How To Write An Essay On Importance Of Sports And Games Essay

Importance of Sports and Games

Essay writing requires elaborate planning. Given such a topic as ‘The Importance of sports and games’ student would need to clearly enumerate why they have become a popular form of entertainment in the modern world. In the essay introduction, the writer needs to point out that some sports and games, such as soccer have gained so much fanatical following that it has purportedly become a form of religion. The last part of the introduction to the essay will be the thesis.

Thesis for essay on “Importance of Sports and Games”

The thesis, in this case, will be a statement that will briefly elaborate the gist of the paper. It will capture, in a single sentence, the key reasons why sports and games have become an important center of focus in the modern world.

How to Start an essay about “Importance of Sports and Games”

An essay on sports and games will begin by identifying the various types of games and sports. Outdoor sports such as football, tennis, cricket, hockey, baseball, basketball, and rugby are famous and popular all over the world. Indoor games such as bowling, volleyball, table tennis, chess, wrestling, badminton, boxing, and squash are also renowned and have a significant participant and fan base. There are aspects that must come out clearly as the author can only write an effective essay if he knows precisely which sports and games he or she is focusing on.

How to write body paragraphs for an essay on a given topic

The writer can arrange the content of the essay into four distinct paragraphs. The first paragraph will focus on the social importance of games. For instance, since time immemorial, sports have always brought together people from different parts of the world. In Rome, for example, the so called “Gladiator” games where people from all over Rome could assemble in an arena and watch Gladiators fight to the death. It was a major point of socialization, and to this day, games play a key role in bringing people together. Spectators become friends and players form acquaintances who eventually turn into friends or bitter foes. For instance, NFL Opening Night/Weekend, Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and NBA All-Star Game are famous for their large attendance, fan base and coverage on television.

The role that sports and games play in as far as physical fitness is concerned should be noted. Sports require the participant to undertake quick movement of limbs. This stimulates the participant’s blood circulation, hence it makes the body to become stronger and healthier. Youth are particularly in need of physical strength as they are still developing and their body uses a lot of energy. At school, games help students to remove mental exhaustion, avoid boredom and to remain efficient in their studies. This can make the second paragraph of the essay.

Sports and games also have a sense of psychological and emotional bearing on participants, an aspect that can make up the third paragraph. Every sport or game has its rules. It is incumbent on the participants to follow the laid down rules, hence it fosters discipline and obedience. These are two aspects that are highly applicable in everyday practical life. In the same regard, it is necessary for the student to note that there are always winners and losers in sports and games. When one has won, it emboldens the participant and creates a sense of pride to the winner. The loser, however, learns to accept defeat and is encouraged not to give up, but rather to train harder and aim for a victory next time. Accepting both victory/success and defeat is a key lesson that human beings must have for them to live well in the society. Therefore, it leads to the formation of positive characters, especially among youth, thereby inculcating a sense of good values in them.

The last body paragraph should evaluate the financial and intellectual benefits associated with sports and games. In the current world, sports and games provide career opportunities to millions of people all over the world. Successful players become famous and wealthy as they are compensated handsomely. Marketing companies also reap from sports advertisements, especially for televised sports and games. Indirect career opportunities are also created as players require coaches, agents, and managers. Sports and games also have an intellectual aspect. Some sports and games such as chess require the player to develop fine cognitive skill so as to excel. Soccer and baseball too require application of certain skills which one only learns through sustained practice. Such sports enhance the participant’s mental capability and they make one to become more focused in their lives.

How to conclude an essay on a given topic

An essay on a given topic is perfect if the conclusion is attractive and sums up the content of the paper’s body. Some of the principal ideas that must be noted in the conclusion include the physical, psychological, social, financial, and health benefits of games and sports. The conclusion must be a summary rather than a restatement of the gist of the already discussed benefits associated with sports and games.

Outline example

Introduction and thesis statement


Categories of sports and games: outdoor and indoor games and sports.

  • Social bearing and of sports and games
  • Physical fitness
  • Psychological benefits
  • Financial and intellectual aspects


Restatement of importance of sports and game.

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