How To Plan An Essay

How to make a plan for an essay

Essay writing is an important part of learning because the writer acquires new knowledge by reviewing the different literature and interpreting the ideas using a particular essay structure. An essay demonstrates the author’s awareness of the subject. An essay consists of different types of information presented in different sections, a standard essay structure includes, an introduction, the essay body, and conclusion.  The standard essay structure presents well-organized information in five different sections. For instance, a good essay includes the introduction to state the purpose of the essay followed by the three body paragraphs that supports the main essay ideas. A one paragraph essay conclusion restates the main points to remind the readers about the significance of the topic.

Preparation process for essay writing

Essay writing involves presenting logical arguments, therefore a good essay requires adequate preparation. The preparation process includes scheduling some time to brainstorm on the essay topic based on the instructions provided. It’s important to understand the essay purpose. Essays can require the writer to conduct an analysis, illustrate, compare and contrast and also persuade his audience. The next step is to conduct comprehensive research on the essay topic. Research does not require reviewing everything about the topic, but to select specific information relevant to the essay topic.

After choosing a topic, before coming up with the first draft, the artier needs to create an outline. An outline assists in developing a perfect essay structure because it assists in categorizing the main ideas, organizing the ideas in different paragraphs in a logical order. A good outline guides the writer throughout the process without getting stuck.   A well –organized outline present the thesis statement the main ideas in each body paragraph and evidence to support the thesis.

How to choose a proper topic for an essay

Deciding on an appropriate essay topic can be difficult, even though students are usually provided with general topic ideas related to the course work, students are required to focus on specific aspects of the topic, therefore, it is important to decide which angle to take.  Before choosing an essay topic, the author needs to know his target audience and also understands the purpose of an essay.

The essay purpose will determine the type of essay to choose. Knowing your audience is important because the audience will determine the type of language to be sued. If the audience is a group of experts, the author can use technical terms because the audience already have some background knowledge of the topic.  It’s important to know the level of education of the target audience when presenting an essay to a group of teenagers, the writer can use proverbs to persuade them to take action.

Choosing an essay topic is the initial process that would determine how effective the essay is to the audience. Choosing the right topic enables the writer to feel at ease when presenting his ideas. A good essay topic should be about something that the author finds interesting. A good essay should be something the writer is familiar about. this makes writing easier and faster because the writer already have some information to start the essay. Having some knowledge of the topic would require less research. When choosing an essay topic, a good topic should be manageable, meaning that it’s a topic that the writer can find other literature to support his argument. The topic should focus on a specific event, specific time or particular groups of a person.

A good essay topic should be timely, if a topic has been trending on social platforms, the writer can use the topic for his essay.   Interesting topics are controversial subjects like gay marriages and surrogate parents.  Before picking an essay topic, it’s important to conduct an in-depth research by talking to an expert to understand their reaction about cretin subject. A good essay topic can be generated from current happenings within the community including controversial new policies.

An essay topic can also be derived from the writer’s personal experience, the author can present a topic on his personal life and link it to the essay theme. A good essay topic should be based on a subject the author feel strongly about to persuade, entertain or inform the audience.  Whatever the topic is about, the writer needs to connect with his target audience through his essay.

Outline example for an essay on cyber crime


  1. Overview of cyber crime
  2. Thesis statement on presenting the significance of cyber crime

Essay Body

Paragraph 1

  1. Cyber crime definition
  2. Types  of cyber crimes
  3. Statistical data and incidences of cyber crimes

Paragraph 2

  1. Who are the perpetrators and the victims
  2. Prevalence rates of cyber crimes all over the world

Paragraph 3

  1. Negative effects and consequences of cyber crimes
  2. Prevention strategies
  3. Government policies on cyber crime
  4. Individual initiatives to minimize cyber crimes


  1. Rephrasing the thesis statement and summary of the essay arguments
  2. Calling for action to eliminate cyber crime
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