English 101 is highly popular course for new students and students who are about to enroll in profession oriented college programs. The overall purpose of this course is to acquaint you with conventions and traditions of academic writing. Another important goal of English 101 is to advance your critical thinking skills. Development of academic writing skills means various things to the students. But the bottom line is that you must learn the academic writing elements in order to succeed in your current and future college / university studies.

The course English 101 is aimed as an introduction to writing for new students both in colleges and universities. We have to admit that assignments in every college are going to be different, but they will involve English 101 essay writing techniques and strategies. The course will also concentrate on the process of formulating, supporting and defending the thesis statement.

We will open up the secret to you, English 101 will help you to establish and to manage your communicational skills. When we grow up we learn how to walk, how to talk and how to communicate with the society around us. One day you will easily write custom MBA essay. Same is true for this discipline, essay writing skills are developed in order to communicate your message in a written form.

When you reach a certain point in developing your essay writing skills, the writing will become a type of self-expression or self-reflection which is on its own interesting and intriguing. If you discover the writing as a type of craft and manage “to grab” its basic elements, you will succeed in every paper you do. If the first writing doesn’t seem to be perfect, you must never give up as the writing practice will definitely bring you to a much desired progress.

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