Great Argumentative Essay Topics


An argumentative essay is a Topic that is broken down into detail that is meant to explain the good and the bad about a particular issue. Argumentative essays have been prevalent in institutions and worldwide, since they have brought a broad and wide span of knowledge on a particular issue in today’s society. Those Argumentative Essay Topics include the following:

Global climate: Since there has been a drastic change in the climate in all continents, researchers are trying their best to source for knowledge and information on how to solve this problem. Hence an essay with a heading: How has man affected Global Climate? Would be a home run for them.

Death: This is a formidable foe that everyone will eventually fall victim to and having an essay, for example: Is capital punishment Necessary? Should be an interesting Article. This article would substantially bring people to the reality of crimes that would lead to such a grizzly sentence.

Elections: All nations have their elections once after the President has completed his term, and this so far becomes the turning point of a Nation. Based on what they choose an essay that expounds on the pros and cons of elections with a title that says: How fair is the Election process will be interesting.

Torture: Movies have to blame for these themes that are being broadcasted to even little children that have led to some movies being banned. Having an essay that says: Is torture acceptable? would help in bringing some sanity to the film industry period!.

Gambling: Most people have a dream of one day waking up, and all their financial problems are gone just as the wind blows off a leaf from a tree. An essay with a heading that says is Gambling a good idea will probably give people the analogy if they win or lose.

Paternity Leave: This is a very interesting topic about men taking a little holiday after their wives have given birth. Some claim it’s necessary others don’t but reading an article that is straight to the point that says: why men should get paternity leave? This essay would be very educative.

Taxation: This is a thing that most taxpayer’s wonder why it’s necessary an argumentative essay that says: Is the tax system fair? This essay would be an eye opener and perhaps people understand the essence of Tax in a Nation.

Curfew: Most parents have had an experience of this nature and perhaps in their baby days they found themselves victims of a curfew. When an essay with the heading: How useful are curfews to teens? As a reader or parent one would wish to know if the tactics applied on their kids will work.

Cheating in Exams: It’s sad that the age old principle of work hard has disappeared in today’s society. Students are living in the fast lane and want an easy way out. Amazingly some students are so crafty that they hardly get caught during exam time the topic: Has cheating gone Extreme? This should be an interesting topic to cover in detail for the author.

Computers: It’s amazing in today’s society how kids as young as five years old can fully operate a computer, what a fortunate generation! Technology has revolutionized the world hence the essay: Are we dependent on computers? would be a game changer on how we think and act.

Animal Research: We all know the saying of the guinea pig right? People tend to wonder why some animals used as test subjects have to undergo extreme torture. Animals placed in horrible conditions and drugs used to experiment on the creatures have horrible side effects. An argumentative essay such as: Is it a good idea to use Animals in research? This can be a useful tool in communication in the scientific world.

Child Behavior: Now this is what all parents should be concerned about, in the former years there has been a drastic change in the parent-child relationship. A Rebellious generation has seemingly decided to pop out of nowhere thus an essay with a heading: How has child behavior changed in the past years? This topic is an eye opener.

Condoms: Sex education has driven kids into curiosity, and it is reported in many countries  that teenage pregnancies have increased drastically. The availability of condoms in some institutions is also alarming a topic that would substantially break down this problem is: Do condoms prevent teenage pregnancies in teens?

Video games: Thanks to the world of gaming kids are being exposed some of the most graphic and gory scenes that they are take part in during playtime. Some games take things to the extreme whereby everything is just a bloody scene as the games advance hence the essay that would help game developers would be: How do violent video games affect child behavior?

Beauty pageants: Beauty is one of the key features that most human being would wish having an association with, but thanks to the so-called beauty pageants people ruin their lives unnecessarily. A lot of cases of exploitation seem to curl up in the news every now and then. An article on why is beauty pageants considered exploitative would be a stunner to those future models.

Age and Relationships: This is an interesting Topic that has raised so many questions and has led to so many break ups. Yes, the age factor is a huge problem that has affected today’s society since most people are in a dilemma. An argumentative essay that states: Be age difference a factor in relations? Amazingly would help solve people’s problems.

Gay Marriage: This issue is a taboo in some countries such as Arab and African countries. Most people feel that it should be legalized others don’t and an essay that has a title should gay marriage be Legalized would draw a lot of attention.

Competition: Some people believe in fairness others don’t and in this world life has become a brutal game of survival for the fittest. Companies are doing their best to knock each other out of business, and everyone wants the Lion share. An essay on competition like: why is competition good? would shed some light on why the world is a brutal place.

The cost of College: Is the cost of college too expensive? That is a compelling argument that colleges and have had since time immemorial. When the economy of a nation is weak the cost of things tends to spike institutions hence by default will place an enormous burden on parents. Such a topic needs a lengthy discussion to listen to both parties.

Homework: Is homework useful? Most people when they were kids they hated homework. Homework would take away play time, entertainment time, etc. Most parents urge that it helps their children focus on their studies while others see it as a waste of time.

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