How to Write an Essay about My First Car

How to Write an Essay about My First Car

Narrative essay is a term used to refer to a “story”. Generally, an essay has three major parts namely:

  • introduction,
  • body paragraph
  • and conclusion.

The hook statement, scene setting and thesis statement merge to form the introduction. The hook is meant to attract the attention of the reader, the scene setting creates the environment that the reader will interact with throughout the story and thesis provides a theme of the story. The body should contain at least three arguments for your theme. In the body – shows what happened, support the happenings and make the story transit from one stage to another. While concluding, say about the moral of the story by restating your thesis statement. In this article, the three subsections of an essay are illustrated by our engineering theme: “essay about my first car”.

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Topic Actuality

A custom article writing about my first car becomes challenging, especially when you are striving to build the reader’s trust. In that, you want to believe that your reader will buy your idea. This is difficult since you do not understand if your reader wants to know about the car you have chosen or whether he/she wants just to feel the moment of acquiring a new car. Just like any other descriptive essay choosing the theme is challenging. But because the essay contains two areas of interest, you can take care of all kinds of readers interested in this essay.

The Introduction paragraph

Think first about the dreams and all the illusions you had about owning a car and then you get the car. Develop from this and craft from it your hook statement. You can go ahead and write about how you were relieved or those dreams had come true. You introduce the new status that had befallen you. For instance, you may talk how you were now free from the hustle of getting every early in the morning to the bus station to board a bus. From the status you have acquired conclude it in your thesis statement, write something like “…then I realized life ahead was meant to be fun”.

The Body Paragraphs

This is a descriptive essay that the writer has to let us into both the three stages of transitions. Three stages were before he had acquired the car, at the instance of acquiring the car and after acquiring the car. You have to imply that the event was indeed a big occasion in your life. Your target is not just describing how blue or how fast the car is but the reader has also got into your emotions. Your perspective may have changed depending on the duration since that moment. The perspective change would also influence your theme. For instance, if it just the other day you would still be living the moment and would explain the experience with all enthusiasm, but if it is a long time ago, probably you would be regretting why you had bought your first car with such a rush hence buying it expensively.

The topic is about a car so you should be conversant about the car of your choice to make the story real.

  1. In the first paragraph, illustrate how you prepared to acquire the car. Write about how the situation was and how an opportunity availed itself for you to have the car. Later talk about if there was any contradiction when choosing the car from what you had settled on in your mind.
  2. In the second paragraph, you already have the car write if you were satisfied or disappointed with the car. Talk about the new responsibilities of maintaining the car. Also, say something about the performance. Of course, remember to talk about the new status.
  3. In the third paragraph, start talking about the new realization and what now you were focusing on. Say about the defect and the strength of the car. Talk about features you would like if you had to buy a new car. For example, you would like a manual car than an automatic car that you bought. Since the topic is about a car you need to have exploited everything about the car.


Remember you started by introducing that moment just after acquiring your car now tell the reader about the new realization after the experience. Guiding questions may be like, was the wait worth it? Have I achieved my dream? To conclude the experience, for instance, you may say if your expectations were too high.

Tips on the final revision of your story:

  • Get a peer to go through your work.
  • Check the flow of the story and clarify everything.
  • Do the normal punctuation, grammar and paragraph checking.

Outline Sample

My First Car


  • Hook statement
  • Purpose
  • Introduces the reader to the story
  • Statement of the story


  • Chronological structure
  • Car description
  • Choice of perspective
  • Ordering of events
  • Base your description on performance and expectations before
  • Longer or shorter time lapse

Closing paragraph

  • Restatement of purpose
  • Your conclusion about the dream that had just come true in the first paragraph
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