How To Write Who Are You Essay

How to write who are you essay

Topic actuality

When faced with the question – “who are you?”, many people would have a hard time giving a specific answer. They would require that to be expounded upon. When prompted to write a who are you essay, the author would need to divide up the paper into sections based on appropriate subtopics. The first paragraph would be the introduction which will lay down the structure of the rest of the essay. For instance, the writer would have to state that he or she will be defining themselves from a physical, behavioral, and emotional perspectives as well as what their likes and dislikes are.

How to start who are you essay

The structure of the who are you essay has to follow the introduction-body-conclusion format. One of the key aspects of essay in the writing process is identification and effective presentation of the papers thesis. The thesis is usually the last sentence and in most cases, the bulk of the argument or presentation in the essay as it tends to highlight and forecast the authors view or findings regarding the papers subject. As it is an elaborately planned statement, the thesis statement can be inserted after the rest of the paper has been written.

To start writing the essay, the writer, in his or her creativity, will divide up the essay into appropriate sections typical of essay writing. As the introduction will already have been laid down and the paper structure established one of the main sections that the author has to plan well for is the body of the essay which should be at least three paragraphs carrying varying ideas on who the author as a person, is. The body of the essay will determine what conclusion the writer will reach.

How to write body paragraphs for who are you essay

The body of the essay will have three paragraphs.

The first paragraph will describe the author’s physical features, aspects that set him or her aside from other people and which can be noticed instantly. The sex, height, how physically fit one is, color of the hair and eyes, as well as description of the skin color are physically distinguishing features that will identify the writer. Other physical aspects such as the age can also be described in the first paragraph. Family size and composition can also be described as many people value their families dearly. To make the essay more interesting and lively, the student can include a description of his or her physical aspects that can attract or endear others to him or her.  An ever present smile, a great personality, beautiful legs or blonde hair, white and attractive teeth, beautiful hips, and such other aspects can make the reader to have a feel of the writer. If one has not-so-pleasing distinguishing physical characteristics, it is also worth noting a few of these although many people prefer to parade only their positive side. For instance, red or bushy hair, or if one is bald or has grey hair, this can be noted in the first paragraph. A short or skinny individual or a lady who is plump should not shy away from letting the reader recognize that fact.

The second paragraph will describe one’s general mannerisms. The author may be friendly and social, or humble and patient. He can be one who speaks up his mind without fear, or he can be an understanding, loving, kind, gentle, and honest individual. However, a person may also describe himself by saying that he is impatient and uncompromising, pusillanimous, cool, indifferent, and somehow dependent on others for decision-making, dictator, or one who takes advantage of situations. In actual sense, however, an individual may have a combination of both positive and negative mannerisms, such as loving but uncompromising. The second paragraph should describe one’s mannerisms in detail.

The third paragraph can be a description of how emotionally intelligent the writer is. For instance, he can describe how long he takes to react to situations such as instantly slapping individuals who cross him, or thinking through before replying to an accusation. Emotional wellbeing is usually linked to psychological status emotional and psychological stability has to be elaborated together. In this regard, the writer has to vividly put across his mental aspects that set him aside, without necessarily seeming to brag. For instance, a person who has a high intelligence quotient ratio, or who qualifies to be a genius has to elaborate experiences and previous actions that prove such a qualification.

How to conclude an essay on “Who are you?” topic

In conclusion, to write an essay on who are you,  the author is faced with the task of analyzing oneself and enumerating his or her physical, emotional, and psychological features on paper in a simple and clear-cut manner. General mannerisms have to come out clearly. Most importantly, sincerity has to be seen in the author’s work as no human being will claim to have positive features only, with no flaws.

Outline Sample

Introduction and thesis statement


  • Physical features;
  • General mannerisms;
  • Emotional and psychological being.

Conclusion and summary of evaluation


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