How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality

How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality

Each essay has an implicit or explicit title or question. The essay should focus on addressing the topic at hand.

What should be presented?

  • In the introduction, the writer illustrates their take on the topic and summarizes the topics that will be discussed, including what will be the focus of your essay and what will be shown in the essay.
  • A thesis statement is a brief summary of the issues to be explored in the essay often positioned as the last sentence in the introduction.
  • The body paragraphs constitute a series of paragraphs that focus on exploring and developing your argument on the topic to be discussed. Each paragraph is introduced by topic sentences indicating your take on the arguments and the evidence on the same is presented using supporting sentences.
  • Your argument should be summarized in the conclusion by restating the main highlights in the essay.
  • The final statement should link the recommendations back to the topic. The materials you have used in the development of the essay should be cited using the referencing style specified by your tutor.

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Topic Actuality

Most countries have enacted laws guarding against police brutality. Under the regulations, incidents of police brutality are regarded as a very serious violation that is taken up by district attorneys. However, even with the laws and regulations guarding against the violation by police officers, there are many complaints against the use of excessive force that have not been investigated. This has been the case since police officers are allowed under the law to apply the use of necessary force and, in most cases it is complicated to prove that the incident qualifies to be classified as a case of police brutality. Police officers have in the recent past been recording the interactions with civilians for review purposes in the event of an investigation.

How to start an essay on police brutality?

Police brutality is a broad topic and as such, the author should present two or more aspects of the debate. The title presents a brilliant opportunity to commence an argument on two opposing sides that can be presented regarding the subject. On one side, the police are representatives of the government and are supposed to protect its people while police brutality involves violation of the rights of the same citizens the nation is expected to protect. The thesis statement should summarize the ideas to be argued in the body paragraphs.

How to write a body paragraph for an essay on police brutality

The task should be organized depending on the format to be used for the paper. The discussions should be supported using recent data regarding the topic. Developing opposing perspectives will play an essential role in capturing the attention of the target audience. This is a great approach towards addressing your main ideas in a positive light. Solid arguments can be presented on both accounts of the argument.

How to conclude an essay on police brutality

The piece should be concluded by summarizing the key arguments brought forward in the essay. This can be achieved by paraphrasing the thesis statement made in the introduction. For instance, in as much as police are authorized under the law to apply the use of force to subdue offenders, measures should be put in place to ensure that police officers do not go too far. The final statement in the conclusion should tie the recommendations made on police brutality to the title of the essay.

Tips on final revision

Ensure an overview of the topic has been given in the introduction. The body paragraphs should expound on what is police brutality, its causes, as well as statistics on cities and states that have been recording high incidences of police brutality.

Outline sample

How to Write an Essay on Police Brutality

Introduction – in the past, police officers were considered to be peacekeepers. However, this has changed and they are now regarded as law enforcement officers. Most officers do their work diligently but their priority is on making quotas as well as arresting innocent people followed by maintaining peace. Police brutality remains to be the biggest challenge facing police agencies in America.

First Body paragraph – this should discuss the definition of police brutality, what may be regarded as excessive force, as well as laws and regulations against it.

Second Body paragraph – this paragraph should highlight the factors that contribute to police brutality.

Third Body Paragraph – this where the writer should discuss the states and cities where the vice is rampant, as well as the most affected police agencies.

Fourth Body paragraph – this should focus on the statistics regarding its trends, number of reported cases as well as the measures that have been taken concerning the cases.

Conclusion – In conclusion, police brutality has an impact on the officers in their line of duties as well as the innocent citizens who have been victims of acts of brutality. However, a measure ought to be put in place to help in restoring the honor that was accorded to the police agencies when they were focused towards peacekeeping.

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