How to End a College Admission Essay That Stands Out?

November 3, 2022 Jun
College Admission Essay That Stands Out

How to End a College Admission Essay That Stands Out?

Think about a time when you did something really well. You know that it was hard to get from the beginning to the end. You finally reached the end of your college admission essay. When you finally realize this, it’s a great feeling. Now you have a question, how to end a college admission essay? The end of the essay is where you can take a deep breath and realize that you’re almost done. But that doesn’t mean you should just chill out. Remember that it’s much easier to start something than to finish it. 

Get ready, to put everything together in a meaningful way.

The conclusion is an important part of your essay because it tells the reader what they thought about you as a whole. Lastly, you show the reader who you are and what you want. A strong ending might convince the reader to change his mind about you. After reading the end of your essay, the admission officers will be in the stage to make the decision to get you in or not.

College Admission Essay That Stands Out

How to end a college admission essay before submitting it? 

Here are 11 tips you should follow to end your college essay good way.

Do not summarize what you write

When writing an admission essay for a college or university, summarizing your essay in the end will not work for you. In the context of any normal essay, it is a good skill. In a college admission essay, it will destroy the image you have made from the beginning of your essay.

Don’t use meaningless phrases

Again, when talking about the college essay, it’s not a good idea to use words like to conclude, in essence, in conclusion, in a nutshell, all in all, everything considered, etc.

Throw away your doubts

People aren’t always used to getting their work done before the deadline. Just put your anxieties and uncertainties aside if you have done your work early. Put more effort into how to end a college admission essay in a better way. Work harder to finish what you’re doing, and then hit submit.

Don’t repeat 

Instead of writing about things that have nothing to do with the main plot, it is better to end the story where it began. Don’t bring up things that have already been talked about.

Repeating something isn’t necessary because it will take up the reader’s time and won’t add anything new or important to the text.


When you see good examples of  college admission essays, you may think, “I want my admission essay to look like that.” You can’t copy and paste it into your essay. It will make your essay plagiarise. You have to check plagiarism by different tools available for plagiarism or the specific tool the university use for checking the assignments and essay of the students. Revise your essay, again and again, to make it a better flow. 

If you’re still not sure how to end a college admission essay, make sure you’ve revised it and that it doesn’t have any of the common mistakes. If you have followed the above steps, your essay will look better for sure.

Take a break!

Try not to finish the text all at once. Set aside some time for yourself because writing can be hard work. Since you might be tired, take your time, hang out with friends, and have fun. In some ways, try to stop thinking about the essay for a while. After that, you must go back to the process. And write the conclusion of your essay. The above exercise will help to get back to work with new and better ideas for the ending of your essay.

Positive conclusion

Every story has a thrilling ending. Your essay must have a thrilling and interesting ending. Instead of ending with a scary story, it’s better to tell something good and helpful. You could use it as a backup if your main paragraph is about something bad that happened to you.

Analyze your whole essay

Analysis of your college admission essay is very important before submitting it. Check every line for coherence with the event you are writing in the college admission essay. It’s a good idea to write down what you think about what happened before and after but both events should make sense together. What examples can you give now of how the event in question changed your life?

College Admission Essay That Stands Out

Request opinion

When everyone is at home, read out loud your college essay. Ask your family members what they think. What amazed them the most and what they hadn’t heard? It makes sense, since that way you can figure out what in your article isn’t necessary. Your last paragraph’s idea must be the one that lasts your impact on them.

Put in some new information

Don’t be afraid to add new information to your essay, even if it’s the last thing in the text. For example, if you’ve read an article about how to start a college essay or how to reorganize your essay, use that information in your writing. So, the conclusion can be taken in different ways.

Examine it

Once everything is written down and you realize it is a masterpiece, read it many times. If you think you need it, you might want to get help editing your college essay. Ask your family and friends what they think of what you’ve written. This step must be done before you send in your essay; it will only take a few minutes. So, it is very important to your growth as a student.

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