• Concentrate on love perspective that you wish to discuss in your writing. Explore various love perspectives that are different in form and shape. For example, explore platonic love as a separate love emotion and compare it to day-to-day dating couple in love. See how these two emotions are similar and different. In today world, the platonic love is regarded as non-existing type of love. Explore theoretical and practical side of platonic love in your best essay. Explore its positive and negative sides. For example, non-positive side is that person stay one-on-one with its feeling being not shared. Substantially this means that the person is stuck and not ready to move on and accept life as an ongoing process of growth and change. Express your personal attitude and your own thoughts about it.
  • Love through sex. Very popular topic of today. There are a lot of discussions on this subject whether this type of love can be considered original and true. Different cultures and countries have various opinion and ethical rules about this phenomenon. Analyze the difference between love and sex. Review, what are consequences of this type of relationship to the family formation and child birth on a global level.
  • Explore gay love. Analyze your personal attitude to this phenomenon. Do a little survey and see what other think about gay love. See how society’s opinion has changed for the last years in order to support gay people, so they are able to function in day-to-day life. You can also include a little bit of gay history and what kind of experiences gay people had before they started to be accepted by the society. If you need your essay written in 6 hours, just type in “write my essay“.
  • Another great type of love that you can explore is between different race people for example between white skinned girl and afro-American boy. See what are the differences on the cultural level of the particular relationships. Explore what is the attitude to this mixed type of love. See if this couple has a good future and what kind of difficulties their children might face. But the major thing is to discuss how this couples change an opinion and show that any culture is interconnected and the skin color doesn’t matter in our bright and multi-cultural world.
  • Examine the highest expression of love that inspire person to devote his/her life to taking care of others or serving the society. Example of this type of love is world-known Mother Theresa.  She was the nun who devoted her life to helping poor and deceased people in poverty to survive. She was giving them hope as well as she was addressing other people attention and money to this world-wide problem.

Examples of Love Essays are millions. Focus on what you wish to talk about in your paper. It doesn’t matter what other think on this subject unless you wish to include this exploration examples to your paper. If you need certain assistance, use paper writing service just make sure that you put a clear instruction of what you really want to see in your love essay. Otherwise, your major goal is to focus on writing what you think about this beautiful phenomenon, and your sincere opinion will be unique and one of the kind. Keep in mind that all the writing that you do, you do for one person – yourself.

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