• Spelling. One of the greatest mistakes, students make and teachers are 100% intolerant is spelling. There are special lists of preferred word spellings. There are American preferred spelling list and British preferred spelling list. Explore additional professional essay writing tips. The exception is British publications and British organization names. As there is no spelling book or word definition manual, simply refer to any popular dictionary.
  • Punctuation. There are specific punctuation rules that must be learned. Major punctuation tip is to refer if one was reading a book. Punctuation must help to read the book and assist to convey its clear message. When writing more than one punctuation mark can be included in the essay sentence. If such situation arises, make sure to choose punctuation mark that is stronger or more necessary. To write custom essay, click here. Strong punctuation marks are question mark and exclamation points. Less strong marks are comma, semicolon and point. Here is an example “We demand you pay attention to us now”.
  • Capitalization. There is one general rule that applies to essay writing that states ‘avoid unnecessary capitalization’. Capital letters start sentences, headings, proper nouns, publication titles, or the important word accentuated in the writing. Psychologists point out that application of excessive capitalization distracts readers’ attention from the reading itself. In order to express its importance or highlight a word or a phrase, simply do not capitalize it.
  • Abbreviations & Acronyms. Abbreviations and acronyms are chosen by the writer in order to make the text look less complex, i.e. simpler. They are not used excessively because they may confuse the reader. Use them in case if chosen abbreviations and acronyms are widely known, and readers tend to recognize them quickly.
  • Common Myths that have been disputed for years.
  1. But and And never can begin the sentence.
  2. Infinitive must be never split.
  3. Do Not use contractions.
  4. Verb phrase must never be split.
  5. Preposition can never end sentence or paragraph.
  6. Between must be used with two objects only.
  7. Pronouns I and Me must never be used.
  8. Because does not mean Since.
  9. Avoid referring to the reader as ‘You’.
  10.  No single sentence paragraphs allowed.
  11. Because must never start a sentence. (Write us to add more)
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