Health Essay Topics List

Topics on Health

At some level in both high school and university, there comes an instance when you to write an article, essay or even a research paper. When assigned such a task, the very first thing to do is to choose a topic from a list of topics provided by your teacher or tutor. If you have not been provided with a list to choose from, then you have to choose one for yourself, as long it relates to requirements of your question. There literally exist hundreds of topics to choose from and you therefore be very careful with what you choose. Make it a topic that you can handle comfortably and with ease. You should also ensure that your topic can be researched from a broader perspective, this means that there exists valid information from verified sources on the same. For instance, when asked to write an essay on health, you should think of various things about health since it a broad field that keeps changing especially as technology changes.

With the new discoveries in technology and disease research, the following are some of the topics that you could write concerning health: 

  1. Write an essay addressing the concerns and problems experienced in healthcare and insurance.
  2. Write a paper on the impact of diet on health.
  3. What are the most expected outcomes of the recent reforms in health care?
  4. The importance of exercise to the human body.
  5. The prevalence of anaemia in pregnant mothers and unborn babies.
  6. The effects of too much fats in the human body.
  7. The importance of hygiene in prevention of communicable diseases in schools.
  8. The causes, signs and symptoms, prevalence, prevention and cure of HIV and AIDS.
  9. The role of the government and the private sector in providing good health care to the general public.
  10. The importance of clearing bushes and stagnant water near human settlements towards the spread preventing the spread of Malaria.
  11. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease, explain the signs and symptoms associated with the infection alongside its preventive measures.
  12. The body’s Immune system can sometimes be weakened through illness, what are some of the ways to boost the immune system.
  13. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes, explain the importance of maintaining body fitness and normal body weight.
  14. Lack of the enough sleep on adult humans is harmful for their sleep. Explain some of the dangers associated with lack of sleep.
  15. Patients have the right to refuse treatment, under what conditions are they allowed to make such judgements.
  16. What medical conditions do not permit patients to accept or refuse treatment.
  17. Describe the term “balanced diet” and give examples of foods that make up a balanced diet.
  18. Family planning has received mixed reactions from the public, with some being positive and some negative. What are some of your thoughts on the same? Do you think it is safe? What can you comment about it?
  19. Define the term menstruation. Describe the menstruation process.
  20. What is the impact of drug use towards the health of drug users?
  21. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health. What are some of the dangers associated with this?
  22. The role of public health officers in the society.
  23. How often should you visit a nutritionist?
  24. What are the effects of having too much calories in the body?
  25. Prevalence of diabetes in the society, types and examples of diabetes.
  26. How often should you check your blood sugar levels?
  27. What is hypertension? Mention the types of hypertension and their effect on human health.
  28. What are carbohydrates? Mention a few types of foods that a rich in carbohydrates.
  29. Effects of lack of vitamins in the body.
  30. Mention and describe a few dieses associated with malnutrition.
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