Internet Privacy (Essay Sample)

Internet Privacy

Online communication is currently at its peak due to improved technology and the availability of cyberspace. Thus, people share their pictures, messages as well as conduct online shopping and develop relationships across the internet. However, there have been emerging issues on internet usage such as threats, and cyber bullying to most users. One aspect that comes out clearly on internet usage is the internet privacy. Do users consider secured privacy when on the internet? Perhaps it is better to understand the term internet privacy before comprehending the benefits of ensuring its application in communication.  The privacy and confidentiality of personal information stored online or published through the internet are crucial in enhancing the reduction of threats and other forms of cyber-crimes. Therefore, website developers should embrace standards and regulations that limit privacy violations and risks of threats to the internet users. The essay herein, therefore, discusses internet privacy and how users strive to ensure the safety of their personal information.

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Internet privacy is a hotly discussed topic. Besides, the cyberspace has provided the opportunity for users to access a lot of information within minimum regulations which has escalated the infringement of rights of the internet users. The regulations emerge as a result of high levels of privacy violations on the internet. People are now concerned about the safety of their personal details which are constantly monitored, hacked, searched or recorded.

In order to understand internet privacy, people need to be aware of the various risks related to internet usage. The different activities such as online purchase, visits to the different social networking sites, attending online forums and participating in online games among others are lucrative and beneficial. Conversely, as users engage in such activities, they have become preys to hackers and attackers online due to negligence in understanding the different risks associated with browsing.  For example, a user normally has a password which is well encrypted henceforth can only access the confidential information after keying in the password. Nonetheless, does such a user think of the password being compromised and identity stolen? How long does the user take to change the passwords? Separately, internet users need to understand risks such as phishing which entails hacking and stealing of username, security PIN, passwords and account numbers among others. In addition, they should understand issues regarding the usage of malware application, use of spyware to obtain information and pharming. Therefore, ensuring proper internet privacy starts with understanding the various risks associated with cyberspace followed by implementing ways of minimizing the risks associated with browsing.

Violation of internet privacy is on the rise amidst an increase in the number of users visiting the cyberspace. Hence, there is a need to minimize the incidences of such violations. Such would only be successful if users are up to the task of being responsible while using the internet.  In order to achieve the objective, users should have recommended and updated preventive software applications such as anti-virus, and firewalls in their devices. Secondly, they should ensure that they have well encrypted and strong passwords with numerous letters, special characters, and numbers. Besides, one should develop a tendency of clearing all the cache and history of the websites at any moment before quitting the internet. Furthermore, online shoppers should avoid visiting unnecessary shopping websites besides limiting exposure of their personal information on websites.

In conclusion, while internet usage is crucial in the current society, responsibility of personal information security still remains with the users in cyberspace. Therefore, they should be aware of privacy infringement and the risks involved when using the internet. Furthermore, one has to be aware of the content of the confidential information and should understand the benefits of stronger passwords in the user accounts as well as limit unnecessary visits to irrelevant browsing sites among other measures.

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