How To Write A Great Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay requires the writer to identify a topic, establish deferring positions about the subject, and then the author states his viewpoint. The writer has to exploit the issue at hand intensively. All viewpoints should be thoroughly researched on. The author’s perspective should also be well debated. Argumentative essay just like other essays is divided into:

  • introduction,
  • body,
  • and conclusion.

This article digs into argumentative essay writing.

How to start an argumenative essay

Begin your introduction with a hook to catch the reader’s attention. The hook may be a fact based on statistics, a relevant quotation, definition or an interesting question. Include background information that leads to the topic presented. For example, when talking about abortion, the background information should be when does life begin, is it after birth or before. Then state the purpose of the essay. In stating the purpose, give the different viewpoints about the topic. Finally, in the introduction provide the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be your position on the subject matter.

Tips on introduction paragraph

  1. Start with a hook – Quotation, interesting question or statistics
  2. Include background – How the topic emerged.
  3. State your thesis – Say what your viewpoint is.

Tips on the body paragraph

Ensure a clear transition from the thesis statement to the body and the conclusion. Limit each paragraph to one general idea. This enhances clarity and readability. Provide logical connection to the thesis statement. You should ascertain why and how the point supports your argument. Since it is an argumentative essay, consider the counter argument.

Evidential support should be concise and factual. The evidence may include statistic to prove you viewpoint evidence. Counter the opposing opinion using statistical evidence from both sides.

Tips on conclusion

Restate your thesis. Do not provide new information at this stage. Know that this is what will leave an immediate impression on the reader, hence should be logical enough.

Argumentative essay topic choice guidance

Picking an argumentative essay topic requires careful thought. Choosing a bad topic may be difficult to write a decent article.

Provided below are guidelines on selecting a topic for your argumentative essay:

  • Pick a topic that you have some background on. It implies that some facts should be obvious to you. This will give you a starting point, even if it means doing research on the topic.
  • Pick a topic that has an element to be argued about. You can ascertain that by establishing if the issue can be answered by either a yes or a no.
  • Remember, the argumentative essay requires intensive research, hence you should settle on a topic that impresses you. Have some interest in the said subject. This will not tire you; instead, it will be a new revelation.
  • Make sure the topic is defendable from your position of view. If you cannot counter the opposing viewpoint, then do not pick the topic. On the contrary, if you think the opposing view have no basis, then discard the topic too.
  • Understand your reader. It involves taking into account emotion in your argument. Nobody argues rationally, so the only way to get your readers into buying your argument is by capturing their emotions. You can way your users based on gender, age, and area of originality. Be inclusive of all this group of readers.
  • Give a keen thought on at least the biggest part of the scope. Pick something that has a small range.  Choosing a widely scoped topic would leave many holes. Also understand the situation of the question inclusive the text, author, need for communication and the setting.

List of Good Argumentative Essay topics

Argumentative essays based on the legal matter:

  • These items are very popular and may be about a law you want to do away with. Listed are some of the topics:
  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Should we reduce the age of drinking alcohol or increase?
  • Should we legalize prostitution?
  • Does the medical implication of marijuana justify its legality?

Argumentative essays on moral standards:

  • Under these arguments, we have to establish what is wrong and morally right. The topics may be:
  • Is right to allow the consumer to purchase goods imported from countries that do not include bar child labor?
  • Is it right or wrong for the physician to aid in the death of the patient, and under what condition?
  • Is being atheist legally right?
  • Does the right to speech justify the use of hate speech?

Argumentative essays on social issues:

  • These arguments tend to dwell on the individual and what pressure they incur from the society. Topics may be:
  • Which age is appropriate for one to vote?
  • Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  • Do women have a responsibility by the way they wear in men’s cat calling?
  • Is online dating provides another alternative to meet in person dating?

Essays on media and advertising:

  • Should sex-related advertisement be shown on prime time television?
  • What influence do journalists have on the teenagers who watch them?
  • Do journalists have an obligation to reserve their opinion since they can sway the mass?

Argumentative essays about family:

  • Which age is suitable for the children to be taught about sex by his/her parents?
  • Is it right for the parent to have an eye on the kid’s internet usage?
  • Are women right to breastfeed in public?
  • Can parents reward good performance by paying the kid?

Tips on Final Revision

  1. Have a friend go through your essay.
  2. Look for long sentences and use diction to find mistakes.
  3. Check on spelling using software, but be keen on words to be replaced by awkward words.
  4. Finally, check if the quotes are well quoted and cited.


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