How to Write an Argumentative Essay about Abortion

Argumentative Essay about Abortion

How to Write an Argumentative Essay about Abortion,

How to structure your argumentative essay

Like other essays, argumentative papers contain specific elements that an essay writer must never overlook. Specifically, argumentative essays must include:

  1. Introduction – Here, you should succinctly introduce your topic. Your introduction should be formed engagingly to effectively capture readers’ attention thus convincing them to read further and not disregard your work.
  2. Body Paragraphs – Your argumentative essay’s body-paragraphs contain supporting evidence whose function is backing your position. Each paragraph making your argumentative paper begins with a topic sentence: The topic sentence is derived from your thesis. Within each paragraph, you must present two precise examples which will follow the grounds of support for every paragraph. The precise examples must be coupled with elaboration. You must make clear the connection to your thesis and elaborate the significance of incorporating the examples.
  3. Conclusion – Your conclusion re-introduces your thesis; nonetheless, your conclusion is not composed through mere rephrasing. Instead, your conclusion entails combining evidence asserted in your essay’s body-paragraphs with your thesis. Never introduce new information here.

Review your essay while ending the argument convincingly. Your conclusion ultimately convinces your reader of your stance; therefore, construct it wisely by utilizing sound logic.

Writing your introduction

When composing the introduction of your argumentative essay on abortion, you must state the context or stage for the stance you are arguing for. Your introduction should conclude with a thesis, which presents your claim along with reasons for your stance on a given issue. Your thesis asserts your stance on an issue, normally appears at the introduction’s end, and should be concisely stated and regularly contains emphatic language (ought, must, should, et cetera). Ensure your introduction is attention-capturing (this grabs your readers’ attention).

How to write body paragraphs

The body-paragraphs forming your argumentative essay must present evidence and reasons that support/back your claim. Begin each body-paragraph with a topic sentence; whose significance is identifying the paragraph’s main idea. You can utilize sequential words (First, Secondly et cetera). For body-paragraphs two and three, you can utilize (additionally, another reason et cetera). Introduce all examples or pieces of proof/evidence. For example: ‘According to,”as stated by,’ ‘as stated in.’ Use introductory phrases and cite extensively. Explain your shreds of evidence; your explanations must answer the query “How does this evidence/example support the claim/reason?” End the paragraph by restating the key idea. Seamlessly lead into the following paragraph. Address the opposing side. The opposing side is in a single paragraph either after your introduction or before your conclusion. A well-formulated argument addresses and anticipates stances in opposition to your own. Addressing the opposing side strengthens your argument.

Writing your conclusion

Upon the completion of your body paragraphs, compose your conclusion. Your conclusion’s purpose is bringing your essay to a logical end along with explaining your issue’s significance in a broader context. Your conclusion serves as your essay’s climax; therefore, assert your strongest analytical points here. Concrete, vivid language is fundamental in your conclusion as it is elsewhere in your paper – possibly more essential because your conclusion determines you reader’s last impression regarding your essay. Do not impart an impression of an unsure and vague argument.

Outline for the argumantative essay (Sample)

I. Introduction

  • Sentence capturing your reader’s interest
  • One-Two sentence declaration (thesis statement)

II. Body

  • Supporting Evidence One
  • Supporting Evidence Two
  • Supporting Evidence Three
  • Counterargument

III. Conclusion

  • Restating thesis
  • Brief suggestion of Consequences or results
  • Closing Statement

Argumentative essay on abortion (Sample)

I. Introduction

Abortion remains a contentious topic having no pretext of accord between two contrary facets. The argument is death and life although the unpredictability of complications makes it tricky. I do not and never will support abortion reason being, abortion is murder. As individuals, we cannot solely decide whether a child birthed by a woman should exist or die. Abortion regards life and death, having equal defenders on both sides. The removal of the fetus or embryo from one’s uterus in aims of ending a pregnancy is abortion. Abortion is encircled by numerous queries such as: Does the constitution uphold abortion? Is a growing fetus considered a being? Should abortions for incest or rape be permitted by law? Abortion remains the worst act a woman can commit against human dignity. It is criminal. No woman possesses the right or grounds to terminate a fetus’ life. Abortion is unethical, and it should not be legalized.

II. Discussion

  • Supporting Evidence #1

The constitution authorizes abortion. It is not included in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but reproductive and privacy rights are “enumerated right.” In 1973, the Supreme Court, specifically Roe vs. Wade, authorized abortion in the first trimester. After that, over thirty-five million women have legally had abortions. Twenty-four percent of conceptions are terminated, and forty-one percent of conducted abortions are of teens in America. Simply because abortion is authorized does not assert that it is moral. Over one-hundred and fifty years ago, slavery was legal, but that did not mean it was right.

  • Supporting Evidence #2

A fetus’ heart starts beating sixteen to twenty-five days after conception and the fetus’ brain starts functioning forty days after conception. Some individuals think after conception the fetus is regarded as a person whereas others think otherwise. Suppose set before you are thirty pills and one is toxic. Would you aimlessly down a pill not regarding whether it is poisonous or normal? Certainly not, you highly value your life, why disregard a fetus’ life then? Since abortion is legal, whether the fetus gets to be birthed or not depends on individuals along with whether the unborn are safeguarded by rights.

  • Supporting Evidence #3

Another vexed topic is abortion for rape. Infants birthed from this act are not intended reason being, the sexual act is forced. Many regard the termination of such babies as okay but is it? A group going against abortion is Pro-Life. They assert that human life starts at conception and believe the unborn deserve life. Also for rape, pro-lifers believe the fetus mustn’t be punished. Abortion remains legal countrywide; however, Pro-Lifers are working towards an amendment. Additionally, Pro-Lifers support adoption. Most Pro-Lifers support Christianity and studies assert that non-religious individuals are Pro-Choice.

  • Counterargument

Pro-Choice deems women are free to select abortion and that abortion is an individually protected alternative. Pro-Choice believers disregard how the legalization of abortion increases “self” and “back alley” abortions, or in extremes, the mother may intentionally kill the fetus as some have previously done. They deem the developing fetus as a “tissue mass” not a human. Furthermore, they believe personhood starts after birth and children should be planned which reduces unwanted children and lowers child abuse. They believe the universe is widely populated but why should another individual’s life depend on the population of a given place?

III. Conclusion

Do women possess the rights and grounds to steal a fetus’ life? Killing another individual is illegal, then why should fetal murder be legalized? One must ask themselves such questions and honestly realize when a woman aborts; she acts like any other murderer. Research asserts that life starts at conception; therefore abortion terminates human life and should be felonious. As well, nine short pregnancy months is a minimal cost for a life devoid of health, and physical problems reflect on this.

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