How To Write Essay About The Internet

How to write essay about the Internet

Topic actuality

The Internet has been a fast-growing phenomenon under computing and technology discipline. Many students especially those seeking careers in computing industry find themselves having to at least learn or work on an Internet related topic in their course of study. Course facilitators on Internet related topic at least at the basic level require their students to write on the Internet. Such essays give them a clearer picture of how their students understand the topic award marks based on the quality of the essay. Therefore, a topic entitled Internet is important for the students and their instructors alike. The evolution and development of the Internet have broadened the scope of the topic and requires specificity and objective approach. Therefore, it is important for the students to research and understand how to approach the topic for them to deliver high-quality essays. To avoid fumbling, this article offers some guidelines and outline sample on how to write an essay about the Internet.

How to start the essay

Firstly, hook your reader by defining the term in detail and avoid ambiguity in your definition. A clear, simple definition of the topic is necessary to familiarize the reader with what the topic is about. Add few supporting sentences to further describe the Internet. The supporting sentences must be descriptive to ensure the definition of the Internet is clearly understood. You can also write a short description of its origin to familiarize your readers with the topic. Ensure the introductory paragraph demystifies the topic in detail. Keep it interesting, simple and straightforward. Do not use lengthy sentences which are more likely to harbor errors. Include a thesis statement towards the end of the introductory paragraph. Thesis statement outlines the purpose and main objective of the essay, ensure the thesis statement captures the scope and purpose perfectly as it is a key element in ensuring that the reader reads the whole paper. Create a smooth transition to the body paragraphs and keep the reader expectant of the content to follow. Avoid including all information in the introduction as it disinterests the reader to continue reading the essay.

How to write body paragraphs

The body paragraphs carry the main content about our topic. It has to be structured to bring the desired meaning intended by the author. Each paragraph should be independent in the content it holds. Each paragraph should feature as specific point and explain it in detail. If necessary include an example at the latter parts of the paragraph. Create a smooth transition of each body paragraph to the next. Start each paragraph with a lead sentence that harbors the main point discussed in that paragraph. The lead sentence should be followed by support sentences. The support sentences should explain the details of the lead sentence. Support sentences build on the topic sentence of each paragraph, and they must be relevant to the lead sentence. Keep the paragraphs short with each having four to six sentences. Ensure the sentences are clear and short. Long sentences are more prone to mistakes.

How to conclude the essay

The conclusion of the essay wraps the entire essay and bring finality to its content. Start with a short transition sentence from the body paragraph to ‘introduce’ the conclusion.  Proceed by briefly summarizing the entire contents of the essay especially the main points.  An essay on the Internet ought to be concluded by invoking the thesis statement. However, restate the thesis statement such that it brings out the same meaning but using different words. Keep it short and interesting and focused on recapping the contents of the essay. Do not bring new ideas on the Internet on this section as it spoils the purpose of the conclusion. You can also include your opinion on how you see the future of the Internet and how it would influence the lives of people.

Outline sample



  • Definition – a simple definition of the topic;
  • Support sentences – elaborate further what is the Internet and if possible differentiate it from internet. Briefly, describe its origin or its evolution;
  • Thesis statement – briefly and clearly describe the purpose of the essay (Internet).

Body paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Topic sentence of point 1 – the topic sentence must appear in the first or second sentence;
  • Few support sentences elaborating on the topic sentence;
  • If need be, include an example.

Paragraph 2

  • Topic sentence of point 2 – the topic sentence must appear in the first or second sentence;
  • Few support sentences elaborating on the topic sentence;
  • If need be, include an example.

Paragraph 3

  • Topic sentence of point 3 – the topic sentence must appear in the first or second sentence;
  • Few support sentences elaborating on the topic sentence;
  • If need be, include an example.


  • Summarize the main points written about the topic;
  • Restate the thesis statement but in different words.

Concisely, following the above-described outline and guidelines, you can write a great essay. However, if the description does not aptly address your needs on how to write an essay about the Internet, you can enlist essay writing service providers to handle the work for you. They have professional essay writers in computing who can give you a top-quality essay about the Internet.

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