How To Write Essay On Music

How to write essay on music

Like other essay topics, writing an essay on music requires research to gather relevant data and come up with a good essay outline. The essay outline guides the writer through the writing process.  Music is a wide topic, writing an essay on music requires the writer to focus on specific areas of music he wants to express.  Generally, writing an essay on music requires the writer to examine the history of music, the different types of music, musical instrument and even analyzes musical performance.

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How to start an essay on music

The writer can start a music essay like other essays by introducing the topic and stating his position. In most cases, the tutor will provide some guidelines on the subject, including the essay format to be followed and the topic argument.  The author needs to know the type of essay he needs to develop. Music, essay can be persuasive, argumentative, descriptive or compare and contrast essay. If the essay is a compare and contrast, it’s important to research and gather all the relevant data supporting both sides of the topic and analyzing the merits and argument associated with the topic.

The essay introduction  should briefly explain  the topic using simple logical sentences, a good essay introduction of music should either begin with a definition, a quote, a proverb, brief story  or a general remark that leads up to the subject of music. Below is an example of a good introduction.

Music is popular and available in different forms, people of all ages enjoy listening to different types of music and share positive emotions towards music. Music is one of the most ancient arts used not only for entertainment, but also deliver messages. Music can be defined as a perfect art because it’s a movement that has progressed for decades. People have given certain meaning to music, making it a powerful tool to enhance learning.

How to write body paragraphs for essay on music

An essay body is divided into three paragraphs; each paragraph   should discuss different ideas beginning with a topic sentence supported by evidence.  A topic sentence is the first part of the body paragraph; topic sentence introduces the first example, stating the first point to support the thesis. For example, the topic sentence can start by stating; music helps students think better, this should be followed by proof of the claim to make the claim authentic. Every paragraph needs to connect with each other making use of transitional words.

The evidence needs to discuss  examples to support topic sentence, for example, when listening to a music student can focus on their lesson or reflect on what they have learnt using musical lyrics. Music helps student think better and help them relax. This is a good transition because it has already introduced the reader to the next evidence.

The second essay body needs at talk about how music helps students release stress and discuss specific examples. For example, students find themselves stressed and overworked by the day’s events, but after listening to music the stress levels are likely to reduce. Therefore, music help students relax and also motivate them to learn.

The third paragraph supports the thesis stating how music is a good motivator for students. Below are two sentences that can be included in the third paragraph. Music is known to cheer up people who feel discouraged; students can also listen to music to cheer them up.   Music keeps them going when learning becomes tough, music has numerous benefits for students, music enables them to become creative thinkers, minimizes  stress, motivates them and help them relax. Therefore music makes students work harder and even improve their grades in school.

How to conclude an essay on music

The concluding paragraph of an essay on music needs to present the reader with a convincing statement about music and its benefits.  The conclusion reviews the main ideas of the essay and rephrases the ideas to bring out a new meaning of how to view music. A good conclusion sums up all the arguments, the final sentence focus on the subject matter using suitable sentences that would convince the audience.  A good sentence should express what the author wants to drive home. In this essay the author need to restate the numerous benefits of music, stating that music is not a medium for entertainment, but also helps deliver messages, therefore we can gain knowledge through music.

Outline sample


  • Thesis statement about music and  background history of music;
  • The different types of music.

The body

  • Music as an art and medium of delivering messages;
  • The Beneficial Effects of Music;
  • Benefits of music to students;
  • Music as a motivator;
  • Music as a stress reliever;
  • How music improves creativity.


  • Summary of the benefits of music;
  • Recommendations on the positive outcomes of incorporating music as part learning techniques.
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