How to Write a Personal Culture Essay

Personal Culture Essay

How to Write a Personal Culture Essay,

When we say culture, we are actually talking about someone’s standards and morals based on his/her ethnicity, religion, or the totality of the qualities of the community where he came from. Cultures vary in a lot of ways, from the way people dress to the way they speak and to how they behave for example. Relatively, when we say “personal culture,” we are referring to your own beliefs and principles in connection with the standards of your own community.

If there are topics about a culture that is definitely easy to write, personal culture could be one of those. Since it is personal, there are a lot of things that you can write about. You can either focus on a specific or unique quality that your culture has or you can write about it in general, emphasizing on those which are distinct and unique that distinguishes yours from the others.

How do you start and finish writing one then? Here are a few guidelines that you might want to consider so it will be easier for you two write one.

Before you start writing

  • Choosing a specific topic

In rare instances, the topic of “personal culture” could be somewhat too broad especially if you belong to a culture with lots of known qualities. Therefore, you might want to narrow down and choose among the pool of qualities that your culture has, which you think is the most outstanding and attention-grabbing.

For instance, if you are from Japan, people there are known to be the most polite nation in the world. You might want to expound on why Japanese people value politeness and courtesy a lot.

You may also want to write in general as this will give you a better chance to write a lot about your culture. Be sure, however, to expressly emphasize on the unique characteristics of it because this is the purpose of the essay.

Formulating your thesis statement

The thesis statement is what will give your reader the impression that the essay has a direction. Before anything else, make sure that you formulate one. You wouldn’t want an essay on so many topics that your reader actually doesn’t know what you’re trying to point out. Here’s an example of a thesis statement on the Japan politeness:

“Japanese people are so courteous and polite because they value old people and tradition. Politeness has always been a unique characteristic of the Japanese culture because they believe that people should be treated with respect and dignity.”

Constructing an outline

The purpose of the outline is to let you have your thoughts organized. This is one technique in writing, which will help you have smooth flows and transitions. It would be very easy to write once you have your outline since all you have to do is follow it and try not to deviate or add something to it.

Writing your introduction

There are actually a lot of ways on how to start your essay. You can either use a quote or a dialogue, which is in relation to what your topic is, or you can start with a question that will entice some curiosity on your readers. When writing the introduction, you have to remember two things: grab the reader’s attention and keep it interesting. Some people usually get bored easily. Some do not like reading at all. But if you have a good introduction, anyone will surely get interested and will keep on reading your essay. Here’s an example of a good introduction:

“Have you ever experienced walking in the streets and bumping into someone, and this other person stops and bows at you just to say how he is deeply sorry for what he has done? Well, I did and still do almost every day because that is actually how we do it in Japan.”

See, this introduction will actually make the reader asked himself, “Really? Why?” and because they want to know the reason, they will continue reading naturally.

How to write body paragraphs

This is the part where you’ll have to expound on your thesis statement by explaining your arguments. All you have to do is follow the outline you created so it won’t be a hassle to think about the next thing that you will say.

When writing your body paragraphs, you must have a topic sentence that will introduce your main argument for that specific part. For instance, your first paragraph would want to explain where the politeness in Japan came from. You can write something about Japan’s politeness rooted from the country’s history or traditional ways and then explain it in a more emphasized manner. Here’s an example of how to do it:

“If we are to look at Japan’s history, we would definitely see how they value tradition and older people. For them, being polite is one way to show your respect and honor to the old ways of Japan. Even in the early times, politeness has already been a trait of the Japanese people, which is remarkably exceptional. The families, especially in Tokyo, had so much respect to each other that they believe this is one way to become a good citizen…”

You can write as many paragraphs as you like if there are no specific instructions on how to format your essay. Just don’t make the essay too spacey if it’s for academic purposes. If there is a specific format to be followed, just keep in mind the instructions and follow the guidelines.

Writing your conclusion

This is where the reader should find a summarization of your thoughts and opinions. Also, this is where you’re supposed to uphold the strength of your arguments in its toughest form. It can be a call to action or anything that would make people understand what you just said in your paragraphs. Here’s a sample:

“The Japanese culture is truly exceptional and beautiful, particularly their qualities of being polite and courteous. Evidently, it is one way for them to show their respect to people in their community and those from other countries as well. It is also one way to show how much they value their old people and tradition, not just through words, but also through actions. It has a rich culture that experiencing such, and not just reading about it, would surely be worth spending some time.”

In this conclusion, you will find that aside from summarizing the main points of the essay, there was also a call for action to spend time experiencing the culture of Japan.

Proofreading and editing

Of course, the process doesn’t end after writing the conclusion. You’ll need to review and check your whole essay before being able to say that you are completely done. This is a simple task since you’ll only have to re-read your essay and correct such if there are any mistakes. It is best recommended to have a separate day for writing and revising. This way, it will be easier for you to spot the errors since you already had rest.

You see, writing an essay about your personal culture shouldn’t be that hard as you think it is. Since it is your own culture we are talking about, you will surely have a lot of things to say and a lot of information to give. We believe that your thoughts and opinions plus these guidelines above will surely produce one of the best essays on personal culture.

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