How To Write a Good College Essay

How To Write a Good College Essay

Writing a personal college essay is an advisable way to express one’s self. A college essay has honesty and authenticity so that the unique qualities of the writer will stand out. It is a written piece that admission officers want to read, which is an implication so the writer has to make it memorable to the readers. Since there are a lot of applications that colleges have to review, a college essay helps an applicant if he or she is in between being accepted or rejected. The essay will deserve as a deciding factor, because this is where a student can tell their sincerity and desire to study in the school. A lot of students do not even make an effort to check their essays for errors and rely on the computer to detect any errors. It is important that the student checks his or her own work before submission because it will help the school to consider their application.

A good college essay is written in such a way that the author is shining through within their own story. It is essential they do not say anything that has already been said in their resume or CV, but the essay should point out the accomplishments of the writer. The future goals and personality of the writer should be revealed in the story. The accomplishments of the writer should be humbly discussed, but do not be modest about it. This is going to give off an impression that the writer is underestimating his or herself. A sincere description of one’s achievements is necessary, but it should not be overdone. The statements of the writer are confident, and personal stories should be used. Remember that the school has to see the determination of the student to be part of the school so the essay has to be very descriptive.

Picking the best topic for a college essay is not easy, but there are tips that a person can follow to come up with a good topic.

1. The writer has to focus on a moment because this makes it easier to choose a topic. The instance has to highlight what shaped or changed the person, which shows something about their character.

2. Another good tip is to avoid negativity, so do not mention struggling with crime, alcohol, depression, or drugs because the college essay is not for that. There is a tendency for the writer to become too emotional and can make it uncomfortable for the reader that might make the admission think thrice about accepting the student.

3. What the essay will discuss should not be one-sided so avoid topics like politics and religion. Even if there are a lot of subjects that can be written about, a lot of times they can become unacceptable and offensive to anyone who believes something else. If the writer chooses a touchy subject, extra care should be taken, and be mindful in writing the essay.

4. Remember to stand out because a college admission process is difficult because every student has done some kind of volunteer service. They could excel in playing a musical instrument, sports, theater or other activities they are good in. A lot of students have part-time jobs aside from their other responsibilities. The author has to write something that will make them stand out, so think of something that the admission officer will not find in other college essays.

5. If the student is applying from a foreign country, he or she is already giving diversity. Emphasizing on their diversity can show the school unique qualities the student can contribute to the school. Prior to writing an essay about the topic, make sure to have a complete understanding of what diversity is. Diversity digs beyond race, and if a community has more diversity, it can harmonize and grow as one. This embraces strengths and weaknesses to become gifts.

To give writers a head start, here are 15 topics that can be written about to make a good college essay:

  1. Outdoor activities
  2. Challenges
  3. Commitment
  4. Failure
  5. A life changing experience
  6. Disappointment
  7. Favorite family time
  8. One thing that could be changed about the world
  9. If the writer could live in another country
  10. The value of money in the writer’s life
  11. An animal he or she wants to be
  12. Secret talent or ability
  13. The most difficult news that had to be told
  14. The courageous moment
  15. A special place to the writer

College Essay Outline Sample

Outline: What the writer plans to do after college


  • Will talk about the plan, how the plan came about, and why


  • First paragraph will discuss more about the plan and what it is about
  • Second paragraph tells about where the plan came from and how the writer arrived at this plan
  • The rest of the body will give reasons why this plan is necessary, ideal, and achievable because it needs to support the writer’s intention in executing the plan


College Essay Structure Elements Tips

In writing the conclusion the writer must:

  • So not say too much so do not make it too long and complex
  • Avoid summarizing the essay at the beginning because if this happens, the admission officer will not feel the need to read the rest of the essay
  • Catch the attention of the reader right away by coming up with a mystery or an intriguing introduction

When it is time to write the body of the essay, the writer should:

  • Describe the main idea in a sentence form
  • Include the supporting sentences or points that will support the main idea, but add a few lines for each one
  • Tie the things together because the body should have individual statements so it becomes very effective. There should be the transitional signals that will support the change from an idea to the next

A good conclusion can end that tells a warning, give results, doing an act, or a quotation can be used to end the essay.

College essays will help determine the fate of the student in getting accepted into the school. It is important to demonstrate why the applicant should be part of the school and his or her determination in completing their studies there. Anyone who is interested to enter the school should have a concrete and unique essay so that their chances increase. Keep in mind that it can be a deciding factor for the admissions officer why the student deserves to be accepted in the school.

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