How to Write a GMO Argumentative Essay

GMO Argumentative Essay

Write a GMO Argumentative Essay,

How to strart: Introduction writing

The introduction is an important part of an essay. An introduction not only comprehends a thesis statement, but it similarly delivers the first impression of the argument, style of writing, and the complete superiority of the provided work. A clear, brief, regimented, and engaging outline helps to proficiently structure the complete paper. The introduction of an argumentative essay must include background information, explanation of unfamiliar terms, identification of the paper, and a thesis statement. A good introduction to an argumentative essay must entail a good opening statement. The statement must present the issue at hand, give background, and put forth the key argument. However, this all should be in a logical, intellectual and persuasive way. Moreover, an argumentative essay is different from other essays because it carries out an extensive research with different viewpoints. For instance, for a topic GMO (argumentative essay) the following could be a possible introduction.

Introduction example

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) is substantially one of the most vital subjects in the world. Genetically modified organisms are specific organisms whose inherited material has been transformed in order to develop efficiency and product excellence. GMOs take care of their benefits, because they fight diseases, help people with hunger, get more crops and improve food nutrition. Food is very important for a person’s life in order to maintain good health and survival. However, studies show that GMOs can be very useful in many countries.

Writing your thesis statement

A thesis statement is considered as a concise summary of the key point or the basic claim of the argumentative essay. This sentence in bold is a thesis statement of this particular paper. This thesis statement tells the reader about what the essay writer will be arguing on. Here is a possible example: There are several disadvantages of GMOs but at the same time, it consists of numerous advantages such as it increases the value of nutrients in food. This is because GMO consist of several advantages such as it protects the earth, it increases yields and several other benefits which will be mentioned further in the essay. Additionally, it is imperative to mention the aim of the paper because it gives a clear idea of the paper to the reader. For example, the aim of this paper is to provide an argumentative analysis based on GMO which is beneficial in several ways rather than harmful.

Composing body paragraphs (Discussion)

A discussion is also an important part of any essay. This part of the essay covers most of the content. An argumentative essay is similarly identified as an argument which presents both the negative and positive sides on the issues under consideration based on a precise theme so as the audience can make their personal point of view. Every paragraph in the body must have an opening sentence, and the entire paragraph should focus on the same point. However, through an example mentioned below the discussion must fall in this way.

Example of body paragraphs

  • The argument of this particular essay is based on GMOs.

GMOs comprises of both the pros and cons which leads to constructing a specific standpoint. GMOs have several advantages and it is to some extent helpful for the human being. The argument is based on the usefulness of GMOs rather than its harmfulness. GMOs are exceptional organisms in which the genetic material has been transformed for improving productivity and product quality. This topic is debatable because GMOs consist of both the advantages and disadvantages and every person has its own point of view on it.

  • This paragraph entails one of the advantages of the GMOs.

Reducing the level of poverty from GMOs is particularly useful for tropical countries. However, in developing countries, food security is often low due to a large number of people living in extreme poverty. Food might be available for everyone, but this does not apply to those who do not have a source to purchase. This is a prominent issue in several nations that export food to richer countries. This demonstrates that, despite the enormous efforts made in the 20th century, global inequalities, especially in food production and distribution, are challenging to resolve or mitigate. Biotechnology can upsurge food security. Biotechnology can correspondingly benefit to eradicate scarceness and malnourishment. Vitamin A deficiency is common in emerging countries. Few countries, such as Sri Lanka, expect to completely ban imported crops or plant restructured crops, while countries like India are trying to develop their biotechnology industries and are relatively sensitive to agricultural crop restructuring. After confirming the development of biotechnology, the poverty level should be reduced.

  • To construct an argumentative essay it is important to support your personal point of view and later compare it with your disagreement.

GMO can further advantage human beings in several different ways. People can achieve a better life, including farmers because biotechnology can also reduce producers’ depelabor on fertilizers while preserving the advantages of “high western” agriculture while reducing labour intensity. Genetically modified foods or GMOs are often used to refer to crops which have been produced for human as well as animal feeding while using the up-to-date molecular biology methods. Thus, these specific plants have been improved in the laboratory to improve the desired properties, for instance, increasing herbicide confrontation or improving nutrients. In contrast, people who are not in favour of GMOs and think it can be dangerous, have their own standpoint. They argue it is dangerous because no one guarantees the safety of consuming GMO. They claim that GMOs’ side effects will be long-lasting and continuous; also, they know that to prove safety is beyond the abilities of current technology.

  • In an argumentative essay, it is highly important to mention your, personal remarks while ending the last paragraph of your discussion part.

From a personal perspective it can be stated that GMOs are helpful in several in different ways and they result is a great support for all living organisms.

Finishing your essay

Conclusion consists of a basic summary of the essay. It is highly imperative to restate the key idea of the completed paper. However, it is vital to give the final impression to the reader. Conclusion does not include any new points or arguments. It basically overall concludes what has been stated in the essay. Further is an example.

Conclusion example

All and all, it can be concluded that GMOs do more good to a human being as compare to harm. Genetically improved foods are probable to resolve countless starvation, and hunger glitches in the world and benefit and safeguard the milieu by growing yields and dropping requirement on chemical pesticides and herbicides. Conversely, the regime faces numerous encounters, predominantly in areas such as security controls, regulation, international policies and food labeling. Numerous people believe that genetic engineering is an expected development for the future. Thus, people cannot disregard technologies that have great potential benefits. However, as people are passionate about this particular powerful technology it is highly important to proceed with caution in regards to avoid causing harm to a human body along with the environment.

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