How To Write Single Parent Essay

Single Parent Essay

An essay comprises of a set of ideas that are arranged chronologically in specialized sections. An essay is structured into an introduction, analysis of the arguments, as well as their counterarguments, and the conclusion. The introduction is placed at the beginning of the essay while the conclusion is positioned at the end of the paper. The introduction brings forward the argument to be debated in the essay while the conclusion restates the purpose of the essay and summarizes the main ideas highlighted in the body paragraph. Background information is often placed at the beginning of the piece, in between the introductory paragraph and the analytical section. It may also be placed at the beginning of a particular section where it is appropriate.

Topic actuality

The essay on single parenting will be devoted to addressing the issue as among the essential challenges being encountered in the modern American society. A single parent is defined as a parent who raises one or more children in the absence of the second parent. This definition, however, is subjected to change depending on the local laws. As such, the definition extends to instances where a couple has divorced, one of the parents abandons their child, gets arrested, or passes on.

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How to start an essay about a single parent

This involves introducing your reader to the topic at hand and stating the purpose of the work. Before writing the essay on single parenting shall be discussed by evaluating the changes being experienced in the American society as well as their consequences on the face of the American household. This should be followed by introduction of the challenges that have been associated with single parenting. This includes psychological and emotional concerns. Finally, the statistics regarding the trends on single parents should be discussed.

How to write body paragraphs

This topic can be addressed in three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should introduce a new topic and ensure that the relevant facts are provided to back the raised arguments. For instance, the first paragraph should address the differences between a single family household and a usual household. Certainly all circumstances are different, for some the path is selected consciously while for others they are forced by circumstances to bring up the children alone. The next paragraph should cover both the positive and negative aspects of single parenting. The positive aspects include the freedom to make decisions best for your child on your own. However, it is prudent to note that making decisions can be really difficult and often people are inclined to turning to the support and advice of others.

The next paragraph should address the reasons why single parenting is a family challenge that requires to be addressed and presents the relevant statistics on the trends in single parenting as well as challenge the children encounter in handling negative stereotypes. It calls for parents to sort the assistance of life coaches and teachers since they are often carried away trying to support the family and barely have time for their families.

In essence, single parents are required to maintain a positive attitude and take into account the advantages of being a single parent. This includes the recently established independence and liberty. They are required to maintain a positive perspective of the future. The parents are required to establish rules and put boundaries in place.

Ideally, single parents should maintain a positive attitude and consider all the benefits of being a single parent, such as their newfound liberty and independence. They should try and keep an optimistic view about the future.

As single parents, it is important that they set rules and boundaries. Many times, single parents allow their children to have too much power.

Concluding the essay

The section should be devoted towards reinforcing the aim of the piece. This can be achieved by summarizing the arguments and counterarguments made in the discussion. Single parents have the freedom to make all the decisions that are best for the child. However, they are required to make all the decisions regarding housing matters and often they end up discussing what should have been addressed by the other partner with the children. In case of a divorce and the other partner is interested in spending time with their child, they have to get used to moving children from one home to the other.

Tips on final revision

Ensure the main point in the essay on single parenting is communicated precisely to your audience. It should be introduced and the content of the essay should tie back to the main idea. Use words deliberately to evoke the intended emotions in your reader.

Outline Sample

Title: Single parent Essay


  • Hook statement – Introduces the reader to the story
  • Purpose – Statement of the story
  • Thesis statement – Summary of the main highlights in the story

Body paragraphs – Illustrate your ideas so defend the purpose of your work

  • Paragraph 1
  • Paragraph 2
  • Paragraph 3

Closing paragraph

  • Restatement of purpose – Paraphrasing of the thesis statement and summary of main ideas
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