How To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

Problem solution essay writing

Problem solution essay is commonly assigned in college as a general academic requirement. This type of essay describes a specific problem and generates possible solutions to the problem. Writing an essay requires a proper research before writing. The author needs to gather relevant information to adequately describe the situation, state why the situation needs urgent attention, present a solution, and evaluate the impact of the solution.

Purposes of a problem solution essay

The main purpose is to advocate for a specific solution or present a strong case that calls for an urgent need to solve a problem. Problem solution essays involve arguments to convince the readers to take action.

How to start a problem solution essay?

Like other papers, it starts with an introduction to present the topic. The introduction needs to grab the audience’s attention. The author can use rhetorical questions or make an insightful statement when introducing the topic. A good introduction can define the problem or present a short story to describe what the author intends to present. Below is an example of a good rhetorical question for an introduction.

Can you do one thing each and every day for the rest of your life if that thing will save the world? Using rhetorical questions, the author will instantly draw the reader’s attention. However, to maintain the audience attention, the introduction needs to make the problem relevant to the readers by narrowing down the topic using a thesis statement.

How to write body paragraphs for a problem and solution essay?

Good essay body contains two to three paragraphs presenting the impact of the problem and explaining the proposed solution. The body paragraphs justify why the solution is the best solution among other available options.  The body presents supportive evidence, the author is expected to present an expert opinion, including what has worked before either quoting statistics or previous studies.

The body also proposes how the author intends to implement the solution. The body of the paper needs to argue out the solution, stating its cost-effectiveness and how the solution is feasible to implement. The author should present a convincing argument by reviewing the possible objections and challenges that might occur by refuting the objection using logical argument or evidence.

How to conclude a problem and solution essay?

After presenting the facts and evidences about the proposed solution, the author concludes his argument by attempting to convince the reader that the solution is the best. A good conclusion needs to inform the reader about the possible outcomes if the solution is implemented. The conclusion gives a description of the situation if the solution is implemented. A good conclusion presents real-life examples or a scenario showing that the solution will work. The conclusion briefly reiterates the problem and the solution, and should end with a call to action.

List of possible topics for a problem solution essay:

  1. What can we do to help the homeless people in our society?
  2. What strategies can teachers apply to prevent high rates  of school dropouts?
  3. What are the best strategies to minimize teenage pregnancy?
  4. What can we do to prevent death related to drunk driving?
  5. How can students stay safe in college?
  6. How can college assist students with lower grades to get back on track?
  7. How can we support families  having children with mental illnesses?
  8. What are the best discipline parents can use  to correct their children?
  9. How can injuries be prevented, especially in football?
  10. How can cyber bullying be prevented?
  11. How can we minimize depression among teenagers?
  12. How can we control the media from  stereotyping  celebrities?
  13. What is the best way to minimize illegal substance abuse?
  14. How can parents and teachers discipline children when they misbehave?
  15. What is the best solution to minimize the use of performance enhancing drugs among professional athletes?
  16. What can government do to stop human trafficking?
  17. What are some of the best strategies to minimize the high rates of unemployment?
  18. What can parents do prevent teenagers from joining dangerous gangs?
  19. What can we do to  minimize cheating in exams in college?
  20. How to stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections among teenagers?

Outline example


  • Topic announcement and the main ideas of the topic
  • Presenting the claim
  • Identify a problem and proposed solution.


  • Definition of the problem
  • Describing the impact of the problem
  • Presenting examples
  • A state that is affected
  • Describe the consequences of the identified problem
  • Explain why the problem is serious
  • The consequences of not solving the problem
  • The solution for the problem
  • Explaining the benefits of the solution and the expected outcome
  • How the solution will be implemented
  • Obstacle or problems that might prevent the solution from being effective
  • How to address the challenges


  • Summary of the problem and the proposed solution
  • Relating the problem with the happens in other parts of the world or describing what to expect in future
  • Calling for action
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