Dissertation Writing Format

This section provides a description of guidelines on dissertation writing and the appropriate format that all students and researchers are required to follow. The writing a dissertation there must be some procedures that must be followed for them to be accepted by the reviewers of Doctoral studies of the final oral examination. The following section will comprehensively provide the primary procedures to follow.

Choice of Style Manual

In most institutions candidates are usually urged to learn the main procedures of using manuals to understand the processes of dissertation writing within their respective disciplines.


Print and Copy Quality

As a writer, you are supposed you are supposed to produce black letters with a consistent margin. The appropriate darkness is also recommended for any supporting sections such as tables, figures or pictures. As a way of reviewing the quality that might be obtained from the whole dissertation, it is important to photocopy sample pages at 75% reduction to evaluate the readability and the clarity of the paper.


Some institutions allow students to use typefaces between 10 to 12 points .However since 10 points might appear small in most cases while 12 points are preferred. A smaller typeface can be used when creating tables that in some cases might not fit across the pages within the right margins. However, mixing the typefaces is not recommended at all. Underlining or using italics might be used when placing statistical tables, book titles or where there are definitions. Headings must be underlined and not using italics. Bold types must be used in the paper.


To ensure there is proper binding and ease when reading, the following must be adhered to:

•    The left margin must be one and a half inches for the entire research.

•    The right margin must be one and one-half inches for all the pages with no intrusions in between the letters or anything

•    The top margin should be one and one-quarter inches for all the pages except for the first page, acknowledgment and the table of content.

•    The bottom margin should be one and one-quarter inches for all the pages.

•    The page numbers starting from the first page through to the last page should be placed at three-quarter inches of from top to bottom, centered between the left and the right margin of the paper.


White spaces

It important to avoid leaving a white space that exceeds more than two inches. It mostly applies to figures as well as the texts. A table or a figure must be inserted in the research paper soon after it has been referred to or the right place it should be. It is recommended to leave blank lines to provide ample spaces for the table or figures. Proceed with the text and tables on the same figures. You might have more than one table on a single page or you might also have a table, discussion and tables. The same process applies to most illustrative materials.

Copyright Page

According to customessayorder.com your dissertation is automatically copyrighted once it has been published. It is important to include a copyright page incorporating your full name, the date of copyright right at the middle of each page and the last page of the whole research paper. Additionally, the date that your dissertation was copyrighted indicates the year that your degree was conferred

Table of Contents and Lists of Tables and Figures

Since a dissertation does not entail an index, the table of content should be comprehensive as possible. It should include headings and subheadings, specifically as they appear on the research paper. Additionally, including the upper and the lower headings is optional. It is important to note that indentation of the heading usually corresponds to the whole level of the heading.

Chapter Titles and Headings        

The chapter headings and the title usually appear as beginning two inches from the top of the page. Headings within a chapter should show the weight that you have assigned to various ideas in the form of heading you have chosen.

Leave three to four lines before each of these headings and after each major section of the research paper. If a title follows another one leave a single line between them. Leave one blank line after each of the subheadings. Capitalize the first letter of every word except for the conjunctions and the prepositions


If you have more than a single task to work on, and it involves the same author, it’s recommendable not to repeat the name of the author over and overuse the underscore characters if the author is precisely the same as the previous one.


Each appendix must have the appropriate designation at the top of each first page. The title page does not require any insertion before each section of the appendices.






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