How To Write An Essay On Medicine

Medicine Essay Writing

In the introductory part of an essay, the writer should specify the purpose of the idea. It is essential to develop and elaborate an idea and be unique. Describe your early experiences and unfold your determination in a natural way. How you have observed doctors perform their duties. An example of introduction can be an experienced case in the family line, or experience of a patient.

My Career in Medicine

“One day at the age of ten, my brother and I were playing by a valley road near the municipal church. James never knew it would be his last time walking on both legs. I kick the ball which went past the road across to the footbridge. James went across the road to collect it but never came back. He was knocked off the road by a van driver who was unaware of anybody crossing. I remember vividly when he tried to run back from the middle of the road but was too late. James was quickly rushed to the hospital by the paramedic amidst a pool of blood all over his body. The hospital experience was, therefore, a turning point towards my medical career.”

Body Paragraphs of essay

At the beginning of the body paragraphs, always create a link to the introduction or thesis statement using transitional words. However, you can as well link the introduction and the body with a statement of continuation. The paragraphs should have the same structure with the main idea in the first sentence, followed by points to support the idea and their elaborations. Ensure that all the paragraphs are linked to the main theme of the typed essay, for example:

“Spending much of my time without James was the difficult experience of my life. I had to pay him a visit daily at the hospital as he went on recovery. A shock of my life was when D. Peter broke out the news of limb amputation to my family. I could not comprehend seeing James in scratches for the rest of his life. I beg Dr. Peter to spare his legs amidst tears, but my Father assured me of the greatest gift of life. “Mark you have not to worry, even though James won’t walk on two legs now, we will still be with him”, the father. All I knew was I will never have a player partner in our house. Furthermore, Nurse Lillian sat next to my seat and assured us of the safety of all the procedures James has to be taken through.

At the hospital, I noticed that it was my family that was frightened due to the condition. However, the doctors and nurses whom I was now familiar with took such situations as normal. I developed a trust in Dr. Peter and Nurse Lillian, who attended to James. It was as if an unnoticed bond existed between us. Today, I still remember the very words nurse Lillian whispered in my ears: “James will be upset when he sees you in tears, you’re the now his partner in sorrow”. I’m still frightened at accident scenes and fear more getting accident than the years of my younger age. However, the experience I had when James was admitted to the hospital transformed my attitude towards helping people with medical needs, psychological assurance and providing emotional support to them.

After completing my high school level, I joined a first aid training program and my first-hand on experience was during an athletic activity. I dressed minor wounds and provided minor physical therapy to different athletes before being admitted for a proper check-up in the hospital. Thus, I developed a passion for medicine, especially provision of treatment and counseling. In addition, I was interested in medicine at the college level when I became a research assistant to a professor who was conducting a research on different fractures and how such can be successfully attended to. The professor was in the field of orthopedics. In the course of the research, I studied the art of dressing different wounds and fractures as well as observing such under x-ray images.”


The concluding part is a brief synthesis of the facts and experiences within the theme of the essay and an expectation after the experience and ensures no new information is added, for example:

“I am excited to continue on this path and pursue my career in medicine. I’m sure that a lot need to be researched on in the field of medicine and orthopedic especially fracture attendance which I have to accomplish. It is for this reason that I’m ready to join the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as it provides a top program for surgery and orthopedic. I intend to have a multidisciplinary approach to medicine by also practicing counseling to patients. I’m passionate in providing my future patients with the best service in my career based on the early experience I had at the first moment James was admitted. I’m aware of the greatest challenge and commitment required in the medicine and I am ready to prove myself worthy of achieving the dream since the accident occurred: I am determined to be a doctor one day.”

Outline Sample


Introduce your topic and specify the idea and reason for the topic. Then follow it with a thesis statement. Readers should not have a difficult time identifying the thesis statement.


Develop the main points of argument or presentation in the body. Ensure you start with an idea in the topic sentence. Elaborate the point using examples and have a reasoning end and a transitional procedure to the next paragraph. The body should have two to three paragraphs that are well elaborated, but it is unlimited based on the topic you are handling.


Provide a brief summary of the ideas discussed related to the topic. Synthesize the main points and show the readers the implication of the essay. What should they do? Or what is your next step?

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