has been misinformed as the victims tend to take higher doses.

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Other medical claims about the weed are its significance in spurring creativity in the brain and protecting the elder population from Parkinson disease. The plant’s users are exceptionally creative and innovative in nature. This is productive in the creation of new entrepreneurial ideas and widening the scope of discoveries. In addition, they are at less vulnerable to Parkinson disease as well as crown’s disease as the weed is significant is enhancing proper metabolism process.

Recognizing and appreciating the beneficial medicinal value of the marijuana is important in the health sector and fighting of crimes.  The laws should allow and regulate the use of marijuana among the people. For the purpose of realizing the medical value of marijuana, the weed should be administered by professional medical practitioners only after comprehensive diagnosis. Such victims should be subjected to a various medical test to establish the presence of any allergic reactions that the weed might elicit from the clients. The use of drugs should be monitored by professional medical experts to reduce any case overdose.

In conclusion, the contribution of marijuana in the health sectors cannot be underestimated. Despite the unconstitutional use of drugs in many countries, experts have established the overwhelming positive impacts of marijuana in ensuring active and productive health status of the people. Most interestingly, the weed has been inevitable in the management of Parkinson’s disease as well as Crown’s disease. In regards to this, legalizing the usage of marijuana will reenergize efforts from doctors and other expertise in discovering more medicinal benefits of marijuana. Secondly, the approach will also help in substantiating the perceived myths and misconception around the weeds. Lastly, legalizing the weeds will ensure proper use of drugs under the prescription and supervision of a registered health professional. It is important for the national security as well.

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