How To Write An Illustration Essay

Illustration essay writing

An essay paper presents arguments in support or against certain topics of interest. Unlike the other essays, illustration essays follow a similar process, but provide detailed explanations using examples and experiences to support the thesis. The aim of an illustration essay is to prove a point. For example, if the topic is about bullying in school, the main arguments should illustrate the severity of the problem and who is affected by citing recent cases of school bullying. An essay presents evidence using case studies, statistics, historical events, analogies and personal narratives in support of the thesis statement. Such evidence helps readers understand the author’s main ideas and relate them to the topic being discussed.

How to start an illustration essay

The initial process of developing a good illustration essay is to understand the purpose of the topic to be discussed. A good article should use appropriate tone to convince its audience. Coming up with a unique topic is the first step, the essay topic should be an interesting topic that would grab the readers’ attention. A thesis statement should convince the reader’s right from the beginning. The author should write a precise introduction describing the content of the paper to the audience.

The first paragraph is the introduction, the author narrows down the discussion informing the reader why the topic is important. Introductory paragraph gives the writer an opportunity to set up the tone for the essay. A good illustration essay introduction can either use question, quotations, survey findings, and statistics, setting a scene or even starting with a definition.

An introduction can begin by posing a question, the question is meant to appeal to the audience to review their thoughts about the topic. Questions are the best way to start an illustration essay writing process because it draws the reader’s attention. Questions set the tone for the entire essay. For example, the author can begin using the following sentences,

Why should one plunge into cold water in the name of sports? Surprisingly, scuba divers look forward to such opportunities every year. This comes as a surprise to many people who associate diving with sandy beaches, diving is about being in the tropics.

How to write body paragraphs for an illustration essay

After introducing the essay topic, the following paragraphs provide detailed explanation about the topic. The essay body paragraphs need to present a summary of the ideas starting with a topic sentence to illustrate what the author intends to support followed by examples supporting his claim The body paragraphs present relevant evidence to reinforce the thesis. The main body paragraphs need to convince the target audience. For example, if the introduction started with a question, the body sections present evidence that answers the question. According to the standard essay structure, a good essay should contain five paragraphs with the main body comprising of three sections explaining the different aspect of the main theme. The general five paragraph rule applies if the thesis is well defined.

The body paragraphs contain facts, anecdotes, examples, case studies and arguments from other experts to support the thesis statement. A good illustration essay body needs to include the author’s’ analysis of the findings. The author should evaluate the ideas relating it to the topic by discussing the examples presented and connecting them with his arguments. In addition, the author can also use personal experience to explain how he feels about the topic but keeping in mind the target audience.

A good body paragraphs should present the different perspective on the topic. For example, when discussing on bullying, the author need to present the views of different interest groups like teachers, parents and students. It is important to use current examples to demonstrate the significance of the topic.

For example, when describing a new software invention to teenagers, the author can use a relevant analogy or personal experience to demonstrate the benefits of using the software. The author can choose to add research evidence to ensure that the audience is convinced. If the target audiences are specialists, it’s important to use technical terms because they are already aware of the subject at hand. If the author use quotes and other sources to support his idea, it is important also to explain the link between the claim and the evidence presented to the audience to understand the connection.

How to conclude an illustration essay

After presenting the main theme, examples and presenting relevant evidence, the conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay. A good conclusion should close off the essay by using words that will leave the reader with something to think about and appreciate the discussion. A good conclusion of an essay should present the discussed evidence from a new perspective to further support his point of view. The conclusion draws together all the points to come up with a synthesized thesis. A conclusion can suggest specific issues for further discussion on the topic. A good conclusion wraps up all body paragraph ideas to reinforce the thesis statement and finally draw the paper to a close.

Possible topics for an illustration essay

  1. How to cope with mental illness
  2. How gamblers make easy money
  3. Why social networks are increasingly being used in business
  4. The increased incidences of political violence across the globe
  5. How we can effectively utilize our free time
  6. The impact of fashion among young teenagers
  7. An ideal summer vacation destination
  8. Explain why college sports are important for the local state economy
  9. Describe how basketball, enhance teamwork during the game and how the game influences individual behavior
  10. Explain how to dive or turn during competitive swimming events
  11. Explain the steps taken by footballer to avoid unnecessary inquiry during play
  12. Explain how to play violin
  13. What does it take for football players to be ready for a big game
  14. Illustrate how recreational sports in colleges are beneficial to college students
  15. Describe why rugby players need to wear protective gear compared to other players
  16. What does it take for a team to win
  17. Can the team attitude influence their performance
  18. Why Wilkes-Barre  streets are unsafe for visitors

Outline example


  • Overview of the topic, background information
  • Thesis statement in support of the main argument of the topic

Body paragraphs

  • Topic sentence
  • Supportive evidence 1
  • Detail examples, statistics, and explanation to connect the evidence with argument
  • Topic sentence

Supportive evidence 2

  • Detail examples  and explanations

Supportive evidence 3

  • Detail examples  and explanations


  • Restating the thesis statement
  • Presenting the main points discussed
  • Connecting the points with a broader perspective
  • Wrapping up  the essay
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