Possible Topics for Health and Fitness Essay

Topics for essay on health and fitness

Coming up with a good essay topic depends on individual interest, the background of the subject and the instructor’s recommendations.  The thought of writing an essay is one of the biggest challenges for students because they do not which topic is appropriate. However, students are advised to find topics that might be of interest to them to come up with a good essay. A good essay topic is a topic that is popular and can attract the reader’s attention. Health and fitness are among popular topics that attracts most readers.

Health and fitness topics should contain subjects that can help the audience achieve a healthy lifestyle. Topics with up-to-date information about health and fitness would be appropriate. Good topics on health and fitness needs to provide scientifically proven research topics.

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Below are a list of common topics of health and fitness  where students can select a specific topic for essay

  1. Some of the weight loss programs that can easily be practiced at home
  2. Healthy recipes recommended for individuals at risk of cardiovascular diseases
  3. Discover ways to boost your energy levels
  4. How do our bodies use macro-nutrients
  5. What are some of the important roles of magnesium in mitochondrial function
  6. Why engaging in vigorous exercise for at least for 1 to 2 hours per week can reduce the risk of developing the flu
  7. Describe some of the long-term benefits of physical exercises
  8. Why choose diet drinks over regular beverages is good for our children
  9. Why we should avoid stress and any mental tension at all times
  10. Why doctors encourage us to drink up to 6 glasses of water every day
  11. Why determining the risk associated with insufficient sleep is complicated.
  12. The link between insufficient sleep and health problem like obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
  13. The act of skipping meals, and how it jump starts a range of physiological possess both good and bad
  14. Some of the major health condition caused by chronic inflammation
  15. Ways of beginning an active, healthy day and staying active throughout the day.
  16. Simple physical activities that might improve your health
  17. Some of the benefits of regular exercises: enhanced metabolic rate, increased absorption and burning off extra body fats and general organ functioning
  18. Why we should practice yoga at home daily to improve our general well being
  19. Why doctors recommend proper sleep within the recommended time and the benefits of early to bed early to raise rule.
  20. Staying healthy by eating heart friendly food, including, low fat diet, green vegetables and fruits
  21. Why we should not sleep with stress or sleep during the day
  22. Why age is a factor associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and the role of exercise
  23. Some of the important metabolic functions of amino acids and how they assist in several bodily functions to sustain life.
  24. Ways to flatten your belly without stress: no sit -ups or vigorous exercise required
  25. Daily simple and quick morning workouts to get you moving
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