Religion Essay Topics List

Topics for essay on religion

Whether students major in religious studies or taking a single class on religious studies, they are most likely to write a research paper on religion. Religion is a broad topic which is interconnected with many subjects and other academic disciplines. Choosing an essay topic on religion is meant to demonstrate the level of student’s knowledge and understanding on the topic. Topics on religion have varied opinions, there are vast number of issues to choose from starting from the modern day religion to historical perspectives of religion including the different religious beliefs and practices.

Most essays on religion are likely to be argumentative. Argumentative essays on religion presents the author’s opinion supported with examples and evidence from various literature.  The author not only writes about his opinion, but also defends and justifies his statement why he is for or against it.

Below are examples of topics on religion to choose from

  1. Why should the largest religions take a greater stance in promoting global peace;
  2. Do you think religious groups have the moral obligation to help the poor in our society;
  3. Do you believe that atheist needs to exempted from legal taxes and levy break system  that are imposed on other religious groups in our country;
  4. All religions promote tolerance and peaceful existence, it’s the leaders who diminishes the true teachings of these religions;
  5. Should religious beliefs  from part of decision made during medical emergencies;
  6. Why religions that promote peace and kindness  also support violence in the name of God;
  7. Even though people believe that Islam is a peaceful religion, the Quran presents conflicting statement, is Islam truly a peaceful religion;
  8. Is it justified for religion prohibit women be serve as preachers and what role do women play in these congregations;
  9. Certain religion like Islam and Christians frequently evangelize while other  religions like Judaism is known to be reluctant about conversion ,compare how different religions  convert new followers;
  10. Is it true that the bible  is the most popular reference book for Christians  when it comes to morality;
  11. Is it right for people to change their religion;
  12. Why should religious groups not be permitted to impede with government laws;
  13. Is cloning of saints permitted, what is your beliefs about such acts;
  14. What are the roles of religion in peace building process?
  15. How can religious activities promote change in our society and will such changes impact on our lives positively or negatively;
  16. What is your view on polygamous marriages and should it be considered as right;
  17. Between the two who is having an outstanding personality – someone who has strong faith in God   but does not like his neighbor or someone  who does not have any beliefs in any religions but is kind and generous;
  18. Describe according to your religion what happens to terrorists after they are dead, how can you describe such acts;
  19. What is the purpose of religion in the  modern society;;
  20. Did Christian missionaries  pave way for the destruction of the local tribes;
  21. Why Buddhism is a religion and not a philosophy;
  22. Why religious education should not form part of the school curriculum;
  23. Is God’s existence a myth or a reality.
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