Good Research Paper Topics

In writing a research paper, the writer builds upon his knowledge on the subject of research and finds out the information experts have on that subject. Research papers are written in various fields especially in the academic field. Students in most university programs are expected to write a research paper after the completion of their course. When carrying out a research, one must have the topic that guides the research process. The aim of this paper is to provide guidelines of coming up with a good research paper topic.

Choosing a research topic

Several things guide the choice of a research topic. In an academic setup, the students choose a research topic depending on the following conditions: If the instructor provides a set of research topics to choose from, the student should choose the topic that he/she is most comfortable in. When the instructor provides an assignment whereby the student is expected to choose his/her own research paper topic, he/she should choose a topic that is relevant to his/her course. To identify an interesting research paper topic, the student should scan through his or her course work to identify something that he/she may have found interesting. The research topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow. The student can know that his/her research topic satisfies these conditions by evaluating the amount of knowledge he/she has on the topic plus the number of sources available on the topic.

A research topic should be argumentative. It should present an issue of controversy that the research paper will try to evaluate by use of the researcher’s knowledge and the views of the experts. It should also be interesting and scholarly. You ask yourself a question relating to your field of interest, for example, if you are in the medical field you can ask yourself questions such as: Can excessive sugar intake lead to memory loss? You should avoid topics that you have strong feelings on as this can lead to biasness in writing the research paper.

Examples of good research paper topics

The following are examples of research topics in the medicine field:

  1. Children delivered by young mothers are healthier than those of aged mothers.
  2. Sleeping in a room with many electrical gadgets can cause lack of sleep.
  3. Frequent drinking of coffee can affect your skin texture.
  4. Children who have pets at an early age are less likely to be attacked by an allergy.
  5. Prolonged use of birth control pills at a young age can reduce one’s fertility.
  6. Manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures can treat stress.
  7. Regular intake of garlic can lower the blood pressure.
  8. Plastic surgery can boost a person’s esteem.
  9.  Use of anti-aging chemicals can cause cancer.

Examples of research paper topics in the field of education are:

  1. Lack of enough sleep leads to poor academic performance.
  2. Old students perform poorer that those studying at the generally accepted age.
  3. Education does not make one rich.
  4. The education system in the western countries is better than the one in Africa.
  5. Most students taking challenging courses such as engineering are involved in drug abuse.
  6. Science and mathematical courses are the most marketable.

Examples of research paper topics on exercise science are:

  1. Body massage reduces body aches and pains. Exercises reduce stress.
  2. Riding of bicycles can lead to loss of virginity.
  3. Press-ups are effective at reducing tummies.
  4. Exercises speed up the brain functioning.
  5. Exercises reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  6.  Exercises improves one eating habits.
  7. Exercises should be accompanied by large water intakes.

Relevant topics in political science are:

  1. Economic sanctions are effective retaliation strategies.
  2. Prostitution should be legalized.
  3. Multipartyism is more effective than unipartyism.
  4. Democracy leads to more civil conflicts in a country.
  5. Politics are the main cause of civil wars.

Topics relevant in the food and science field are:

  1.  Intake of inorganic food has contributed to the many cases of cancer infection.
  2. Large intakes of coffee during pregnancy can lead to pregnancy complications.
  3. Coffee activates the functioning of the brain. Large oil intakes can lead to slow brain functioning.
  4. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can improve the skin texture.
  5. Large intakes of starch have led to increased obesity cases.

In psychology we can have topics such as:

  1. Music is a therapy to depressed people.
  2. Depression is a major cause of suicidal cases.
  3. Yoga reduces stress.
  4. Self-meditation reduces anxiety.
  5.  Esteem issues can lead to depression.
  6. Dancing is a therapy to psychiatric disorders.
  7.  Denial can lead to depression.
  8. Phobia can be prevented through emotional freedom.
  9. Transcendental meditation can lower the blood pressure.

Topics in addiction treatment counseling include:

  1. Electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking.
  2.  People who overwork tend to involve themselves in drug abuse.
  3. Rehabilitation centers are effective in reforming drug addicts.
  4. Depression can lead to drug addiction.

Topics related to criminal justice include:

  1. Prisoners can suffer from depression due to the solitary confinement.
  2. Police dogs are very effective in criminal investigations.
  3. Most police officers deployed in dangerous places tend to suffer from heart diseases.
  4. Police operations have been eased by the technological advancements.
  5. Technology has improved medical services.
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