Tips to Write a Good Intro to College Admission Essay

November 1, 2022 Jun
Good Intro to College Admission Essay

Tips to Write a Good Intro to College Admission Essay

If you want to get into college, you have to include an essay with your application. They help the committee decide whether to let you in by giving them more information about you. As with any other kind of writing, it’s important to keep your audience in mind when writing a college essay.

In this case, the audience is a college admissions officer, who may read hundreds of essays that all answer the same questions during the admission season. They may have read hundreds of writing. When they look at your application, they want to see a well-written, interesting essay. How can you make them read your essay? What makes you stand out from the dozens or hundreds of other people who also want the job?  How to begin an admission essay? The beginning of the college essay is where everything starts. Use the following tips here which help you write a strong opening for your college essay.

Intro to College Admission Essay

Keep it short

Students can only use 500–700 words on average in their college essays. That’s not a lot of words for such an important piece of writing, so you should keep the beginning of your essay brief. So, the beginning of your college admission essay is important, but it shouldn’t take most of the words you have. You don’t have to summarise or give a sneak peek of everything in the essay in the intro.

Instead, the beginning of a college essay should give a short, interesting preview.

When writing the first draft of your essay, it’s fine to go over the word limit by 200–300 words.

When you need to shorten an essay, start by making changes to the beginning. You probably started writing the introduction before the rest of the essay, so you likely gave too much background information that wasn’t necessary. As a general rule, the first paragraph of your college essay shouldn’t have more than 30% of the total number of words.

Start by getting people’s attention

The first line of your essay should be a “hook” or “grabber.” This sentence “hooks” or “grabs” the reader’s attention. This first sentence needs to be specific, catch the reader’s attention, or stand out from others. A short, interesting opening sentence isn’t necessary, but it can be very effective. Find a hook that is both original and makes you think.

Don’t use old, overused ways to get started. 

The person reading your essay for admission will be very interested from the first few sentences. The goal is to start a college essay in a way that makes it stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other essays the admissions officer has seen. Because of this, it’s important to avoid dull, formulaic openings.

You shouldn’t say things like, “The problems I’ve faced have made me who I am.” There are probably a lot of college applications sent out each year that use these bad and unclear statements. You should also avoid writing essays in the same way you may have learned in elementary or middle school.

If you start a sentence with “In this article, I will explain…”, you may feel like you have to list all the important things you’ll talk about. For example, the sentence “My volunteer work at blood drives, nursing homes, and mentorship programs has given me a lot to think about” is not necessary.

When you write an essay for college admission, you should be more creative than when you write an essay for an English class. Because of this, it’s better to replace overused, formulaic openings with more unique ones.

Don’t try to use a lot of fancy words

it’s best not to try to impress admissions officers by using words with a lot of syllables. Most of the time, this makes the beginning sound forced. They won’t be able to hear your real voice, which is what they want to read. Also, most admissions officers can tell the difference between sincere applicants and those who are just trying to make a good impression.

A few complicated words are great, but you shouldn’t use too many. If you don’t, the beginning will sound stiff, forced, and fake. In addition to introducing the topic of the essay, the beginning should also show that your voice is unique and real.

Write your college essay introduction in last

Even though it may seem strange, the introduction should often be written last. Start by writing the body of the essay.

  • What are the most important points you want to make?
  • How have the people, events, or experiences you’ve talked about changed or shaped your life?
  • What can admissions officers learn about you from these meetings, events, or people?

Once this material is full, it’s easier to write the perfect companion introduction. When you know what you want to write about in your essay, it’s easier to think of a good story to go with it. Also, it’s easier to make a strong, interesting beginning.

Even though the introduction comes at the beginning of the essay, you don’t have to write it first. If it looks hard or if you can’t think of anything to write, write the body of the essay first. It will be much easier to come up with an excellent, relevant hook and story when you go back to the beginning.

Intro to College Admission Essay

Check your essay several times for mistakes

The beginning of your college admission essay will give the person your first impression of you. Grammar and spelling mistakes in the introduction are like being late and wearing torn clothes to a job interview. It makes a bad first impression. Even if things get better later, it’s hard to forget a bad first impression. Make sure that your language, spelling, word choice, capitalization, punctuation, etc. are all correct in your introduction. Check it more than once and have other people look it over more than once.

Ask a friend or family member who knows a lot about grammar to look it over, or ask your English teacher to do it. No matter how many times you and other people have looked over the essay for mistakes, check it one more time before turning it in. Don’t let a misspelled word or another mistake in the first paragraph ruin your essay.

Here are some tips to help you write a college paper with no mistakes:

  • Make use of Grammarly. This is an add-on for your browser that checks for common mistakes as you write. Think of it as a better spell check.
  • Ask a friend or a teacher to look over your essay.

An overview

Your college admission essay should make an impression on the admissions committee. The writing must be interesting and creative. Create an engaging opening by using a hook or attention-getter. An excellent way to build on this beginning line is to tell a story that relates to the topic at hand in the essay. Writing the introduction last is preferable since it saves time. Keep away from forced language, bad grammar and spelling, and hackneyed introductions. If you follow these guidelines, the admissions officer will be immediately interested in what you have to say.