How To Write Essay About Cybercrime

How to write essay about cybercrime

Topic actuality

Writing an essay involves selecting an interesting topic and gathering relevant information to present a convincing paper to the audience.  An essay about cybercrime needs to highlight how such crimes are committed and the different types of cyber crimes. Cyber crime essay needs to present the impact of such crimes and who are likely to be affected. The essay should present ways of preventing such crimes citing what steps can be taken to minimize cyber crimes.

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How to start an essay about cybercrime

The first paragraph of an essay gives the writer an opportunity to attract the audience and also have a chance to set his agenda for the essay.  A good essay introduction should begin with a descriptive sentence to command the reader’s attention, the sentence needs to be logically connected to the other parts of the paper.

A good introductory paragraph needs to state the thesis statement, a good introduction can begin with a question on the subject and then answer it or recount an incident related to the subject but connecting it to the essay theme.  An effective introduction should inform and motivate the readers letting them know what the essay is all about at the same time encourage them to continue reading. For example, an introduction of cybercrime can start with the following sentence,

Technology enables people to perform tasks that previously required physical movement. The Internet enables users to engage in online activities to save time. Increased use of the internet has also led to the growth of new forms of crimes. Statistics reveal that cybercrime poses the greatest threat to everyone. The number of people accessing the internet and the globalization process makes the world susceptible to cybercrime. Cybercrime affects individual everyone from small groups, businesses, and the government. Internet users are at risk of being deceived.  The government needs to develop concrete steps to protect internet users against cyber crimes.

Body paragraphs for essay about cybercrime

The essay body paragraphs explain, support and prove the argument claim. The body sentences integrate evidence in form of quotes, figures, statistics to support the topic. The body paragraph includes the main ideas of the topic followed by the supportive points to elaborate the discussion. A good essay body should be structured into three sections with logical explanations about the topics.

A good essay body on cyber crimes can be as follows:

Cyber crimes occur over the internet targeting innocent people, as the world is increasingly being connected through the internet, everything can be done online. From banking, traffic control, education and other services all being accessible online. The increased capacities of information sharing online increase the vulnerability of people. Online information gives the opportunity for a criminal to defraud people. Cybercrime can occur in various forms, from information theft, piracy, electronic money laundering, investment frauds, illegal interception of communication services and electronic funds transfer fraud.

Cyber crime is a complex crime committed by people with ill-motives known as hackers who can intercept bank account, access cell phones or access ATM machines or any other services offered over the internet. Cyber crimes are committed by individuals or groups of people who engage in online fraud targeting unsuspecting individuals.  Reducing cyber crimes is challenging because people are not aware of various forms of cyber crimes and how to protect themselves from such crimes.

Despite government agencies putting in place measures to prevent such crimes, everyone needs to know how to keep their personal information safe.  Fighting cyber crime starts with not replying emails from anonymous people, keeping our personal information safe over the internet and using software to protect computers from unauthorized access.

How to conclude an essay about cybercrime

The conclusion needs to relate the issue to a broader idea or the question, a good essay conclusion should not present new ideas but sum up all the main points of the essay. The essay conclusion restates the thesis statement summarizing the sub-points and presenting an interesting final impression to the audience. The conclusion needs to leave a good impression on the readers. Below is an example of a conclusion on cyber crimes.

Reducing such crimes entails protecting personal information and adopting appropriate strategies to limit access personal details online. Cyber criminals always develop new strategies to defraud people online. Cyber crimes can be minimized through partnership and collaboration among individuals and relevant government agencies. Everyone has the responsibility to promote a safe and secure online environment.

Outline sample


  1. Overview of cyber crime;
  2. Thesis statement on cyber crime.

Essay Body
Paragraph 1

  1. Cyber crime definition;
  2. Different forms of cyber crimes;
  3. Statistics and different incidences of cyber crimes.

Paragraph 2

  1. Who are the pertatrators and the victims;
  2. Prevalence rates of cyber crimes all over the world.

Paragraph 3

  1. Negative effects and consequences of cyber crimes;
  2. Prevention strategies.


  1. Restating  the thesis statement  on cyber crimes;
  2. Summarizing the main arguments of the essay and calling for action.

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