Do`s And Dont`s For A Transfer Essay

How to write a transfer essay

List of Do`s

List of Dont`s

Have you ever wondered about doing the right course and attending a college of your dream? Have given yourself a second thought on changing your college and course to suit your dream career? Here is the chance! Write your great essay to speak on your behalf. This essay will give you a chance to present yourself to the dream college. It is important to include or ignore some facts in transfer essay so as to create an unending impression. However, most students find is difficult to notify certain elements that they ought to omit or add. For instance, students fail to follow the correct guidelines and the main reason for writing the transfer essay to a particular school.

Purposes of Transfer Essay

Transfer student application essay usually fulfills four fundamental purposes. First, the essay communicates clearly the reason for the transfer. Most students have their own unique reasons for transfer to another school. Such reasons, as well as the notion or experience, are not indicated in the transcripts.

Secondly, transfer essays inform about your personality and experience. The essays elaborate on the reasons for the negative experience at the current institution as well as your next move. In addition, it will highlight on the expectations either socially or academically. On the same note, the essay grants the student an opportunity to have the responsibility for the ownership for performance as shown by the grades. Lastly, transfer essay can help in the award for scholarships. Such writings may be used in scholarship competition and selection processes. The transfer admission elaborates on individual’s character and leadership skills among others.

Do’s for Transfer Essay

DO: Maintain credibility of typing an essay, ensure that your essay informative, concise, genuine and modest. Furthermore, be yourself, answer all the questions expected in the essay and reflect positively. Make sure that your essay targets the right audience and be brief as well as clear.

DO: Elaborate on your time at the current school. Most admission counselors do not judge a person for the reason of leaving a particular college or school. There, strive to communicate positively about your old school and the time you have spent in the institution.  Elaborate on the level of your growth on the school and information you have realized after the duration. Furthermore, elaborate on your soon to be college highlighting the various experiences that you have come to know and what you want in relation to your past experience. Dwell on the environment and programs the new school offers based on your preference.

DO: Talk of your aspirations and hopes and what you want to achieve at the new college. Initially, conduct a research about the new college.  Investigation on the different kinds of programs the institution offers, the kind of environment and life in the campus, the student body and the positive change you would bring to the school. Talk about a specific program that interests you most and the reason why and how you want to major on the course. Elaborate about the tutors or professors you want to study under and what you would provide to the research departments and teams. Take a step further to elaborate on your core curriculum activities such as athletics and your plans on how you will utilize the most at school as well as the school to you.

DO: Elaborate on how the to-be-school will be an ideal fit. Maintain clarity and state the reason why you want to attend the college.  On the same note, elaborate on positivity and the reasons why the school is more appealing than the current school. Compare the perspective of the to-be college and the current college and the items or elements that you love most in the to-be school.

Don’ts for Transfer Essay

DON’T:  Most transfer students Talk negatively about their former school. Some students have had unhappy experiences in their former colleges. However, there is no need to criticize the school in the essay. Such will taint your essay as being negative. Just give a brief elaboration on the disappointments regarding your expectations for the period. However, dwell more on your needs regarding your academics, life on campus, and athletics among others.

DON’T: Talk of your regrets for not joining the to-be school in the first place. Ensure that you remain positive and do not engage in the elaboration of the regrets for not joining the new school in the first place is this will only impact to negativity. Ensure that you remain hopeful and expects a brighter future in the new school.  Make the admission panel be aware of your industriousness and portray that you are looking forward to advancing in your education.

DON’T:   be wordy, brag and arrogant.  Don’t go off the topic and give the impression that you know nothing. Don’t lie or make up a story about yourself.

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